Chapter 63: Situation 02

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Editor: SenjiQ

“It’s best to take as many precautions as possible, so we can do both if you want. Then, Anise, you can start with the easier one.”

I was told. So, will I do it both ways? I’m sure the General will say something heavy to me.

Well, I’ll do the best I can.

“Then, I’ll start with casting it over the fortress first.”

I will use my magic to grab the fortress with the hand in my heart. The hand in my heart? I spread it out over the fortress.

But it’s a fortress, so it’s big.


It took a while, but I managed to cover the entire castle using both of the hands in my mind.

Hmm, I can do it if I try. I can accomplish what I want~.

Now, here I go.

“Wake up~.”

Hmm? Not quite?

“Don’t be manipulated~, wake up!”

That’s it.

In my head, I heard the clicking sound of magic being locked.

Ah, that feels pretty good.

“I think I can cast this on the well too.”

I can feel that it has been cast on the fortress and most of the grounds, so I don’t have to cast magic on the stones!

“So, you can do it…”

Oh, the Vice-General praised me. That’s surprising. But I’ll happily accept those words. Yay.

“Your skill level has increased a bit.”

I’m glad the General seems satisfied.

Oh yeah, he said before that my skills were only about half-developed.

I was happy because it felt like my abilities had been evaluated.

From that day on, the number of incidents that the General suffered from decreased dramatically.

I wonder how many people have been under hypnosis.

It was a little frightening that such a situation had occurred with such an elite group of people, but that must mean that the enemy is full of elites as well.

It was a battle between two sly people outfoxing each other.

They were still investigating this, but I have a feeling that the cause will remain unknown, since even Lector wouldn’t screw up that badly.

“There are so many conspiracies swirling around during war. There are so many black things going around that the hypnosis might just become a shadow. But I’m glad you found out about it.” Father came to my room after a long time and said this nonchalantly while sipping tea. He’s still always talking about people’s lives and deaths.

“Well, I hear a lot of scary information when I’m attached to the General, and I’ve been talking less and less…”

Conspiracies, schemes and speculations.

I don’t think I would be walking around the fortress so carefreely if I hadn’t heard Lector’s ‘Appraisal’ of each person.

I knew that all of Lector’s close aides were trustworthy, but not everyone in the fortress was sincere.

There are still a number of people who look at me suspiciously because I lack the majesty that comes with being a Saint.

“But I think it would be tougher for you to be the General’s wife if you married him as just Anise.” This was Father’s response to my little complaint.

“I don’t think I would become the General’s wife if I wasn’t a ‘Saint’, no matter how temporary.’

And I’m almost certain that I will spend the rest of my life running away from Hime, without being involved in the war… But if that was the case, then I don’t think I would have been summoned in the first place.

Which means that she would continue to rampage in my life in our old world.

Hmm, the situation doesn’t change much no matter what world I’m in.

Ah, but now I’m willing to fight against her.

It’s easy to break the General’s death flag.

I hope it’s easy.

“But you’re still his official wife for now. I think you should stay as his wife. Even if Lector fools around and cheats on you, you have a strong position as his legal wife. He’s got money and I think he’s a fairly good guy,” Father said softly.

“Of course, I know he’s a good man. He’s a good person. An extremely good person. That’s why he’s too good for me. We don’t balance each other out… When people first see me with him, they think ‘Why?’ He’s the ideal man with his looks, sparkles and title…” I sighed and said.

No matter how hard I try, it will take an enormous amount of time to become someone worthy of him. I would feel that it would be great if I can become worthy of him someday.

I can’t produce those sparkles. I wonder how long it takes to produce them?

It’s so powerful that I feel like I could manipulate any hardships I face if I could just produce them, but unfortunately, I still can’t produce them no matter how hard I try.

I wonder if it’s because I don’t have a talent for ‘Charm’?

The other day, Lector found out that I was secretly working hard to produce the sparkles and he smiled at me.

Dammit, that’s why those who have it all are…!

“But what are you going to do when you get out of here? If you divorce as a Saint, then you might get kidnapped next. There are plenty of people who want to have a Saint besides Origlow.”

“Oh… Well, it is Lector we’re talking about, so he can probably hide my existence completely. I’m sure that will be easy for him. I don’t want to live my life as a Saint. I just want to blend in with the masses and live as a potion maker. I’ll work like crazy if I can just hide from Hime. Of course, I will secretly help Lector out when he needs a Saint. Isn’t that enough? A relationship built on contracts and friendship. I will want to be his only love if I stay as his wife. But if I let go of that and we become friends, then I’m sure I’ll be able to help him out even if I’m not his number one. I’m sure our good relationship will last longer that way. I’m certain of it.”

Yes, like an old friend or trusted subordinate. I deserve that position.

“… But from the way you’re looking at him… don’t you like him?”



I glared at Father and quietly drank my tea.

Come to think of it, I’ve been thinking that this fine hand-painted cup has become strangely comfortable in my hands lately.

“… More importantly, Father, I haven’t seen you around lately, where have you been?”

“How can you ask me that?! Your husband has been rough on me lately… He’s made my life miserable, he suddenly…” Father began to fake cry.

“What a horrible person to use such an old man like you!”  I couldn’t help but exaggerate my response. It’s fun. Since there’s no one else I can complain about Lector to.

“That’s right! Anise’s husband is a horrible man… Opps, what a shame. It seems like I’ve run out of time,” just as Father said that, and straightened up his posture, the door to the living room opened and the person who we were talking about walked in.