Chapter 42: Escape 01

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

A short while later, we were relaxing in a comfortable and speedy luxurious carriage.

Ah, it’s so nice. As expected of a noble’s carriage. The springs were working well, the interior was luxurious and soft, and I wouldn’t get too tired even if I rode in the carriage for a whole day.

It’s all about money. It’s a hard world.

But why are we riding in such a nice carriage?

Because we needed to get away in a hurry, you know.

My ‘reverse’ healing will last for a while, but it will wear off. Besides, the Prince is unharmed now. It was clear as day that they would chase after us immediately.

And no matter how hard a person runs; they can never beat a horse or carriage. But I can’t ride a horse.

While I was worrying by myself about what to do since I’ll be in mortal danger the next time I’m caught, Lek immediately threw away his bloody clothes, bought a set of new clothes and said in a carefree manner, “If we’re really in trouble, then I can ‘charm’ someone to hide us or let us go. It’s not like I don’t have allies, but after all the trouble we’ve been through, it’s a bit of a nuisance and they’re far away, so we’ll have to take a detour. Hmm, should I ‘charm’ the coach? It’s quicker that way. Alright, what carriage should we ride?”

I don’t know why he’s so calm and collected. I’m sure he’s used to situations like this. His ‘charm’ skill is convenient, after all.

But next to him, Father Austin thought for a bit, then said, “I feel like there’s something interesting over here?” before walking down the street.

Of course, I will follow him. I want to see something interesting. I really want to see it.

We walked for a while and reached the back of a large mansion belonging to a rich man, possibly a noble.

There were people who looked like they lived in the mansion standing outside with a carriage.

When we got there, the people there seemed to be in a tense situation.

“Tom! Are you alright? Ah, how awful!” A well-dressed lady grieved.

A closer look revealed that the face of one of the two young men who was with the young lady was in an appalling state. His entire face was swollen, his nose was bleeding, and his lips were cut and bleeding. Judging from his posture, his stomach had taken damage as well.

While I was reading the situation and wondering what was going on, Father Austin quickly stepped forward without hesitation and spoke to them in his serious priest mode, which I haven’t seen in a long time, “Oh my, what happened…? Are you in trouble? Is there anything I can help you with?”

He turned into a friendly old man. He only looked like a scammer to me since I already knew his real personality, but he was giving off a really virtuous and kind aura.

Huh, who’s that?

The young lady, who had been deceived by the Priest’s act, explained what had happened as if she had found a saviour.

Apparently, this young lady and the other uninjured young man were about to elope.

Tom, the young lady’s childhood friend and servant, had helped them, but he was caught by her arrogant ‘Father’ and was beaten. But Tom was more interested in supporting his childhood friends, rather than help the Father, so he locked the father up somewhere and came to inform the young lady what had happened.

Elope! My, how romantic… And Tom, you’re so loyal…!

I’m sure he loves the young lady.

But he was in a really bad condition because of that.

“Ah, Tom! Stay with me!”

The lady was frightened when she saw Tom flop onto the floor.

It seemed that she couldn’t leave behind her servant, who is her childhood friend and loves her, behind.

“Please! Please take Tom to a doctor,” the kind-hearted young lady begged Father Austin.

When the Priest heard this, he immediately said in a very sympathetic voice, “I see. That’s horrible… But don’t worry. You’re in luck since I have a wonderful potion that works wonders on injuries. We don’t need to bring him to a doctor. Let’s use the potion to heal the poor guy now.”

Of course, when I heard him say this, I understood what he meant and quickly moved Tom to the side, turned my back towards everyone so that the eloping couple couldn’t see me. Then I pretended to sprinkle the potion on top of him while healing his injuries.

Alright, heal~, heal~.

Tom’s eyes were so swollen that he couldn’t see really well, so he didn’t notice that there was nothing in the vial. But Tom looked at me in surprise while blinking his eyes since his pain was gone all of a sudden.

While I was acting, I heard the strangely gentle voice of Lek from behind me, “I heard what happened. It must have been hard to have such a scary Father. Please let me help the both of you be happy. First, a word of advice. Don’t use this carriage if you’re going to elope. It’s easy for people to tell who is inside the carriage from the outside because of the family crest. The pursuers will catch up to you straight away.”

When I turned back to look at Lek, I saw that he had a perfect smile on his face and that he was activating his glittery ‘charm’ skill.

“Oh, yes, we can take your place. We were just about to leave the royal capital, so we’ll ride this carriage and be bait for the pursuers. Meanwhile, the two of you can escape in a different carriage.”

“Oh my, thank you very much for your kindness!”