Chapter 47: Escape, no Move 04

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Editor: SenjiQ

Hah? What’s he saying all of a sudden?

“Hah? What’re you saying? Please stop joking for a bit. Ridiculous. You’re also troubling the General by saying that.”

“Well, think about it? It’s not strange for you to take a bath together if you’re married, and no one will complain even if you stick to him. You’ll also outwit that fake ‘saint’. Isn’t this a good idea?”

The Priest was in high spirits for some reason. It’s not a good idea for me. What’s good about it? You’ll make Lek angry.

“It’s not. It’s not a good idea at all. Why are you assuming that we’ll bath together? I’m not getting married for that reason. There are other positions that will let me stay close to him too, like being his secretary or page.”

“I don’t know about pages, but secretaries can’t accompany him to the bedroom.”

“Of course, they can’t! His bedroom is… Ah, Lek, please don’t get attacked in your sleep, alright?”

“I can’t guarantee that. I’ll be asleep after all.”

Wait! Read the mood! What’re you smirking for?!

If you keep talking like that then you’ll be won over by this fraudulent person!

This old man is trying to damage the great career of the general. Do you understand?

“But you don’t want me to die either,” Lek looked thoughtful for a while before turning to me and saying.

“Of course not. My peaceful future depends on you. Your death is the death of my future. I can’t let you die.”

He might get calluses in his ears, but I’m still going to remind him of this. I will do my best to break his death flag for the sake of my peaceful future.

I’m aiming for a peaceful and bright future.

“And according to you, if I die, then Farglow does too. That’s a major incident. It must be avoided at all costs. Then it’s better for you and me to do our best.”

“Yes. I’ll do whatever I can, as long as it’s within my limits to do so.”

“Then getting married might be a good idea. Don’t you think that what Austin-dono said is right even though it seems like he’s joking.”

What did Lek say… with a serious expression on his face?


“Ah, of course, we can just pretend to be married. You don’t feel that way about me at all. It’s obvious. How unfortunate. It’s the first time I’ve truly felt sorry for myself for having this skill. It’s really a shame that I can see that you’re not attracted to me at all.”

“What are you saying? You’re a powerful person, so just explain that I’m your secretary or guard. It’s not right for the great general to get married so casually.”

You know marriage isn’t something that you can recklessly do for convenience.

It’s not something you do with someone who doesn’t like you at all!

It’s something you have to think more carefully about!

“That’s why I’m telling you to pretend that we’re married. It’s just for appearances sake. If you want to marry me for real when the war is over, then we can make the marriage real, or if you want to stop, then we can get a divorce. I’ll even pay you alimony for going along with this fake marriage. And if I do die, then you’ll be promised a certain status, protection and pension as the ‘General’s Widow’ for the rest of your life. You’re not at a disadvantage no matter what happens.”

It’s amazing how he can easily separate between life and death.

And it scares me the way he casually flashes his money at me because I feel like he’s close to knowing who I am.

But I need money to live.

Lek continued when he saw that I was speechless and couldn’t argue, “I can openly keep you close to me and have you protect me without anyone knowing. I don’t want people to think that I’m a general who is taking the saint around with me because I don’t want to die. And you will be the first person to come to me if something does happen to me. I want to be saved if I can. I think getting married is the most logical thing for us to do.”


… Hmmm?


And if we can get divorced and go back to the way things were before we got married, and if it really is a fake marriage then this would be the most convenient thing to do.

It’s true that it might be good for me to be in a position where I can get to him straight away if something were to happen to him.

A wife desperately rushing to her husband when something happens to him.

Yes, it’s normal for a wife to do that.

No one else would know what I’m so desperate for.

“The general and saint are a perfect match. I’m sure no one will object. Fuofuofuo.”

“Now that I’ve recognised you as the saint, Farglow castle may summon you to take you into protection, since you’re the previous saint after all. If that happens, then it would be difficult for you to stay close to me.”

Oh, come to think of it, the saint has that kind of position.

That’s not good. I have to break this person’s death flag. I can’t be under the protection of Farglow’s castle when that happens.

“However, if you become my wife in name, then we can be together. And I’d rather have you as my wife than my secretary. I really felt it was fate when you told me that you would protect me. But unfortunately, you don’t seem to have those kinds of feelings for me, so we can have a fake marriage for the time being. I’ll give up. Anyways, you’re certainly, no, forget about it. Anyway, it’s beneficial for you too. I’ll take care of you. I won’t make you regret it. So, let’s get married? Let’s just do it, alright?”

I don’t know why the playboy is being so passionate about this. But talking about fate when he’s just trying to persuade me is overdoing it.

Why are you so into this…? I thought, but he might be desperate to survive too.

I was a little confused, but I could tell that he was really into this idea. And he didn’t seem against the idea of a fake marriage at all.

And now that he’s said it again, it would certainly help me in many ways…

I’m worried about the reputation of divorced people in this world, but that won’t matter if this man in front of me dies.

I see…

“Then… alright… yes…. Then let’s get married…”

――― That was the moment when logic worked the most in my life.

Fine. It seemed like a reasonable idea to me.

I can’t worry about this if I’m trying to protect the general and myself.

But after I gave my reply, the Priest whispered, “Oh, professional scouts are really something…”… I pretended that I didn’t hear him.