Chapter 65: Situation 04

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Editor: SenjiQ

“That’s right. Other than the two of you, my men are of course capable and trustworthy, but they will surely not be able to turn my fate upside down. There’s a good chance that everything will happen according to the story. The only way to change my fate is to see how far I can change things with people who aren’t in the story.”

“I’m glad that Galleon was saved~.”

That’s right. If the scenario had played out like it was supposed to, then there would have been no ‘Saint’ at the clinic. So, no matter how much General Lector tries to save Galleon, he would have been dead by now in that condition, or on the verge of death and unable to move.

And as Father noticed, the ‘Grunge people’ were going to side with Origlow because of the candidate elder after Galleon and the elder.

I worked hard at Garland Clinic to make myself known as a healer, and the General brought Galleon to the clinic because he had heard about it, and then I cured his disease. My actions, which are not a part of the original scenario, are about to change the future.

It was the first time I felt that my efforts were bearing fruit.

“I’m looking forward to it~. Seeing young and cute nurses~.”

“Excuse me? What’s wrong Father? You’re drooling.”

“Well, Anise, the thing that he wants is that…”


“Old people~… Well, I’m old too~, I’m anxious about what can happen to me if I live alone, so I’ll have a young, beautiful nurse come live with me and take care of me~. A kind, gentle nurse. I’m looking forward to this~. I’m counting on you, Lek~.”

He was humming and I felt like he would burst into song. Hmm, Father, are you working because of such bait…?

“I’m already frail~”

No, you’re quite healthy…

I used my skill to examine him, and I couldn’t find anything grave. I’m even jealous that he doesn’t suffer from stiff shoulders which I get often. I haven’t seen him in a long time, but he still looks healthy. I’m sure the nurse will have nothing to do if she looks after him.

Well, I guess it’s fine as long as Father is happy…?

“There must be nothing wrong with you since Anise isn’t healing you. But can I ask you to do something else? It’s about the ‘Valley people’ who are said to be hostile against the ‘Grunge people’…”

Hmm, General, you’re relentless.

“Huh~? You’re chasing me away again? I… Can’t I rest a little? I’m old, you know…?”

Father looked at me as if he was depending on me, but nope, I can’t give the General my opinion~.

But there are many people in this fortress who are valued for their abilities and are being worked hard by the General. Of course, he has no mercy on me either. The word ‘exception’ doesn’t exist in his vocabulary.

Good luck, Father… In my heart, I’m on your side…

Well, it’s already winter. It won’t be strange for Origlow to make their move.

I can see that he’s trying to take all the measures he can against them.

I also found out that Origlow was already working on bringing the nomads to their side. The day when the wheels start turning might be near.

But it seems like the snow will be falling for a little while longer.

How is he going to die?

Even if the situation has changed a bit, his death flag probably hasn’t been broken, since there are a lot of opportunistic factors at play, such as the main character adjustment and scenario compulsion. I don’t think the scenario will change that easily. I will regret it for the rest of my life if I carelessly let my guard down and let him die.


At first, my heart beat really fast when I saw him half-naked, but after seeing him like that every day, I gradually got used to it and it was like looking at the scenery.

After his bath, my husband (temporary) was drinking tea elegantly while half-naked as he calmly stared at me while I was thinking.


None of his tea had spilled when he held his cup and sneezed. It was like looking at a master performance. Is that what you call the difference in upbringing?

“It’s because you’re wandering around with wet hair even though it’s winter. Please put on a coat and dry your hair properly. If you die because of a simple cold, then you’ll be remembered as the General who couldn’t take care of himself. And I don’t want to be summoned every time you make a racket… Hey, why do you look so happy? Is something funny?”

“It’s nothing, I just thought you said something a wife would say. I’ve always longed for a wife who would tell me off. How nice, I can feel the love…”

What’s he saying? What kind of thought process does it take for him to interpret that as love?

Why are you happy?

If it’s love, then there’s a lot of love to be found in a newlywed couple, so why is this person longing for a worn-out married life? I just realised this now, but I sounded like I’ve been married to him for a long time.

No way~, I’m surprised that I’m gradually getting used to this environment.

I just realised that I’m about to throw this hand-embroidered luxury cushion at his face without hesitation when I get mad even though I had been scared to even touch it before. As expected of Lector’s taste, ah, it feels so soft…

“I’m here to keep you from dying, but I’m assuming that you would die from an accident or incident. Please take care of your own health.”

“But it’s nice to have a wife that cares. I don’t know when I’m going to die. I’m doing everything I can to make sure my fate doesn’t end up like the story you told me, ah, I want to live a long life surrounded by my wife and cute children. I want that kind of life.”

So, why are you winking at me? You don’t need to waste your time by spreading your sparkles at me. In the end, his playboy personality never changes… It’s really a pity since his looks are perfect.

But I’m glad he’s smiling and having fun…

I didn’t know the dream of a perfect prince who has everything is just to live a normal worn-out life.

“Well, everything will end during winter if things play out like they are supposed to, so this fake marriage will probably last until spring. After that, if you take care of your health while marrying a suitable wife, then I’m sure you’ll live out your desired life. Please don’t hesitate to tell me if you have any concerns about your health. Let us both do our best to live long lives.”


I really wondered why he would say meaningful things in our private living room at night while it’s just the two of us and he’s half-naked and oozing sexual appeal.

What’s so fun about deliberately toying with me? Do you think you’ll get away with everything just because you’re good looking?

I don’t have the skills to keep a good-looking noble man. If I did, then my history of no lovers wouldn’t match up with my age.

Also, this person is quite a schemer when you look at him. He really is a general, and he’s also a military strategist…