Chapter 52: Fortress 01

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Editor: SenjiQ

I couldn’t hide the emotions in my eyes as I stood frozen.

“… Lek is good enough. It’s easy, straightforward and sounds great. I don’t need to raise my intimacy with him in a temporary marriage.”

“But since you’re already married, I think it’s alright to increase it a little.”

“What, are you that dull Anise? Oh well, then how about calling him by his name? Say it. Just like me, ‘Lector’.”

“Hah? Why are you so happy Priest? Fine, here we go, Lector? Hmm, it’s not much different from Lek.”

“… But he seems to like it? He looks happy.”

“Yes, I didn’t know that I liked my name so much.”

“That’s not what you’re supposed to say…”

“… That’s enough, Austin-dono. Drop it. I’m alright with being called that. I’ll withdraw first before she can take it back.”

Hah, well that’s fine though.

I’m not mean either, so I’ll call him what he wants me to call him. We’re a couple at least, even if it’s just a formality.

We’re a real couple on paper even though it’s a fake marriage.

However, it’s a fake marriage. It’s only temporary.

So, please, don’t glance at me with those sparkling eyes. Stop it.

I won’t give in even if you do that!

“It’s gotten a little weird for some reason. Let’s improve the mood, right Priest-sama?”

“Hmm? A little weird? I only see Lek’s usual ‘Charm’ at work.” The Priest looked at Lek and I while saying that.

“Isn’t he sparkling a bit too much? I’m not sure why he’s using his ‘Charm’ when there’s only the three of us here.”

He always uses it a little, but lately he seems to be using it more and more, and it’s aimed towards me.

“It’s no wonder he’s using it… I’m starting to pity Lek now.”

“Hmmm… Dispel abnormal status.”

I waved my hand slightly and tried to cleanse his sparkles.

Then, the sparkles that had been floating around the carriage easily disappeared.

Oh, my knowledge about games from my previous world came in handy.

I suddenly remembered how the ‘Saint of Prophecy’ had dispelled magic that had been casted on one of the capture characters in the game and tried to imitate that. It went pretty well. Ah, the spell is perfect.

“Anise… You’re ruthless…”

The Priest looked at Lector with pity.

Well… you know.

It’s something I can’t tell these two though.

It’s a bit too much when someone comes at you without hesitation.

I’ll fall for him if I let my guard down even a little.

After all, it’s easy to fall in love with him.

I’ve liked his face from the start. I’m already wavering with that, and if he’s a good guy as well, then I’m bound to fall for him if I don’t do anything about it.

Even though we don’t match.

Just being a general made me feel inferior to him, but this person is royalty, and is someone beyond my imagination.

You’re not in a position to marry someone just because you’re in love with them. You’re not in a position to marry someone who has no backing, protection and no one to guarantee their identity.

What the heck are you thinking?

My precious things are so small that they can all fit in this carriage.

I don’t want to risk losing my precious things just because I accidentally fell in love with him.

It would be easy for me to live up to his current expectations.

If I were to fall in love with him and then he got bored of me one day and abandoned me, then I would fall into despair, and I would regret my decision to get involved with him.

I’d rather be at peace than feel that way.

It’s enough to be a little cold to him.

Don’t get any closer to him.

Guard your heart and don’t get too involved with him. Keep an appropriate distance from him.

We’re good friends or comrades.

We’re just faking being husband and wife and my real role is to be nothing more than his paramedic.

I’m sure that’s the most comfortable relationship we will have and it’s the truth. When my work is done, we’ll continue our relationship as friends.

Maintaining the status quo is probably for the best. He’ll always smile at me as a friend, and that’s fine.

It’s okay, I don’t like him yet.

… It’s alright.

… It’s still okay…

――― We finally arrived at General Lector’s base when I was exhausted, after such an invisible battle, and to my surprise, his base is a castle.

The castle looked like a fortress that had been built with sturdiness in mind. Stone. There was stone everywhere. It looked strong.

It’s a castle, so it’s big, and there are a lot of people working there, and the lord of the castle and the leaders of the army can live there comfortably.

I was surprised to see my (temporary) husband suddenly exude an aura of royalty the moment he got off the carriage.

What’s with the sparkles all over him!?

His ‘Charm’ is like this too, but there was something different about it.

He probably didn’t produce them consciously.

I don’t feel any aim or intention in this ‘Charm’. It felt as if it would come out even if he was acting normal.

And it was coming out a lot. What’s with this amount?

Oh, he said he was on a top-secret mission until now, didn’t he? Don’t tell me he’s been suppressing the sparkles?

It’s true that he can’t go to the enemy’s royal castle for reconnaissance or appraisal in this state, but really? Is this his true form!?

This (temporary) husband didn’t care about my confusion and astonishment, he just got off the carriage gracefully while sprinkling his ‘Charm’ skill around freely.

I’m scared of royalty.

I’ve just realised that this man really is royalty.

This isn’t an act. It was overwhelmingly real.

“Welcome back! General Lector!”

The people at the fortress lined up to welcome him.

“I just got back. Let me introduce you to everyone. I’d like to introduce my new wife, the Saint Anise.”

Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle~!

And so, is it fine that a plain me… gets off the carriage while taking this sparkling handsome guy’s hand? Hey, is it really alright?! I can’t radiate that sparkling effect…

“Welcome back Madam!”

But they’re all well-educated people. They didn’t seem to notice my plain appearance, and all bowed their heads and welcomed me back.

“Nice… to meet you.”

The scenery outside of the carriage was way more than I imagined it would be, so I could only say that and bow.

However, standing next to this sparkling handsome man was a bit intimidating.

Well, I’m sorry for being plain. I’d be a little disappointed if I was in the gallery.

Oh look… the women can’t hide their slight confusion… I’m sorry everyone. Just hold out for six more months.

I’ll quickly disappear in town if I save everyone’s General…

Please just stick with this farce for just six months~…