Chapter 60: Appearances and Truth 04

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I felt a little guilty for deceiving the people around us, but telling the truth would only make them anxious, and I don’t think anyone will believe me, so I’m sorry for lying, but it will be fine if he survives.

The more believable the story, the happier everyone will be, even if it’s a lie… I’m sure of this.

But if I’m always with him, day after day, since I’m on the lookout for his unexpected accident, we’ll end up getting along somehow.

He’s usually gentlemanly, sensible and attentive. He’s a very exemplary husband. I like his face a lot. So, when he smiles at me, I can’t help but smile as well.

Even if he’s actually a playboy, I’ve come to think of him as a charming playboy.

He’s an ideal husband.

I sometimes wondered why such an ideal article[1]she’s talking about Lector is still left on the shelf even though he’s at a marriageable age, but I guess there are many reasons for this such as remaining single in case a Saint appeared in Farglow, or because of his duties as a member of the royal family.

However, I was able to marry him since he recognised me as a ‘Saint’, and there are days when I wonder if it’s alright for me to be living such a good life.

When I first came to this world, I longed for this kind of life…

Wearing good clothes, eating good food, and being taken care of by handsome men.

Yes, it’s very comfortable. I never dreamed that I would be so well cared for in my life.

But this is a very appealing lifestyle if I didn’t know about the unsettling future, even if it’s full of inconvenient things such as rules and regulations, even if the servants are always watching and even if there are luxurious goods everywhere that might make me faint if I break them.

However, the prediction of General Lector’s sudden death was only shared to key people.

At first, no one looked as if they believed this, but they took this seriously and believed it since it had been told by Origlow’s ‘Saint of Prophecy’ and decided that they will do everything in their power to deal with the situation.

But since he has never had any near-death experiences before, it seemed that something new was about to happen.

Well, until now….

“Why did you get married without saying anything?! Horrible!” He was almost stabbed from behind by a woman who was shouting.

Suddenly large flower pots or stones would fall on him from above.

The carriage would break down and he was thrown into the river.

The railings of the fortress suddenly broke and he almost fell.

All those things happened to him, but he managed to save himself.

I think some other minor incidents happened, but Lector and his shadow guards dealt with the incidents, and if he was injured in any way, I would heal him on the spot so there was no―――

――― problem… right?

… Hey, are you really okay with this?

Isn’t it a bit strange?

“Why do you have so many accidents? Someone can’t possibly hold a grudge against you, right?”

One time, I sighed as I healed a cut that had been caused when a sword had apparently slipped out of someone’s hand during a training session and grazed the face of the General, who was standing in front of the person.

His guards dealt with this right away, but of course he would have died had he been careless.

Since I was walking behind him, I could barely see the sword flying towards us, nor could I see the movements of the guards who had blocked the sword. How scary.

“Well, I have a lot of enemies.”

Hey, you, this isn’t the time to be laughing.

You would have died several times by now if it hadn’t been for your shadows and the other guards.

What would have happened if the guards were busy?!

“I thought I could trust all the people here. Just who the hell is the enemy, how many are there and where are they?”

“Hmm, there’s probably only one enemy, but his position is a bit…. Well, I think he’s just trying to warn me or take a poke at me rather than seriously trying to assassinate me. If he’s lucky, then I’ll die.”

Wait. Is it really the time to be smiling?

What’s with this feeling? It feels dangerous.

“Who can casually do such a disturbing thing?”

“Hmm, step-mother? I’m the concubine’s son, and the Queen has apparently been wary of me for some time. But she only wants to protect her son, the Crown Prince, so I thought she would be relieved that I left the castle and stayed on the battlefield, but apparently, she didn’t like the idea of me marrying the Saint. She’s been harassing me again lately.”

Can this even be called harassment?

No, no, no, more importantly.

“So, it’s my fault?”

I can’t believe this is my fault.

“No, it’s not your fault. It’s my fault for marrying you. Ah, but I didn’t marry you because you’re the Saint. I wouldn’t do something like that either.”

“Your sparkles and winks seem like a lie… Ah, but I’m happy that you do it. We can’t be too sure about who’s looking and listening. By the way, you’re the Fifth Prince, aren’t you? It doesn’t really matter who you marry, right?”

I realised that I hadn’t studied much about the situation of Farglow’s royal family.

Well, I’m just a temporary wife after all. Honestly, I wasn’t interested in their family because I figured that I would live out the rest of my life without having much to do with Farglow’s royal family.

“Well, having the ‘Saint’ on your side makes you popular with the people.”

“Ah, so that’s why the people around you are happy. And the Queen didn’t like it?”

“Yeah, maybe that’s why she’s gotten a little nervous. Actually, in the past, Farglow’s royal family was usually ruled by someone who had the basic ‘Appraisal’ skill. However, the only son of the Queen, the Crown Prince, doesn’t have this skill. Rather, I’m the only one in the royal family with the ‘Appraisal’ skill. That’s why some ambitious people tried to nominate me for the position of Crown Prince, and the Queen has been wary of me ever since. However, I have no intentions of being the Crown Prince,” he said.

Why’re you saying something so important out of the blue?

I thought that he would be fifth in line to the throne since he’s the Fifth Prince, but I guess he’s much closer in the line, depending on how you look at it.

I would be wary of him if I were the Queen. But that doesn’t mean I would try to eliminate him.


1 she’s talking about Lector