Chapter 45: Escape, No Move 02

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

“But then, how can that Hime person be the ‘Saint of Prophecy’? She can’t hide the fact that she doesn’t have the saint’s abilities.” The Priest tilted his head dubiously. 

“But she can predict the future. She knows as much as I do, if not more.”

I got bored after conquering one route, but she seemed to have conquered a lot of the game’s target routes, so much so that she even unlocked the hidden route. I’m sure she had conquered that route too. The general’s route, that is.

Hmm, this person also whispered his love to Hime in the game… What did he look like while he was doing that? 

“You know about this world from your previous world?”

“Yes… that’s right. I only glanced over the details, but Hime must have read it over and over again… so she may remember more about this world than I do.”

I wasn’t sure if they would understand what a game was even if I mentioned it to them, so I tried to be as vague as possible. 

“So, I died in that story?”

“Ah… well, yes.”

There was no point in hiding it anymore. 

“So, what happens after that?”

Should I say as expected of a soldier? He seemed to have accepted that he was going to die. What a strong man. 

“The ‘Saint of Prophecy’ sees through the General’s plans before he dies and Origlow wins the war. The Saint then happily marries the man of her dreams…”

“What did she see through? Which plan? Do you remember where that battle took place?”

Oh, you want to know about that? You’re not interested in the wonderful relationship at all are you?

“I’m sorry, the story may have mentioned where the battle took place, but I can’t remember at all… I remember they struck at a base that Farglow was defending… Hmm…”

Someone had probably mentioned it in the game, but I just brushed it off as ‘they made a huge comeback’. 

I traced my faint memories and thought about it and General Lector also looked complicated while falling silent. 

There was only one person who was relaxed. Father, why are you so relaxed?

“Then why did Lek die?”

“What a snide remark! How can you ask that right now?”

“Of course, I’ll ask it now. We can avoid that scenario if General Lector doesn’t die, right? As long as the ‘Shield of Farglow’ survives, Origlow won’t win anyway.”

“Well, I was hoping to get close to the ‘General’ because I thought that as well. But I can’t remember how he dies. I don’t even know if the story mentions how he dies or not,” As I said that, I secretly wondered if it was alright for the rumoured strong shield to be this playboy. 

“You don’t even know if he dies from illness, an accident or from being betrayed?”

“I’m not sure…”

“No one will betray me,” General Lector suddenly said firmly. 

“Fuofuofuo. You’re really confident about that. It’s good to be young,” the Priest laughed. 

“But what if you have spies or assassins in your ranks? They usually situate themselves around powerful people no matter what age or time,” I said.

“Even if there are, no one will betray me. Actually… I’m trying to keep this a secret, so please keep this between us, but my main skill is ‘Appraisal’,” Lek said as if he had made up his mind. 

“‘Appraisal’? Huh? It’s not ‘Charm’?”

“I usually let people think that, but it’s actually a sub-skill. My main skill is ‘Appraisal’. It’s also the highest level appraisal. So, I’ve actually appraised everyone who was in my sight at Origlow castle. The information was really useful,” Lek said as he smiled broadly. What’s with this guy, he’s kind of cute. Is he proud?

He wanted to go to the castle so he could use his appraisal skill? What was he doing so calmly? 

“Oh, that’s a rare skill. I rarely meet people with the ‘Appraisal’ skill, even though I’ve lived for so long. Oho, what does it say about me?” The Priest said.

Then, Lek glanced at him and replied, “Austin-dono, your main skill is blessing, and it’s the highest level at that. It seems like… you haven’t trained your sub-skill at all. But you can use a bit of ‘Charm’. And since your blessing is so strong… I’m sure you won’t die of anything other than old age. I hope you’ll live a long life.”

“Oho, you can see through my ‘Charm’…? What else can you see?”

The Priest’s eyes were twinkling. 

“… So, you knew. I can see some other details as well. I can also see a person’s general family structure, their history and some of their current emotions. I can tell what kind of person someone is by taking all those factors into account. Well, I find you to be a trustworthy person, Austin-dono. You’re not someone who lives their life by calculating their loss and gain. You base your actions on whether something is interesting or not or if you like it or not. You decide your own actions.”

Err, that’s an amazing ability. You can tell what kind of person someone is just by looking at them?

“Then what about me? What do you see when you look at me?” I asked a little excitedly. Of course, I will ask. It’s like listening to a fortune teller who has a 100% accuracy rate. 

“You’re laid-back… Oh, you don’t know? Your main skill is the highest level ‘Healing’. It’s at quite a high level right now, so you can freely manipulate the body. It’s not like you don’t have any sub-skills, but they haven’t manifested themselves since you haven’t trained them. By the way, the ‘Healing’ skill is only part of the power that you can activate right now. It has a lot of potential, but you’ve only built the path half-way there.”

“Huh? I have sub-skills too? What are they? What do I need to do to train them?”

I got a little excited. It seems like I have other skills too, and I can still level up my ‘Healing’? 

“You should work harder to develop your main ‘Healing’ skill. You’re going to save me with that skill, right? I’m very excited to see you save me with it, you know? And I believe your ridiculous otherworldly story because of my skill. I can only see your recent history. It’s as if you had just appeared in this world out of nowhere. That fits in with your story about suddenly being summoned from another world. Otherwise, there’s no way you wouldn’t know that your ‘Healing’ skill was at this level until you were an adult. So, I believe you. I can’t think of any other reason why your history would be like this.”