Chapter 49: Carriage with a Family Crest 01

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By the way, Father Austin stopped me from crossing the border alone, saying that it was a reckless act, but we were able to cross the border easily because we were with the General.

Apparently, he had secretly secured a route for us to cross.

Well of course, he’s the General after all, so he would have made these preparations before he entered the enemy kingdom.

But when I thought about it, I wondered if it was a good idea for him to go alone without any attendants or guards.

Is this man reckless?

I thought, but apparently, he had a guard.

What~? So, he had a guard~? I didn’t notice at all.

“As expected, it seems like they’ve had a hard time at the Origlow castle. But it only shows on their face when it’s the worst, most unavoidable situation. But they’re still waiting nearby. I told them to bring this carriage to me. Ah, now that we’re married, you’re my wife and you’re under my protection from now on. I’ve already told them this.”

Apparently, a lot of things happened while I was sitting absentmindedly inside of the carriage.

Yup, this General is very aggressive and assertive as soon as he enters his own kingdom.

“Hah, I see…”

“You’re the wife of Farglow’s General. I won’t let anyone hurt you. You can stay next to me with peace of mind.”

“Ah, yes…”

I couldn’t quite follow what was happening, but I understood what he was saying.

Wife… Wife… Yes…

“Fuofuofuo. How innocent. It reminds me of my own honeymoon period, it was so bittersweet.”

“… Austin-dono. Can I prepare a different carriage for you to ride?”

“No, no, I’m fine with this carriage. It’s a really luxurious carriage. I’m sure General Lector would like to be alone with Anise, but I’ve been taking care of her ever since I picked her up, and as her guardian, I would like to remind you not to do anything violent without her consent.”

“Of course not… Then, shall I call you father-in-law from now on?”

“You don’t have to look that uncomfortable. You can call me whatever you want~. Fuofuofuo.”

“It’s a farce…”

… At any rate, this carriage is wonderful with soft cushions and doesn’t shake a lot.

I won’t think about it anymore.

I decided to let things go the way they were and just keep my eyes on the General to make sure he doesn’t die.

Well, if I think about it positively, I’m in a good position to keep my eye on him, rather than being called in as a healer from Garland Clinic after something happens to him, as I originally thought I would be.

I’d say I was in an excellent position, wah.

Get married to him, stick around him and make sure to break his death flag. I should be able to make him owe me with this.

I’ll do my best.

“By the way, who is Origlow’s ‘Saint of Prophecy’?” Father Austin suddenly said.

Huh? You mean Hime?

“Oh… According to my appraisal, she’s not the ‘saint’, but she’s a bit troublesome. I’m really glad I was able to go to the castle and use my appraisal skill directly. This is all thanks to Anise. And the Prince isn’t a big deal. The problem is the self-proclaimed ‘saint’,” Lek said.


I know she has a nasty personality, but I’m sure that’s not what he means.

“The main skill of the self-proclaimed ‘Saint’ is ‘Charm’. And her sub-skill is ‘Appraisal’. Her sub-skill isn’t that high level. That’s why she couldn’t see through your identity, Anise. She can only read surface information about you. But her ‘Charm’ is quite high, and almost everyone in the castle is under her ‘Charm’.”

Charm and Appraisal. I see, so she’s someone with those skills.

“Wasn’t the girl with ‘Charm’ seducing you?” The Priest said amusingly.

Oh yes. She was seducing him so passionately.

“I have ‘Charm’ as a sub-skill, so I can resist it. I also have a stone that blocks charm, so it doesn’t work on me. But it will work easily on other people who don’t have charm. That being said, Origlow is going to be a formidable opponent if the self-proclaimed ‘Saint’ starts utilising her skills the same way I do. Anyone who thinks this way can draw everyone in. If our people aren’t careful, then they’ll be under her spell.”

“And she knows the future, so she probably knows more than I do.”

I’ve only played the game once, but I wonder how many times she’s played the game since she even knows the hidden route. I believe it’s safe to say that she’s conquered the other routes as well, and she found out information that I don’t know.

For example, the details of the war… and how he dies.

How can he die when he’s so young and healthy now?

If he doesn’t die from disease, then did he get into an accident, or was he assassinated…?

“She said she can save me, so there must be some way to avoid my future as well.”

“She also said she’ll ‘capture your route’. You don’t capture someone who is going to die. She also said she doesn’t care what happens to Origlow… But I don’t think she’s going to dump the Crown Prince, Prince Loire. She seems like she’s someone who loves status and money.” “She’s always been gorgeous. And she was wearing some pretty expensive clothes and jewellery the other day.”

I was wondering if she would prefer to stay in Origlow as the future queen rather than be with a general who stays in the battlefield. They’re different types of men, but they’re both handsome.

I tilted my head while pondering and for some reason, Father Austin raised his hand and said, “Hmm… Anise, you said you hated being glared at by her, and I’m sure you know this, but I’m just going to tell you again. The man who became your husband is royalty, you know?”

“Excuse me? What did you say?”

“Well, it’s rather well-known… So, you really didn’t know… Well, you’ve already married him. …Hmm?” The Priest looked at Lek as if he was depending on him.

Lek? Why are you smirking?

“It’s even more surprising to find someone who doesn’t know this. But you really didn’t know. Well, I thought you might not. That part of you is really cute. I like that honestly disinterested personality. Farglow is a pretty big kingdom and it’s pretty famous here. Then, how about I introduce myself again. I’m the Fifth Prince of Farglow Kingdom, and I’m in charge of the frontline troops of Farglow army. Nice to meet you, wifey.”