Chapter 57: Appearances and Truth 01

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Editor: SenjiQ

They’re as heavy-handed as usual. I’m sick of it. Of course, I definitely don’t want to go.

Even though I’m a bit uncomfortable here, I’d rather stay here than go to Origlow. There is nothing scarier than a threat to one’s life.

So, isn’t it all good for me to magnificently stick close to my husband, General Lector, and his close aides to ‘prevent Origlow from kidnapping the Saint’?

They’re all the best at what they do, so it’s reassuring to be by their side.

Apparently, the Farglow’s royal court also proposed that they protect the Saint, but General Lector refused after explaining the situation in private.

I’m glad that the royal family can come to an agreement so quickly.

So, if the Saint is separated from the General now then the war will be lost. The prophecy that the ‘Saint’ made had been shared with the royal court even though it was top secret.

However, the credibility of the ‘Saint’s’ words is amazing. The original ‘Saints’ are virtuous and good-natured, so I wonder if they think the Saint can’t lie.

But as a result, we were effectively protecting each other, the shadows were protecting us, and the guards and close aides were around us.

If General Lector dies suddenly with all these people around us, then I really wonder how he’s going to die.

What happened to him…?

I don’t know what the General’s death flag will be until spring.

However, these circumstances were only known to the upper echelons, so some servants now upgrade their opinion of ‘she lied to the General about being the Saint to butter up to him’ into ‘the devilish woman with unknown origins has also won over the upper echelons and are making them wait on her’…

Geez, I don’t have the power to do that…

Well, I can understand why some people would think like that if a ‘seemingly normal woman who doesn’t look like the Saint’ is surrounded by the upper echelons all the time…

Appearance, bluff, and dignity. I’ve learnt that these things are very important in this fortress.

Ah, having status is annoying…

The servants, who until now had shown me kindness in public, but were actually full of harsh criticisms, changed due to that depressing day. You never know what will happen in life.

It all started one day when a person who had suffered from a bad injury in his arm appeared at the fortress.

His injury was so big that the head of the medical bay, who was also a healer, insisted that the arm be amputated, but the injured person screamed that he didn’t want to get his arm cut off. That was when General Lector and I passed by the room.

General Lector might have led me this way.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to stay away from the medical bay.

The head of this medical bay is also the leader of the anti-Saint group.

Whenever she sees me, she looks at me hatefully even though she doesn’t say anything. I can see this even if I don’t want to.

She openly declares, “There’s no way there’s such a vulgar Saint,” whenever I’m not around, and I heard that the nurses here, or rather the assistant healers, also agree with her.

This is why, on the rare occasions where we accidentally pass each other in the corridor or somewhere else, she looks at me really suspiciously and makes a detour around me which blatantly shows that she hates me.

Once, I asked her if she would like me to make some potions through my maid, but she said, “I don’t want such suspicious potions! You’re a nuisance!” and drove her away.

“That person was saved by a ‘Saint’ a long time ago. She’s proud of that and worships the Saint. Apparently, she was very beautiful. She has always boasted that the Saint was kind. But that doesn’t mean that she has the right to brazenly deny the General’s claim like that! How dare she!” I remember my maid being very angry.

But if Lector is going to the medical bay, then it’s my job to go with him. There was an accident during training today.

Fortunately, she didn’t try to harm me even though she glared at me and hated me.

I followed behind Lector a little timidly and found that a badly injured person was in the middle of the huge commotion.

“No~! I don’t want it amputated! You’ve got to fix it somehow! Isn’t that your job?! Anyway, I won’t want to!”

“Even if you say that, your injury is too deep! Your arm is mostly crushed! It won’t go back to normal even if you force me to reconnect your arm! You won’t be able to move it! A prosthetic arm would be much more useful. I’m going to use a precious painkiller potion so let me cut it off quickly.”

“No! Absolutely not!”

Ah, yes, I understand the situation now. I peeked out from behind Lector to look at the injured person.

When the head of the medical bay saw me, she had a look on her face that said, “What the hell are you doing here?” but since the General was here, she could only glare at me without saying anything.

And now that I knew the situation, I wanted to heal the man. I would feel bad for him if his arm got amputated since he is still young.

No one wants to lose an arm. I’m sure of this. The Medical Head’s pride? What’s that? Is it delicious?

I thought it was alright for me to heal the man since Lector was smiling at me, so I timidly stepped out from behind him and said, “Then, I’ll heal him.”

The Medical Head immediately looked at me as if she was saying, ‘What the hell is up with this woman?’, but the injured man desperately said, “Please!” General Lector also didn’t oppose me healing the man, so she led me to the injured man.

I’ll heal him quickly then leave.

“Alright, put out that hand~.”

Hmmm, his arm is pretty bad. But…

I’ll grab the wound with magic and toss it.

It’s a simpler job than rushing to heal a fatal wound.

But when they saw that the crushed arm had returned back to its original state, everyone in the room except for Lector opened their mouths wide in surprise. They really all didn’t believe that I am the Saint until then…

Or well, they didn’t fully believe that I am.

Ah it’s so sad to have no dignity…

However, the whole fortress was immediately informed of this surprising incident, and as expected, my ‘healing’ skill wasn’t questioned in public anymore after that.

Hmm, I didn’t realise it was important to show it off.

But well, the most common response was, “Huh, she was telling the truth when she said she’s the Saint?! She doesn’t look like a Saint at all! Are you absolutely positive?!” It must be because I don’t have enough dignity and grace.

There’s nothing I can do about that.

However, the Medical Head seemed to have admitted that I had the ability to heal since she saw it with her own eyes, even if she didn’t recognise me as a Saint, and she later secretly apologised for the way she had treated me.

Well, she didn’t complain to me directly, so it’s okay.

I’m sorry for ruining the ‘Saint’ image that you admire…