Chapter 64: Situation 03

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Editor: SenjiQ

You have great intuition like always, Father.

Apparently, Lector had heard the last words Father and I said to each other, since he reluctantly sat down on the living room sofa and said, “Welcome back, I’ve been waiting for you, Austin-dono. I’m glad you look well. I knew you would come back safely. So, how did it go?”

He had asked Father Austin to do something.

Lector bringing this conversation up in our private living room meant that this was a private conversation between them.

I’m sure even the Vice-General doesn’t know about this.

But in contrast to Lector’s perfect, beautiful smile, Father pursed his lips and replied, “Speak for yourself! You chased me away because you wanted to have alone time with Anise. But it seems like you haven’t made any progress in your relationship at all, even after chasing me away. Fuofuo~. Oh dear, it’s pointless to glare at me like that. I know everything~, since I’m talented! That’s why it’s fine over there. Galleon remembers that Anise healed him. He made the promise.”

“Oh, that’s good to hear.”

Galleon? … Galleon… Oh!

The man I healed at Garland Clinic?

Lector looked at me when I remembered who Galleon is and explained, “You reacted when you heard ‘Grunge people’. So, I had Austin-dono scout them out.”

That’s right.

When ‘Grunge people’ was mentioned during a meeting, I mentioned to Lector that I had probably heard or seen this term before.

If I had heard or seen this then it would have been in the game.

Which means that they will most likely be involved in the outcome of this war.

“Lek’s judgement might be right? They apparently had contact with Origlow before I got there. Also, it seems the elders were taken by them. If we had left things as it is, then the ‘Grunge people’ would have sided with Origlow when the time comes,” Father nodded his head and said.

“As I thought.”

Lector looked grim.

The Grunge people are nomadic people who live along the border. They don’t belong to either Origlow or Farglow. They are very independent, don’t settle down, and they split into many small groups and go about their activities separately. That’s why it’s hard to meet them. However, it is said that these people have developed an advanced information network to exchange information between themselves.

Even though they are usually scattered into smaller groups, they are united thanks to their dense information network, and they have become a major force along the border.

They have no land, but they are a force to be reckoned with.

I heard from Garwin, who was always surrounded by birds because he is a tamer, that he was from this tribe. He is constantly communicating with them, and they are an ally of Farglow, but it seems that this time they are secretly in league with Oriflow.

“You mean to say that this Galleon person is from this tribe?”

“Yes. He is the grandson of an elder. When his grandfather passes away, he is expected to become the next elder. That’s why I got him on my side and asked him to align the tribe to Farglow when the time comes, but it seems that Origlow was one step ahead of us.”

Ah, he pledged his allegiance to the General, didn’t he?

“Apparently, the elder made an agreement with Origlow behind Galleon’s back. Galleon showed signs of their family illness, and he thought that Galleon wouldn’t have long to live. So, he decided on a new candidate for the next elder behind Galleon’s back. But that man seems to be linked to Origlow, and so he introduced the elder to Origlow. Oh yes, the disease that Anise had healed back at the clinic. That disease shows up a lot in that family. Then, Galleon got angry at them for killing him off, even though he hadn’t passed away yet. Well, he proved to be healthier than anyone by doing everything himself~,” Father chuckled a little.

“I see, I contacted Galleon because the elder doesn’t appear in public often, but I still should have contacted him directly somehow. But how did you find out about their secret agreement with Origlow, Austin-dono? They’re hiding it from Galleon as well, aren’t they?”

“Oh, you know, I just happened to stumble upon a group of elders secretly discussing it. And Galleon happened to be with me as well~, it was by chance~. Fuofuo.” Father laughed cheerily. He’s still the same old Father. This man’s life is full of ‘by chances’ and ‘coincidences’.

“So, is Galleon alright? Will he be able to unite the ‘Grunge people’?”

“It seems that Galleon has made more allies after this incident, so I think he can do it. And I’ll help him out, so it’ll be fine. After All, I am the goddess of luck. Fuofuofuo.”

Goddess…? Well, that’s not important.

“That’s reassuring, Father Austin. I hope that we’ll get along forever.”

“I’m always on the side that has more fun. If you keep your word, then I’ll be here for a while~. I’m looking forward to it~. Fuo~fuofuo.”

It seems that they made a promise together without my knowledge. Father looks very excited.

“Of course, I will keep my promise as long as it doesn’t cause me to lose my position. Thank you for keeping the Grunge people in check, Austin-dono.”

General Lector held out his hand.

“Don’t mention it~. It’s because you and Anise noticed them~.”

Father shook the General’s hand.

I can’t believe that would happen with the Grunge people….

I’m sure that happened in the scenario where they changed sides to Origlow.

If that happened, then it would be a huge blow to Farglow, who thought that the Grunge people were on their side.

“It was only because Anise healed Galleon at that time. Galleon would have died if he hadn’t been healed and things would go as Origlow wishes. Anise and Austin-dono are my lifeline now,” Lector smiled wryly.

Galleon’s condition had been quite serious. He wouldn’t have been able to recover if he had been left untreated. But I didn’t know he was such an important person.

“Well, Anise and I are the only people who don’t appear in the story that Anise said she saw.”

That’s right. I’m not supposed to be in this world according to the game scenario. Or at least, a person in my position isn’t supposed to be in this world.

In the game scenario, the only person who was summoned was the Saint, and Hime was the Saint of Prophecy, but she almost never left the castle in Origlow.