Chapter 58: Appearances and Truth 02

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After that, I was called to give treatment every now and then which made me happy.

I finally made use of the skills I have.

I was so happy that I told them about the reputation of my potions, and I also started making potions as well after that.

That way, they can easily heal minor injuries and illnesses without having to call me every time. Even if the Medical Head wasn’t around, the assistants could also heal injuries and illnesses to a certain extent because of that, so they were also happy with that.

I felt delighted that I was helping people.

I was so happy that I got carried away and made too many potions which got me in trouble.

But they need painkillers, potions for injuries, nutritional supplements, stomach medicine, laxatives, headache medicine, cold medicine, and cough medicine. They do, don’t they? Oh, there’s not enough storage space?

Erm…. I’ll ask Lector if there’s any empty rooms… Oh, and shelves as well….

In the meantime, months passed and winter, the season in question, arrived.

“I think it’s time for you to let your guard down,” my handsome (temporary) husband has been saying this a lot to me lately in his usual office.

He picks me up from next door and invites me over for tea every time he has the day off, and every time he does this, he always says the above phrase.

We see each other every day.

Lately, being around this person has become the norm in my life.

His face wasn’t as dazzling as it was before, and I got used to seeing the sparkles that leak out of him at appropriate times. There are times when you can see it and times you can’t… even in a place that is common.

“That’s strange, I think I’ve let my guard down a lot. See, we’re getting along.”


I replied in the same way and had a cup of tea.

Lately, I’ve been able to respond to this playboy’s sweet remarks with a smile.

Royalty’s really have it good. They seem to have secured a good supply of tea even though we’re at war. That’s what you call a perk, isn’t it? I’m glad.

“Then you don’t need to speak so politely to me anymore. You can speak more casually. You can act more spoiled.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t think I can speak to a royal family member and a general in a casual tone, much less act spoiled. It will be rude since our statuses are too different. So, please retract your sparkles. It’s useless.”

“But we had a ceremony, didn’t we? We’re husband and wife.”

 “That was done so I could keep an eye on you. It’s just a temporary thing, and our statuses are still different.”

“Eh, it’s still only temporary?”

“Of course, it is. You proposed this arrangement yourself. You said we’re pretending to be married. I’ve finally been recognised as a 『Saint』however reluctant, but I can’t be a member of the royal family. I don’t even have a glittery aura like you. I’m happy with being the owner of a potion shop. My potions have been well received in the medical clinic, and I’m glad I became friends with the head.”


Every day, this playboy smiles and spins his sweet words. I don’t shrink back from his words. I don’t know why I don’t. Why don’t I?

He’s been like this all day ever since we started having tea together and I’m a little puzzled.

I also enjoy having these moments with the wonderful him.

But how many people can be employed with one of these exquisite hand-painted teacups, made from very thin, white porcelain…?

And this plate that goes with the cup. In addition to the mark of the workshop where the cup was made, there was also a familiar crest on the back of the plate… Yes, it’s the same crest that was on the luxurious carriage that Lector had said is his. It seems that the Fifth Prince has his own crest.

Everything is custom-made for him. CUSTOM-MADE.

Cups, plates, pots, sugar pots, and even teaspoons and forks.

Everything had been beautifully decorated with his crest.

There were probably no spares, since everything was a complete set. The thought of accidentally chipping the cup scared me so much that my hands trembled when I had first held it. It’s a noble’s manners to hold a cup with only the fingertips of one hand. I don’t want to do that, please let me hold it firmly with both my hands.

While I was thinking this, I saw him elegantly drinking his tea with only three fingertips on the cup and realised that I’m not fit to be royalty after all.

I felt like I couldn’t live my life like this at all.

The air outside was getting colder and the fireplace in the office was lit.

At first, I had made a lot of fuss, but I’ve gotten used to living with him while having my own private room and we created rules about living together. As we agreed, our rooms were right next to each other. But there is a door directly linking both our rooms, so our white-lie marriage wasn’t exposed.

We share a living room and eat together. Our shadows keep watch while he sleeps, and I come running to the room next door if anything happens.

It’s perfect.

No one complains anymore about the fact that we’re together all the time, e.g. the General’s wife is with him in his office or that he takes her everywhere.

I’m sure people got used to seeing us together every day.

These days, it seems that if one of us is around, then the other must be nearby.

Recently, when I was wandering around by myself, the Vice-General would jokingly ask, “Hey, where’s the other one?”

If I meet Garwin while I’m wandering around, he will say, “Oh, this is rare. Are you by yourself…? Hmm, my tree sparrow tells me that he’s currently at the training grounds.”

The servants and maids also looked around to see if I was really alone.