Chapter 67: Visit 01

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

“It’s been a long time, Lector-sama. I’ve missed you! I… I can’t stay in Origlow any longer… because an imposter Saint has taken my place…!” Hime said as she began to weep in Lector’s parlour.

But how the heck did you get here…?

You stand out. You’re wearing a gorgeous outfit; you rode on a luxurious carriage and have so many maids with you.

You look like a person of high status, so how did you manage to get into the enemy’s stronghold?

And yet, she suddenly appeared in front of the fortress in an expensive looking carriage.

Well, I didn’t see her, but the guards said that’s what it looked like.

Because of that Lector… Ah… he can’t hide his black aura…

The grumpy aura exuding from his whole body is scary. I’m sure he’s angry at his subordinates and at himself for not being able to predict this situation. Since this happened, it wouldn’t be surprising if a large army of enemies appeared in front of his fortress at any time.

She’s the official fiancée of the neighbouring kingdom’s Crown Prince, so they couldn’t ignore her, and although she had been let into the parlour, they couldn’t consult with the leaders in advance about how to deal with her, and everything was left to Lector.

Thus, the General, his wife, and his close aides all met Hime with stiff smiles on their faces.

However, as soon as we appeared, Hime stared straight at Lector, and tears welled up in her eyes. She sobbed as if the world was going to end and said those words to him.

Huh? I did? What did you say I did…?

I was confused and recalled the time when I healed the Crown Prince’s knee…

“Loire began to say that Anise over there is the real Saint, and he doesn’t listen to me anymore. I’ve made many prophecies for the good of Origlow, and I’ve also done a lot to ensure that Loire and the people are healthy, and yet just because she caused a massive commotion once…!” Then she broke down in tears.

Her shoulders were shaking, and she was crying admirably.

Ah, she’s probably waiting for Lector to comfort her.

Since this is an otome game, it looked like a scene where the capture character calls out to the main character.

“Please don’t cry.”

“Oh my, you’re so kind.”

And then they would look at each other and it would become a beautiful scene with roses dancing around them.

Lector is someone who does things when it needs to be done. I’m sure he can easily handle the role of a lady-killer if necessary. He might even add his own sparkling effects to the dancing roses. That’s the kind of person he is.

But right now, Lector was still leaking a little bit of his black aura of anger. He was just quietly staring at Hime, waiting for her to calm down.

I know. I’m sure he’s using his ‘Appraisal’ skill.

I feel like he’s in the middle of appraising someone whenever he stares at them quietly.

Hime had been crying for a while, but she stopped as if she sensed that Lector wasn’t moving.

“Lector-sama…” Hime was confused. I guess there’s a scene in the game where Lector comforts the main character in this type of situation.

And right now, things probably weren’t going according to the game.

“Yes, shall I call you… the『Saint of Prophecy』? I’m glad to see that you’ve calmed down.”

He smiled.

I couldn’t help but stare at his face next to me, but I’m sure he was putting on his most handsome smile.

I could tell that Hime was spellbound after she was surprised.

Oh, I can feel a hint of satisfaction from Lector.

I’m sure this was the reaction he was aiming for…

As expected from a playboy… and a man who naturally holds ‘Charm’. I’m used to this.

“Thank you very much, Lector-sama. I lost my composure… How embarrassing. But it was really hard for me… Loire said he’s going to break off our engagement and banish me. I did my best for Origlow, and yet he threw me away so easily. Don’t you think that’s terrible? It’s all because of this woman. She even tricked you and became your wife…”

Then, she glared at me.

Telling someone they’re deceiving someone right in front of their face? I’m a little surprised.

However, I’ve gotten used to magic lately and I can see and understand many things now.

For example, the intense exchange of sparkles between these two.

I think Lector’s sparkles are the ones that unconsciously leak out of him. It leaks out in every direction and is different from the one I see when he’s trying to win someone over.

I’ve recently noticed that these sparkles leak out when he is aware of his position and title and when he’s playing his role a little. It’s a wonderful and majestic effect.

And now he was sparkling more than ever, especially after his ‘smile’, so much so that I could feel a lot of pressure from him as he stood next to me.

However, Hime didn’t give in.

After all, from the moment she broke down crying, a storm of sparkles came out of her and instantly filled the room.

It’s amazing…

Every time Hime spoke, sparkles would come out of her mouth as well.

I couldn’t see the sparkles in detail at Origlow because of the distance one must keep when they have an audience.

‘Charm’ leaked out of Hime’s mouth as if it was her breath.

I was surprised to see someone who sparkled more than Lector.

Huh, me?

Of course, I can’t produce those sparkles, so I’m just sitting plainly next to Lector, got a problem?

Lector was handling this situation with his skill, so it’s better if I don’t interfere. The basic rule is to keep my mouth shut. There’s nothing good about sticking out in a situation like this.

So, even if someone calls me a fraud to my face, I have to resist the urge to twitch my face and show my displeasure. Yes, I can’t get angry here.

Sitting proudly as a ‘Saint’ is my current position and job.

And Lector calmly said while smiling again, “I haven’t been deceived. My wife has proven that she can use ‘Healing’ magic as a saint. And she’s doing very well here.”

But Hime wasn’t convinced.