Chapter 53: Fortress 02

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

As soon as I entered the fortress, I was taken aback by the fact that a set of clothes had already been prepared for me and that there were people to help me change. Then, when the maids saw my surprise, they gave me a funny look.

Oh, status. That’s right, it’s the status. I’m troubled because I wasn’t aware of that.

I wondered how many more experiences like this I would have in the future.

In the end, General Lector and I were made to change into beautiful clothes made of extremely high quality fabric, then we entered the conference room where the General’s aides were waiting.

I don’t know if it’s his rank insignia or medal, but the General next to me was wearing one, and it was jiggling around… He really is an important person…

Though he was jingling and sparkling…

His smiling playboy image that he projected until now was gone, and there stood a handsome, smartly dressed man.

Why am I standing next to this person…?

The General immediately introduced me to his aides.

My titles are ‘Saint’ and ‘wife’.

Well, regarding Saint…

I’ve already declared that I’m a Saint myself. No one protested about this since General Lector has the ‘Appraisal’ skill. Of course, I didn’t protest it either, but apparently, I can feel the confusion of others around us… since I was very different from the average ‘Saint’… Hmm, I’m sorry.

I felt uncomfortable since it had been a long time since people wondered who I was.

But at least for now, I was dressed like a noble from the neck down.

However, this kingdom didn’t use corsets, so I was thankful for my relatively loose silhouette. But the quality of the fabric was really obvious since the drape was beautiful and feels great…!

So, I look great from the neck down. Of course, I don’t look great because my looks are good.

But if I were someone else, I’d like to see a beautiful woman, or someone who looks cool and competent…

It would be nice if I could stand behind him a little as a subordinate.

I would have preferred it if I was a mere rescue person with no name…

But my main purpose, or rather my true duty, is to heal the General in case something happens to him and dig up my vague memories of the game scenario. When this was explained to them, some of his aides were surprised and confused, and some nodded as if they understood why I had come to this conference room…

Well, everyone was a bit upset though.

Especially when the ‘sudden death of the General’ was explained to them.

The scene where he said, “I’m going to die,” with a serious look on his face was very surreal.

But thanks to the impact of that statement, those who were looking at me, puzzled because I wasn’t your average ‘Saint’, temporarily stopped. Then after that, I went to a spot at the end of the room and watched from the side-lines as they talked about strategies and congress.

I don’t know anything about the geography of this world nor war tactics, so I couldn’t give my opinion on anything that happened at the meeting.

I’m sorry for being in the way… But my life depends on it, so I’ll quietly do my best.

Anyways, I’ll tell him afterwards if I hear a name of a place that sounds familiar. Well, I didn’t hear many though.

I wished I had taken games a little more seriously in the past. I would have played every route in the game and read everything if I had it in my hands right now. Ah, hindsight is 20/20.

But I guess the higher-ups in the military are really intelligent.

Because of that I spent the whole day searching my memories while listening to their difficult conversation with a stupid expression on my face, since I couldn’t understand them at all.

A messenger had come from Origlow.

It was very like Origlow to send a gorgeous messenger who looks overbearing.

However, I was amazed at what the messenger had to say, since it seemed as if he had forgotten everything that had happened up until this point.

“Return the ‘Saint’ Anise over there to us.”

“I refuse,” General Lector replied immediately.

But the Origlow messenger didn’t back down.

“But Saint Anise is originally from Origlow. It’s preposterous for you to kidnap our Saint. Please return her immediately.”

“I heard that you didn’t acknowledge her as the Saint. When she was summoned to Origlow castle, she was summoned as the clinic healer, not the Saint, and she’s my wife now. Now that she’s married to me, she’s an official citizen of Farglow. She’s here because she agreed to be here. Origlow doesn’t have the right to complain about this now, and calling it kidnapping is a false accusation.”

I really think that Lector is really cool in these situations.

He never backs down from his opponent.

It seems that Origlow is now acknowledging me as the Saint.

I’m sure it’s because of the commotion that happened during our escape from the castle.


They treated me so cold at the beginning and now they want me back?

Why does it feel like a man cheated on me, treated me coldly and emotionlessly, then turns around and flirts with me?

Please forget about me.

If I’m acknowledged as the Saint, then what will happen to Hime?

I thought and Lector said, “You already have a Saint over there.”