Chapter 51: Carriage with a Family Crest 03

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

Breathe in, breathe out. Okay.

“Hmm, I’m a little surprised and confused. I’m sorry. But your words made me very happy. Thanks. I’ve been thinking so much about running away, that I’ve become obsessed about protecting my life. Yes, this is fate, you’re a good person, so I’ll be relying on you from now on. Please take care of me. Oh, then can I ask you a favour?”

“Sure… What is it?” Lek looked up.

“I would like it if you can hide me from Hime as your ex-wife when we get divorced. It would be great if you can hide me with the power of the state. For some reason, she’s been stealing everyone who I have a relationship with since we were in our previous world. It’s as if she’s trying to replace me. And she’s even tried to assassinate me now that we’re in this world. She’s very scary. I feel like I’m in great danger.”

“Why is us getting divorced a requirement….? Ah, forget about that for now. She’s quite twisted. She’s jealous of you. She’s jealous of you, and she wants to be you, so she wants to take everything that’s yours and replace you, because you’re the ‘Saint’. She’s jealous of the qualities you have that she doesn’t, and she’s unhappy that she doesn’t have them. Do you know why your skill is ‘Healing’?”

“Huh? Is there a reason why people get specific skills?”

“Of course. That is because the strongest part of a person’s nature becomes their skill. You’re more good-natured than other people. When people ask you for help, you don’t doubt them and try to help. That’s why you developed the ‘Healing’ skill. Deep down, people want you to live a long and healthy life. Well, I’m not sure if it’s because of the shock of transmigrating to another world, or if it’s because your skills have been amplified more now that you’re in this world, but you have ‘Healing’ as a skill because you have that kind of personality. On the other hand, the fake ‘Saint’ has always wanted to be liked and admired, so she thinks a lot about that and works hard to get people to like her. That’s why she has the ‘Charm’ skill. And I think she improved her ‘Appraisal’ skill so that she can butter up to people. That’s why she has those skill sets.”

“Hmm… I know what you’re talking about now that you’ve said that… But I think you’re complimenting me too much. There’s no other ‘Saints’, right? I don’t think I’m that good-natured.”

“That’s why I said… the shock of coming to this world probably made the skill manifest. It’s also possible that the lack of other strong factors may have led to you having the ‘Healing’ skill, and the transmigration event amplified your skill to the max it can go. Your ‘Healing’ skills may not have become as strong as they are, had you been born in this world. But I think your skill would have been ‘Healing’ anyway no matter the case.”

He smiled. I don’t know why he’s so content.

“Hmm… Does that mean that I have no other traits except for being good-natured?”

I’m a bit shocked… to hear that I’m a boring person. When a person with the ‘Appraisal’ skill says this, it means that it’s certain.

“Well, Anise, you can just think of it as ‘balancing humanity’ instead of a lack of character. Think about it. It’s not that you don’t have a strong personality, it’s just that you’re well-rounded, gentle and peaceful. Besides, being a pure Saint is boring. They’re like, pure, innocent and unquestioning dolls who only give you a model answer no matter what you say. That’s why the nation protects them.”

“Yes, the pure Saint’s have too much influence and are good-natured, so they will immediately devote themselves to someone if they are asked to do something, regardless of if the person is good or bad. So, in the past, the royal family would hide them as soon as they’re found and raise and protect them from being misused for personal gain. The most effective way to protect them is to marry them, so they usually end up in political marriages with members of the royal family.”

My goodness, the Saint’s good-nature is too much. Are they alright like that? Ah, but they’re protected.

As expected of royalty, they have no qualms about political marriages. He says the things that affect his life so smoothly.

I wonder if he has a completely different view of marriage than I do.

“The only other unmarried princes are you, the Sixth Prince, and the Seventh Prince.”

“There are other unmarried princes, but they’re engaged.”

“You have a lot of siblings. It must have been difficult for the Queen.”

“It’s because the King has a lot of concubines.”

“Oh… Just as you would expect from royalty…”

“He has a lot of children because of that.”

“I’m the fifth in line, so I’ve been taking advantage of my ‘Appraisal’ skill and have been going back and forth from the battlefield and the royal castle. I always end up being kidnapped by the human resources department.”

“And you were single just in case the Saint was found?”

“No, that’s just a coincidence. I’d like to choose my wife if I can. Besides, there are other ways to protect the Saint…”

“Oh, so is that why you rushed the marriage? Because I’m a ‘Saint’ who can use ‘Heal’? You did it to protect the ‘Saint’? But I’m not that good-natured, so I don’t need your protection.”

“No, I didn’t rush it or anything… Ah, well I did… But that’s because it was you.”

“So, if a genuine Saint comes along after we divorce, then you’ll have to marry a Saint again?”

“I said that I only said I would divorce you to convince you to marry me, but I won’t be divorcing you at all.”

“But you will, won’t you? I mean, we’re not really a married couple. I’m just a healer for you until spring. Isn’t that what you said?”

“I asked you before why getting divorced is a condition…”

Huh? Isn’t it the condition?

“Well… Be patient, Lek. But it’s interesting to see a General, who seems unbeatable at everything, struggle, ah, you’re going to have it rough. There, there. Now then Anise, why don’t you change the way you call him to build up your intimacy since he’s your husband for now. Like, honey, or something… Why are you looking at me like that? Do you hate it that much?”