Chapter 66: Situation 05

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Editor: SenjiQ

It will be easy for him to get a quick and amicable divorce when he gets tired of his old wife, and until then, he can keep his precious mistress hidden.

I’m sure everything will end the way he wants it to, while I’m still in a daze.

I don’t want to live a life full of ups and downs.

I want to marry a gentle, loving husband befitting of my status, and I want to live a peaceful life.

I don’t want a flashy, high-ranking husband.


“I told you to put some clothes on.”

“… Okay.”

I sighed as I watched my (temporary) husband disappear into the bedroom.

I often think about the fact that Lector is a ‘professional recruiter’ these days.

Just by looking around a bit, I realised how many people were lured in by emotions and were happily working for him in this fortress.

I found myself becoming one of them.

So, these days, his sweet words are sounding more and more like he’s trying to recruit me to work as a ‘Saint’ in his army for the rest of my life.

He’s constantly saying sweet words at me, but I don’t feel the slightest hint of danger and I’m being spoiled by his sweet words while I maintain my distance from him.

His attitude says this: Hey, don’t worry. Don’t think about anything else and just hop on board.

But what will happen… if I do?

I will have to live my life with the responsibilities of a Prince Consort and Saint.

I know how hard it is to fix things even on the surface.

You’re going to do it? Isn’t it strange? Aren’t you embarrassing him?

And… Can you do it forever?

Even though I look like I’m elegantly having tea with my sparkling husband, somewhere in my mind I’m thinking thoughts like: “I have to put the cup down without making a sound;” “It’s hard to not grip the cup and just hold it with my fingertips;” “I’d rather drink my tea in  a big mug since it’s annoying to ask for a second helping;” “I wonder if the embroidered cushions can be washed in cold water if they have tea spilled on them. They’re not going to throw it away, are they…?” I’m always fearful because of Alice’s teachings and my poor upbringing and you’re telling me I have to live like this for my whole life?

But I’ve been enduring this since I have eye candy in front of my eyes, my ideal and sexy (temporary) husband. My mouth was already itching to eat him as fast as I could.

Stop it.

He’s definitely a food sample[1]plastic display food.

It’s bound to be unpleasant if I’m fooled by his appearance and accidentally bite into him.

He’ll use me as his ‘wife’ or as the ‘Saint’ if I’m careless, and I can’t feel any love coming from the sweet words he uses, and this life will last forever ―――…


“What’s wrong? Are you okay?!”

Suddenly, I heard a loud noise coming from the bedroom where Lector had gone into, and I rushed to the door.

There’s no way there would be a trap here, I thought as I quickly opened the door.

Lector stood upright and a heavy-looking magic stone stand had fallen at his feet.

“… What are you doing? Are you alright?”

It’s my habit to check people’s safety when I’m relieved.

“It seems like I bumped into it while trying to put on my clothes. I wouldn’t get into these situations if I had a wife to help me get dressed at times like this.”

He looked at me and smiled suggestively.

“What kind of nonsense are you saying…? Even children can change their own clothes in the world I grew up in. And you usually do a good job getting dressed, don’t you? So, good luck. And of course, you can pick up the stand that you’ve toppled over. Even if you don’t have to worry about causing fires because of the magic stone lamp, it’s still dangerous if you trip over that at night. Goodnight then~,” I smiled and closed the door. I heard his dissatisfied voice as I closed the door, “Aren’t you going to help me?”

I won’t. That’s your bedroom. It’s too suggestive to go in at night. Why does he get to be fine while I’m nervous? He’s so unreasonable.

But I’m glad he’s okay.

I accidentally looked into his room, but his room is indeed a master’s bedroom. It’s so spacious, and the décor is so masculine and tasteful.

The magnificent, high-class room and a handsome half-naked man who was glancing over at me.

… He’s indeed a character in a game designed for women, and he’s the last boss. The environment and setting of the characters are exactly what attract women to the game. There are too many elements that draw women in whether they like it or not.

Remember. He is a food sample. He’s an idol who is popular with everyone.

I’m sure you’ll be disappointed when you find out the truth behind the glamorous façade…!



Hmm, cute…

Is that his real personality?

I really don’t dislike that part of him. Rather, I kind of like it. Ah, this is troubling.

I feel like I know what kind of expression he’s making while he’s complaining in the bedroom.

After all, we’re always together.

We’ve only been together for a short time in our lives, but we’re attached at the hips.

I want to experience and remember his private life even if it’s only for this short time we’re together as a fake couple.

One day, I’m sure I’ll remember this time fondly.

Lolo woke up and climbed onto my lap as I was sitting on the living room sofa and sighing. I patted her small and warm body and said, “Lolo stay with me forever, okay?”

“Meow.” 『Of course.』

Yes, I’ll never be alone again.

But why do I feel lonely when I think about the future?

To outsiders, we look like a loving couple, but in truth, we were only acting our parts.

I didn’t expect trouble, or rather the ringleader, would come bursting in. Yes.

Why are you in Farglow and why did you come to this fortress, Hime?


1 plastic display food