Chapter 54: Fortress 03

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Senji!


“Of course, ‘Prophecy-sama’ is also a Saint, but she’s not the only saint. She has nothing to do with the fact that Anise-sama is a ‘Saint’. It is only because she’s a ‘Saint’ of my kingdom, that King Origlow has requested her return.”

‘Prophet-sama’, he called her. I see, well she can predict the future. I’m sure she made prophecies with a lot of details. She’s been through the game scenarios a lot of times, so she probably remembers a lot about the game.

However, Origlow continues to ignore my wishes. Why do they always do the opposite of what I want?

There’s no way I’m going to go to Origlow as a Saint now.

I remembered the look on Hime’s face which was twisted with hatred when we left Origlow’s royal castle.

Her eyes told me that she was determined to kill me.

I wish she would just leave me alone.

Can’t she just marry the Prince who looks as if he worships her? They’ve been getting along really well until now. The Prince is also a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, true beauty. Most women would swoon if he smiled at them.

I wonder if Hime even publicly recognises me as a Saint.

I wonder if the request for my return from the King is just something that the royal family decided.

Do they need a ‘Saint’ who can heal for political reasons?

As I was pondering, the messenger turned to me and said, “‘Prophet-sama’ said that she will welcome ‘Saint’ Anise to Origlow. She asked that you return home and see the devastation of your homeland. She even said that she would come to Farglow herself if Farglow needs a saint. I’m sure you can’t disregard the kindness of the generous ‘Prophet-sama’. His Highness Loire is waiting for you. Please come back with me.”

Ah… So, that’s her aim…

She’s aiming for General Lector. So, she’ll come to Farglow, so that she can meet the General?

And she wants to give me the position of being Origlow’s Saint because she no longer needs it?

“Anise is a citizen of my kingdom, and I don’t plan on being separated from my wife. Of course, I don’t need your ‘Saint’ either. You can leave now,” Lector said firmly.

Oh my, he’s so reliable…

I’m sorry I only thought of you as a playboy until now, but you seem like a very dependable and cool man right now. It’s really cool to see Lector in serious mode.

It’s nice to know that there’s someone who cares about my feelings and position at a time like this.

It was probably a good thing that we got married even if it’s just for formality since things turned out like this. I officially became a citizen of Farglow thanks to this marriage. I had acquired a nationality. I see. But thanks. Hopefully my nationality will stay the same after we get divorced. I won’t part with it if I can help it.

After the short exchange with the stubborn messenger, General Lector stood up as if to say the meeting was over, and I followed suit.

“Saint Anise-sama! You must return home with me now! ‘Prophet-sama’ also insists that you return! His Majesty and Prince Loire are waiting for you,” the messenger kept saying.

That ‘Prophet-sama’ probably wants to kill me. She wants to kill me or get rid of me and become the ‘Saint’ in my place.

I’m sure she’ll try to kill me somewhere else since she’s already failed once.

I definitely won’t go. If I go, I’m just asking to die.

I’m grateful that General Lector was so adamant.

I can’t thank him enough.

Because, when I think about it, if he really wanted to ‘only’ survive then he could have exchanged Hime and I and asked Hime to save him.

He can just show Hime his good side until ‘that moment’ and ask her to save him along the hidden route, which would be a scenario where he survives.

And he could have used the ‘exchange of Saints’ as a bait to get something good from Origlow.

When we left the room and were alone, I thanked him, “Thanks. I’m glad you didn’t send me to Origlow.”

He replied, “Of course I wouldn’t. You’re my wife, I’m not going to give you up.”

Then, he smiled and winked at me.

Huh? You’re back to your playboy self all of a sudden? Why does he have to be like this?

But well, I’m honestly glad that he left his official attitude back there, so he can act however he wants. I’m in a fortress where I don’t know where eyes and ears might be.

Besides, no one would be offended when being told that by someone whose face is to their liking. That’s why I was happy to hear it. I couldn’t stop my face from heating up. There’s nothing I can do about that now.

So, after giggling like a little girl, I came back to my senses and told myself, “This is just an excuse for us to be together until Winter. I promised to protect him through the winter.”

So next year, when he has safely made it to spring and when the war has been won, my first promise with him will be fulfilled.

I will have my citizen status in this kingdom, a small house, permission to sell potions and a small store. This is the future I hope to have for myself.

Given his personality, he won’t just throw me out in the cold. He might even feel a little lonely. But…

It will end with, “Thank you for everything,” I’m sure of it.

At any rate, my position as the ‘Saint’ in this fortress is shaky right now.