Chapter 62: Situation 01

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Editor: SenjiQ

It’s already a test of my will.

That’s what I keep telling myself today.

This is a play. A white marriage. See, there’s nothing there.

It’s already completely out of my reach.

I have a job.

And of course, I’ll remind him of this!

One day, as he laid defensively in the living room, I said to him, “Lector, please survive well until spring. When spring comes, file an annulment for this white marriage if you can. I don’t want to be a widow or a divorcee while I’m still a virgin.”

Yes, a white marriage can be annulled!

I read about that in a book a long time ago!

Ah, but he might not want to be told this and that about the cause for the white marriage? Are men sensitive when it comes to things like that? Well, I’m fine with a normal divorce if that’s the case, but I’d like to have my purity proven if possible. Is that too much to ask for?

… What’s with your extremely surprised face?

Are you surprised that I’m still a virgin? I’m sorry, but I’ve never had the chance to do it!

People with status and good-looks are all like this.

You’ve probably never thought about the feelings of those who are unattractive.

Don’t come near me, and don’t try to touch me.

Don’t look so happy!

Please, stop acting suggestively.

I don’t know why we’re having a battle behind closed doors every day…

But there have been a lot of incidents in the fortress lately, and I found out later that the people responsible for those incidents were all under ‘hypnosis’.


I was surprised.

“Yes. They don’t remember anything about the person who hypnotized them. So, we don’t even know who’s behind all this.” Vice-General Jouvence said with a pained look on his face.

“I used appraisal, so I’m sure of it. They were in such a high hypnotic state that they have no recollection or awareness of what they had done.”

I had no reason to doubt this since this was coming from someone with the highest level of ‘Appraisal’.

“The person who used hypnosis should be around, but my family members say they haven’t seen anything either.” Garwin-san declared with a crow, pigeon and parrot on his shoulder and head today.

The crow nodded his head in agreement. He seems to understand our conversation. How smart.

“Meow.” 『I didn’t see anything either in case you’re wondering.』

“Which means they must be very elaborate with their methods. I’d hate to see more people accused of crimes they don’t even know they’re committing.”

A number of people have already taken responsibility for the management of the carriage, the flowerpots and bloodshed. They couldn’t be acquitted even if there were some extenuating circumstances.

However, I wonder if this ‘hypnosis’ is someone’s skill. The influence it has over someone’s mind is unbelievable.

I suddenly remembered the grievances of the auntie in the general store at the village where Lost Church was located.

The auntie grieved that she only had a cleaning skill.

I was jealous of her cleaning skill because it was useful for living, but I can’t say that it is a skill that would lead to such a big problem. Lately, I’ve come to realise that people are often evaluated based on the level and content of their skills.

But I really like the broom the auntie made. It was easy to use and the magic on it was very effective. I secretly want one.

“Saint Anise?” The Vice-General suddenly spoke to me.


I was deep in thought, so he surprised me.

I’ve gotten used to standing on the sidelines at times like this lately which is probably not a good thing.

The Vice-General looked at me questioningly and said while ignoring my smile, “Is there anything we can do about this?”

“Huh? You’re asking me?”

I’ve only been in this world of magic for about half a year, so my knowledge of magic and skills is similar to that of a baby’s.

I thought, but apparently my ‘Saint’ title made people forget about this.

The public think that Lector suddenly found me when I had awoken to my skills, but people don’t usually remember someone else’s circumstances.


So, it’s fine as long as they’re not hypnotised?

“You can just cast a spell on them that prevents them from being hypnotised?”

“Can you do that? Do you think you can do that?” The Vice-General looked at me really dubiously.

But I can’t think of anything else.

“I’ve never done it before, but I’m willing to give it a try. But you can say it’s a kind of healing if you think of it as curing or preventing someone from being in an abnormal condition.”

Ah, Vice-General, why are you looking at me like, “What the hell is she thinking?”!?

I did my best to answer the question you asked, yet you’re still not convinced.

I felt like the Vice-General has been thinking this lately: Well, I’m not going to complain about the General’s taste in women, but her Saint abilities aren’t that great.

Well, it’s not like I don’t understand how he feels since I’ve only healed wounds and sick people in this fortress.

I wonder what the ‘Saints’ in this world are expected to do? And what are they supposed to be able to do?

“How are you going to do that?” The General said while looking at the Vice-General and his wife in interest.

“Well, if I cast the spell onto a stone and throw it into a well like I did before, then it will work on anyone who drinks the water. Even if they come back from outside in a hypnotic state, they still might be able to break it by drinking the water.”

I have no knowledge about this and also no imagination. I don’t know what the best solution is.

“You can cast the spell on everyone in this fortress instead of doing something dull like that. Well, but if you can’t do that, then what can you do?”

His tone was a bit aggressive, but I thank you for the idea. I see.

“Well, I can try it, but I’ve never done it before, so I can’t predict how long it will last or how effective it will be since I’m casting it on a large area.”

I can imagine… how to do it.