Chapter 43: Escape 02

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Editor: SenjiQ

It didn’t take long for things to be settled.

Just then, the mansion started getting noisy. It seemed that the ‘Father’ had come out from wherever Tom had stuffed him into.

This may have caused this eloping couple and Tom to make a rash decision.

The decision had been made so fast that this was the only conclusion I could come to.

“I’ll drive the carriage. It won’t look suspicious that way. So, please leave quickly, Milady,” Tom said bravely. He then climbed onto the driver’s seat of the luxurious carriage that had the family crest on it.

Tom…! What an admirable person you are!

I was a little touched by his actions, so I secretly cast a spell on him to make him ‘healthy’.

Do your best Tom, for everyone’s sake.

“Alright, Tom. We’ll head to the place where we were supposed to go. You can meet us there after if you want. We’ll wait for you to come, so please be safe in the meantime,” the young lady said, with moist eyes. Then, she ran off into the main street with the man who she was eloping with.

“Then, I’ll go somewhere outside of the royal capital and act as bait. What about you three? Are you getting on? I can give you a ride nearby as a thank you for healing my wounds,” Tom spoke to us from the driver’s seat.

So, of course, the Priest immediately replied, “Oh, then we’ll get inside. How about going to Trell? That’s where we’re heading to. Fuofuofuo.” And we quickly got into the carriage.

I see, so that’s how you deceive people, I admired the Priest. Then, we started riding the carriage to Trell, a city next to the royal capital.

This incident made me realise that a lot of people are really vulnerable to the smile of a good-natured old man, and a handsome man. I’ll be careful.

I was a little worried about being caught and thrown out by the pursuers of the eloping couple, but no one came after us, since checkpoints had suddenly been set up all over the capital.

Hmm, it seems that some bandits had escaped from prison, so it was decided that everyone who was out in the royal capital would be checked.

My goodness, isn’t the royal capital dangerous?

Because of this, traffic in the capital came to a halt many times everywhere, causing chaos.

Pedestrians, people on carriages, and of course, people on horses were all stopped, and asked why they were leaving the capital and what their names were.

It seemed that the pursuers were trying to keep the fact that they were there to bring the eloping couple back, so they must have been caught at every checkpoint.

On the other hand, we were in a carriage which bore the family crest of a respectable noble family who people could identify, so after Tom told a pack of lies, we were able to pass through all the checkpoints, almost without stopping.

Oh, the privileged are so lucky~.

Thanks to Tom’s hard work, we quickly escaped from the royal capital and arrived in the neighbouring city, Trell.

Apparently, the two elopers had decided on a place to meet just in case they got separated.

Tom, who had disobeyed his master, couldn’t return back to the mansion, so he went to the rendezvous point where his lady said that she would be waiting for him. He said that he intended to serve her and her husband from now on.

Tom, you’re such a good boy… I sincerely hope that everyone will be happy.

I was touched, and beside me, Lek was thanking Tom for driving the carriage. He also didn’t forget to tell Tom to keep quiet about us.

Yeah, men are realistic, aren’t they? I’m sorry that I was being absent-minded by myself. Yes.

On top of that, at Lek’s suggestion, we decided to pretend to be the eloping couple when we swapped from the luxurious carriage with the family crest to an ordinary chartered carriage.

That way, their pursuers will think that we’re the eloping couple and follow us further. Then, the people they were after will disappear.

This was the least we could do since they let us use that luxurious carriage.


“Please get us the most comfortable carriage. I don’t want to tire out my cute new wife,” the playboy, I mean Lek, smiled happily. What the heck is he thinking?

His handsome face made it seem wonderful.

From an outsider’s perspective.

When the receptionist of the carriage shop and those around us, especially the women, heard those words, they turned their sharp gazes towards me, “Mm? That handsome man’s new wife…? That…? What?”

I know, I know! I know I’m not a peerless beauty, so don’t look at me like that…

“What’s wrong Anise? It’s strange for you not to smile happily since you’ve just gotten married. Why are you acting timid? I think you both look good together.”

“Thanks, Father… Your words are touching, even if you’re just saying it as flattery…”

We secretly had this conversation behind the cheerful Lek.

“Take my hand, wifey. I’ve asked for the best carriage for you. I hope you like it,” so said the handsome playboy… I mean, gentleman, as he held his hand out to me in front of the carriage. Ah, what a sight for sore eyes.

But I’m glad that Lek seems to be having fun. His eyes are sparkling like a child’s.

I also gave into despair a little. I smiled at him and took his hand, “Thanks.”

It’s a farce…

I’m begging you; can you just act normal the next time we change carriages…?

We continued to change carriages and drove straight to the neighbouring kingdom, Farglow.