Chapter 44: Escape, no Move 01

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

Except for when we were changing carriages and staying in the inn, the three of us had plenty of time to talk while we were on our way to Farglow. 

“Why were you slashed so easily? I was so surprised. Please don’t get hit in the enemy’s castle. It’s bad for my heart.”

Yes, of course, I complained all I wanted. 

He’s a general? Yeah, that’s what I heard. 

But no matter how I look at him, he only looks like a playboy, so I can’t believe that he’s actually the general. 

I can’t feel a shred of dignity when he looks at me while smirking, none at all. 

Why is he in such a good mood? Is he happy that we escaped? 

But I’m thankful that it’s easier to talk to him now because of what had happened. 

“Well, I knew that you would help me. It has always been a dream of mine to be saved by the heroic saint. I never thought my wish would come true, so I’m really happy. I couldn’t help but fall while being spellbound. It was amazing. You’re amazing. Plus, the Prince ‘tried to kill me’. Now I can charge him any time I want. It’s a little present from my scouting mission of the palace.”

I told you not to wink at me. 

What are you saying all of a sudden? If you say something like that gleefully, then I’ll think that you’re revealing some abnormal taste.

I had no idea that you wanted such a special situation to happen. 

This guy still acts light heartedly even though I know who he is now. On the contrary, I feel like our relationship has become more intimate now that we’ve escaped from the castle together.

But you know? 

That doesn’t mean that you can tell me your special tastes. And if possible, I didn’t want to know that I had trod on that special situation. 

“It’s good that you trust me, but it hurt, didn’t it? And I don’t like surprises, you know. Please don’t do that in the future.”

“Huh, really? That’s too bad, because I would like to be saved by you as often as possible. After that incident at the castle, my heart is now completely yours. I wonder if you’ll help me a lot more if you fell in love with me too.”

What’s with that sentence that sounds like he’s confessing his disposition…

And you don’t need to pose sadly with your hand over your chest, you know? 

There’s a limit to how disappointing your personality can be. Your handsome face is ruined by your personality. I want to tell Hime about it. 

“I don’t know why you’re talking about love. I promised, so of course I’ll help you, but it’s only because I promised to. There are no romantic feelings involved in that act. If you want to play that kind of game, then please look elsewhere. I don’t have time for that. Surviving in this world already takes up everything I have. I don’t have any room in my heart right now to fuss happily about love.”

“Eeeeh, how sad. I was touched by the way you looked at me when you said you would protect me, and for the first time in my life, a woman had made my heart skip a beat. And you were really cool when you declared that you are the Saint, and I was captivated by you. Do you think there would be any man who wouldn’t fall in love after they see you like that?”

“Of course, there are. I mean, is it that easy to fall in love? Life isn’t that easy. See, the priest is calm. So, you know what? I’m doing my best to survive. I want to live my days out in peace. And yet, when Father suddenly took off my veil, Hime gave me a very scary look, you know? Please stop that too, it’s bad for my heart…”

The Priest, who had been grinning while looking at Lek and I, looked a little startled when he was brought up in the conversation, but he didn’t care. 

“Oh, it was really a surprise. But it was fun. The most fun thing to do at times like that is to surprise people in a showy way. Besides, Anise, I’m sure she’ll figure it out before long. Each of your ‘healing’ skills are too extreme. So, you might as well be showy about it. Fuofuofuo.”

“What, extreme…? Ah… yeah… I can’t deny it when I think about it, but…”

The image of Prince Loire lying on the floor and sweating profusely came to my mind. 

“But you were able to leave the palace and the capital unharmed even though she found out who you are. So, you don’t have to be that desperate about surviving. You can rely on your comrades.”

It’s convincing when you smile at me with the refreshingly handsome face of yours and say that. But you know? 

“But Hime’s resentment towards me is getting worse and worse. I’m afraid to even remember her eyes! Her eyes told me that she will definitely kill me this time. She’s so dangerous.”

Her eyes looked like the devil’s eyes. They were scary. I wondered if people were capable of having such a hateful expression on their face. 

I don’t think she’s going to leave me alone… 

I can’t forget that my life is in danger no matter how much sweet nothings the handsome man says to me. 

Especially since my enemy has power and tenacity. 

I can’t let my guard down with such a dangerous enemy around. 

“But does that mean that that ‘Saint of Prophecy’ is fake since she hates you so much?” The Priest said. 

“Yes, after Lek left the room, she had said that she thought that she would have the saint’s abilities if she killed me, so I guess she doesn’t have any of the saint’s skills right now.”

“What? So that’s why she tried to kill you?”

“It’s ridiculous. Ah, she also said she’ll make Lek fall in love with her. Handsome men really are popular. Do you want to fall in love with her?” When I took a stab at him, he gave me a look of disgust. 

Well, I expected this. I would have questioned his intelligence if he was love-struck.

But I can’t believe this person is the game’s secret route. 

How do you unlock the hidden route? I don’t know. 

Does it unlock after you’ve conquered everyone? I’m sure it unlocks after you’ve done everything in the game. 

So, she’s conquered all the game routes? 

How many times did she play the game? 

I looked seriously at General Lector’s face as he sat across from me with a sullen look on his face. 

Even though he’s in the middle of escaping, he had shiny, smooth black hair, clear blue eyes, a handsome face and refreshing eyes. He is a perfect man who seemed to have been created by condensing all the ideals maidens have. 

I see…