Chapter 46: Escape, no Move 03

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Editor: delishnoodles

I see. So, he can’t see information about my previous world? I feel a little relieved. I would have been so embarrassed if he knew about my life in my previous world and wouldn’t know if I can have a normal relationship with him in the future. Hahaha. Everyone has one or two dark things in their history that they don’t want anyone to know about.

I was breaking out in cold sweat, and it seemed that he could read my emotions.

“Just to let you know, I can only vaguely see a person’s history. The only thing I can tell is that you were first in the castle, then temporarily in some church after that, before moving to Garland Clinic. However, I can tell what kind of person someone is because I’ve trained myself to do so. Well, you’re not lying either. And you’re not trying to trick me. All you want to do is accomplish your goal. Your skills are as good as a saint’s, but your personality is closer to that of an ordinary person’s. That’s what I know about you.”

Eeh, I see.

“So, you’ll know if there are any spies or assassins around you immediately.”

“That’s right. That’s why I don’t have anyone under my command who would betray me now, and even if they wanted to, I would know as soon as I see them.”

“Oho. So, the rumours about ‘Farglow’s Shield’ using people regardless of their status and title is true?”

“Yes. I look at people’s skill sets and personality and put them in the right positions. You can win most battles by doing that. Actually, I was in Origlow this time to persuade Galleon to join our side. I’m basically in charge of scouting and stationing. The Vice-General is much better than me at tactics and military power.”

“Oh. You’re making the most of your skills. The right person in the right place, was it?”

I was impressed. I see. So, that’s why he can be a ‘General’ at such a young age. Human resources are important.

“And my army, or rather Farglow’s army, currently has no ‘saints’. So, of course, when I first saw you, I thought I’d do my best to recruit you. I’m really glad that the Saint is such a strong, dependable and attractive woman,” he said before turning to wink at me. That part of him is really light and playboy-ish. Ah, what a shame. But he has great skills~, eeh.

“Lek, if you want to be liked by Anise, then you don’t have to hide your embarrassment like that, you can just use your face to your advantage… You don’t understand a woman’s heart… Oh, how scary, you don’t have to glare at me like that… I won’t say anything~. Hmm, so no one will betray you? So, you’ll pass away from an illness? But you seem completely healthy right now… Anise, would you like to take a closer look at his condition while you’re at it?”

“You’re right. He looks healthy, so I thought there was nothing to worry about in that aspect. I thought he might have passed away in an accident. Well, I’ll take a look.”

I then proceeded to look through General Lector’s entire body.

Although, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with him when I did a quick inspection of his body.

I would normally stop there.

But this man had a death flag on him for some reason, so I decided to look as closely as I could.

After all, my peaceful future would be lost if this person were to die. I’m doing this for peace of mind. Yes, of course I’m desperate.


A very small black dot. Is this a source of cancer or some kind of tumour? But I can’t believe that would be the cause of his death. I feel like this would be his cause of death in decades to come. But well, I’ve found it, so I’ll get rid of it. But I’m sure that his own immunity will erase it eventually. Then there’s… hmmm, his head…? He’s still young, so there’s no way, right? His blood flow is good, there’s no foreign substances… Umm, there’s a small mass in his blood vessel? Well, everyone has those, so it’s not that dangerous… but I’ll fix that just in case. Now… his bones, muscles and internal organs look alright as well.

I finished my inspection and told him the results.

“The only thing that’s left is him dying in an accident…”


The Priest and I talked about his cause of death in front of him. It was quite surreal.

“Well, if you do pass away in an accident, then I’ll have to heal you on the spot. I’m begging you. Please don’t have an accident in the bathroom or toilet,” was all I could say.

Hang in there, my lifeline. I need you to survive at all costs.

“You can come take a bath with me. I’m all for it.” Oh my? The playboy grinned and said that to me.

“Hah? What’re you saying? Is this sexual harassment?”

“What’s sexual harassment? Well, if you’re really worried about him then you can just take a bath with him. If it were me, I would, fuofuofuo~.”

Oh, I had another unexpected enemy.

“Hey, don’t laugh. What are you saying? I’m a young and unmarried woman myself, you know? Please stop. I don’t want weird rumours spreading around. My goal is to become a slightly competent potion maker and live a simple, humble and ordinary life in Farglow or some other country, so reputation is important to me. Please don’t ruin my future so easily.”

Yes, I just want to live peacefully in this world. I want to live a fulfilling life. That’s why I’m working so hard to achieve that right now.

I can’t have a scandal, ever.


“What’s with your pitiful eyes, General?”

“No, I just thought your unselfish wish is just like something a saint would wish for.”

“What do you mean by that? How rude. I’ve been saying this since the beginning. I want to live a peaceful life without being threatened by Hime. My ideal life is to work and live as normally as I can and if possible, have a little money saved up. I’m all for steady and normal living.” I asserted proudly. I have to tell him my wish. There’s no harm in telling him my compensation for when the war is over.

“But Anise, if you want to live in peace and if you attach yourself to this General at all times to achieve that peace, then why don’t you just marry him? You’ll be able to live in peace for your whole life if you become his wife,” the Priest then dropped that bomb.