Chapter 59: Appearances and Truth 03

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

Well, I was really following him all around at first.

I was really attached to him. I didn’t have anything else to do.

Lector was right to insist that I should have been acknowledged from the beginning.

And I knew that posing as a ‘doting wife’ was the most convenient way to achieve that.

However, it’s true that since I’m his ‘wife’ on paper, and since we’re perceived as a harmonious couple by those around us, my duties as the mistress of the fortress have been increasing lately.

I have to entertain guests, give advice and make decisions, and I also have ‘healing’ work to do.

I’ve been dealing with everything and lavishing displaying my skills in between.

As a result, I’ve been running all around the fortress lately. Ah, of course I didn’t actually run. A lady walks gracefully, but as fast as possible. At first, I got muscle cramps in weird places on my legs.

But if I run, Alice, who is also my tutor, would scold me immediately.

But whenever this happened, sometimes I would lose track of where Lector was, even though we’re in the same building, and I would more often than not find myself alone and in a rush.

Every time I lose sight of him, I can’t help but worry if his carotid artery has been completely cut, or if he’s been poisoned by a deadly poison, or if he has fallen from on top of a tower, or if he’s pinned under some heavy object.

Yes, I’m always desperate not to let him die, and people can die in a moment of carelessness.

Am I being overprotective? I don’t know the meaning of that word.

So, after worrying about this for a while, I spoke to Lector in his office one day, “I was wondering if you could place a desk and chair I could use near your office.”

I wanted to reduce the amount of running around the fortress as much as possible.

So, the most efficient way to do that was to set up a base and have those who have business with me go there, and my base has to be in a place where I can keep watch of the General’s movements at all times.

This request is a little bossy, but I need to be near him. After all, the real reason why I’m here is to serve as a healer. My first duty is to my job.

When Lector heard my request, he raised his eyebrow and said, “Why? Is it tough? Then I’ll set up a desk for you in this room.”

No, no, no, if I do that, then the people who have business with me will come here and it will interfere with the General’s business. Besides, I’ll be able to listen into all his confidential conversations. I did listen to one at first, but after I cleansed my memory, I refrained from listening into his confidential conversations.

You guys are always quick to start talking about disturbing things. The conversation quickly turns dark. I don’t want to listen to those kinds of conversations if I can help it. I don’t want to know a lot of secrets that I can’t tell other people about. I don’t need to know things I don’t need to know about. I can be at peace that way.

So, I said, “Ah, no, you don’t have to place it in here. If there’s an empty room next door or across from this room then you can set up a desk for me there. I don’t want to run around the fortress too much…”

“Really? The room next door is barely used, so you can use that. I’ll get it ready for you as soon as I can.”

The next day, after he had said that with a bright smile on his face, the construction had already started.

Construction!? Why?! And so fast at that!?

What’s with this execution!?

And why’re they excitingly discussing the design?!

“I’m going to remodel the room to suit your image and put a door between my office and yours. That way you don’t have to go out into the corridor to come to my office. And it’s also a good way to escape if there’s an attack. Of course, you can always open the door and come to me directly. If you want, you can always leave the door open. I’m always happy to see you! So, which wallpaper do you think suits this room best? Green, gold or pink. Which one do you like?”

Do you really need to sprinkle your sparkles in front of the construction workers? You don’t need to, do you? And don’t wink.

“The cheapest wallpaper you can find will do. You don’t have to waste money on it since I’ll only be using it for six months. So, you also don’t need to use silk cloth! You can use paint if you want! What’re you wasting money for?!”

For some reason, my husband (temporary) is excited about choosing wallpaper. And the sample in his hand looks like the most expensive one!

It would have been much cooler if he was this world’s General, such a shame. But lately I’ve been thinking that this may be earth.

If he had looked at me with meaningful eyes and said the same lines seriously then… Ah, nah, he can just remain a playboy.

My heart started beating faster just because of my imagination and I nearly fell for him. That was close… This is bad… I’ll stop imagining things. I took a glimpse at a world that I shouldn’t go near. Dangerous…

As I watched on dumbfoundedly, a small and cosy, yet quite luxurious room appeared next to the General’s office for me to use.

He even paid for it to be constructed quicker. Who is using this room…?

It’s amazing what rich people can do. The room is so luxurious. What’s with this silk wallpaper?  What’s with this massive desk and chair and there’s even a magnificent bookshelf…

The heavy-looking curtains made the room seem more intimidating…

Why is he so excited? I wonder how much this room cost. I wonder if he’s actually into this kind of thing despite his nonchalant demeanour.

From that day on, the General invited me to tea every day.

My opinion? I don’t have one.

But yeah, he looks like he’s having a lot of fun…

He even built a new door that allowed him to come directly into my room and he invites me to tea every day. Seeing this, people began to say: “He’s a doting husband,” “They’re a loving couple,” “He loves her so much that he can’t let her out of his sight.”

Even if we have to be together a lot, isn’t this doting act a bit too much?! I was slightly taken aback.

But, for the sake of convenience, the General said with a straight face, “That’s right. You have a problem with that?”

“If that’s what he wants…” I calmly adjusted myself to his act.

It made things a lot easier for me. I’m talking about work that is.