Chapter 68: Visit 02

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

“Oh my! That’s proof that you’re being deceived! Origlow summoned the ‘Saint of Prophecy’. She’s a saint who can predict the future of Origlow and this kingdom, Farglow. And I’m the only one who can do that. Just because that woman over there can use ‘Heal’ doesn’t mean that she’s the ‘Saint of Prophecy’. I can see the future of Origlow, the future of Farglow and your future, Lector-sama…! I am the ‘Saint’ you need, and the only one who can save you from your death. The woman sitting next to you can’t do this. I’ve come here despite knowing the dangers with the sole intention of escaping from Loire and saving you…!”

She’s glistening~!

“Yes. How kind of you to come this far to the enemy camp and taking risks for me.”

He’s sparkling~!


“But how?”

“Excuse me…?”

“This is an important base of operations in the enemy kingdom. So, how did you manage to get here? You’re not travelling in secret since you’re riding such an imposing carriage like that. Why didn’t my men take any precautions until such a magnificent carriage arrived in front of the fortress? Were all my men skipping work?”

… You’re supposed to be smiling and talking calmly the whole time but why can I sense that you’re restless…?

Why? Why do I feel like a snake and mongoose are confronting each other in this luxurious parlour?

“My, Lector-sama… Who cares about that? I’m sure I was lucky before. Heaven is always on the side of the Saint. More importantly, you understand my sincere feelings towards you, don’t you? That’s right, I’m the real ‘Saint’. The real Saint isn’t the woman who is deceiving you and is sitting next to you, but me. You understand this, don’t you…?!”

Sparkle, sparkle~!

There were so many sparkles in the air.

I’m starting to feel like my vision is flickering…

But even in the midst of this fierce glitter, Lector, who has ‘Charm’ resistance, seemed to be calm.

“No, I haven’t been deceived at all and I’m confident in my judgement. It seems that the ‘Saint of Prophecy’ is a bit confused right now. You must be tired from  your long journey. We haven’t heard that the engagement between the ‘Saint of Prophecy’ and Prince Loire has been dissolved, so we will be asking Origlow for confirmation. Until then, I would like you to stay in the fortress for a while. Welcome to my castle.”

Lector informed the Vice-General, who was blankly watching the conversation between Hime and Lector, to prepare the ‘Red Room’.

The ‘Red Room’ is the name of the room which is supposed to be given to a noble guest, but it can also be used as confinement.

Yes, no matter how long the truce is on for, if a person from the enemy nation comes here alone then they will be taken prisoner.

But Hime seemed shocked by Lector’s words.

She suddenly put her hands over her mouth and looked hopeless.

“Ah! Oh my god! I can’t believe you’re being deceived that much! What a horrible woman, how could she go this far…? Ah, I thought that you would understand if I sincerely tried my hardest to explain things to you… I’m the real ‘Saint’! Come to your senses, Lector-sama! You’ll be unhappy with that woman! Yes, you’ll die! The only person who can save you is me, the ‘Saint of Prophecy’. But it’s unlike the kind you to say such a terrible thing to me!  I desperately tried to escape from that kingdom just to save you, and yet… I was sure you’d understand and believe me…!”

After pleading to Lector with eyes that seemed to be depending on him, Hime suddenly turned her head towards the Vice-General who had returned after he had conveyed Lector’s message.

“You think so too, don’t you? Because I’m the real ‘Saint’! Everyone is being deceived by this woman! It’s horrible. Hey. Don’t you agree with me? Vice-General Jouvence!”

Then Hime ran up to the Vice-General, grabbed his hand and looked up at him with moist eyes. Intense sparkles flew at Vice-General Jouvence.

Seeing this, I vaguely thought as I was gradually getting a headache from the glare: Oh, I see.

I guess Hime has been getting the people in Origlow Castle to believe her claims with her ‘Charm’ skill.

And now she’s trying to do the same here?

Is this the combination of the game’s protagonist correction and the ‘Charm’ skill?

I’m sure that she has been able to force all her opinions as a result of the combination of these two things.

For example, my immediate banishment.

So, that’s how the Origlow court who worships her was created?

‘Charm’ is such a convenient skill. I’m a little jealous.

However, Vice-General Jouvence looked a little surprised at Hime’s appearance and said in a quiet voice, “I serve the General, and the orders of my superiors are absolute. If he says something is black, then it must be black.”

Hime widened her eyes at that answer. She wrinkled her brows and muttered, “… Why? Why aren’t they ‘affected’ even though I’m using it to this extent? Why doesn’t anyone believe a word I say?!”

She seemed confused because her ‘Charm’ skill wasn’t working as well as it should be.

Lector spoke at that moment, “People in this fortress aren’t susceptible to suggestions or brainwashing. This is the ‘Saint’s Divine Protection’; Saint Anise’s power. So, your skill won’t work here. I know who the real ‘Saint’ is. Please don’t waste your efforts here and relax to heal your travel fatigue.”

I was surprised by his words and remembered that I had casted anti-suggestion and anti-brainwashing on this castle before.

It seems that thanks to that, Vice-General Jouvence wasn’t affected by her skill.

I’m glad I tried so hard to cast it at that time.

If I had refused and said it was impossible, then the situation might be a bit messier right now.

I guess you have to try everything.

At least her ‘Charm’ skill won’t work here, since I cast the spell on the entire fortress.

So, her flood of light was just another thing that made my eyes flicker and gave me a headache.

I feel like my efforts were a waste, but I’ll fix that right away.


“Lector-sama! Come to your senses and save me! Lector-sama…!” She screamed.

After that, she was surrounded by guards and was half-forced out of the room.

“She’s a noisy one. Is that woman really not the ‘Saint’?” Vice-General Jouvence scratched his head as he asked the General for confirmation.