Chapter 70: Visit 04

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

But I didn’t think there was another person there. 

He looked like a gloomy man, and he had a very bad look in his eyes. 

But I’m amazed that Lector noticed him. 

I widened my eyes in surprise and Lector grinned and said to the man, “I knew there was a ‘Covert’ around. I’ve been curious about you since earlier. You’re the one who hid the Airglow ‘Saint’ and brought her here? You’re pretty skilled… Hmm, judging by your features, you’re from a very distant kingdom, aren’t you?”

The man with the ‘Covert’ skill frowned and was cautious. 

Even though Lector had said that he knew the man was from a distant kingdom because of his features, he had actually found this out by his ‘Appraisal’ skill. 

Lector continued after nodding to himself for a while, “That Saint’s ‘Charm’ doesn’t work in this castle. But it doesn’t seem like she has cast that on you, seeing as how you admirably tried to cover the ‘Saint’ with your covert skill since earlier. Why’re you helping her? Is it because of money? How much money did she say she would pay you?”

It seemed that this man was discovered by Lector because he tried to use his covert skill on Hime. It must have been when he forcefully had her dragged out of the room even though she didn’t want to go. If Hime had suddenly disappeared, then she would have been able to get away from the panicked guards. 

His presence disappeared when he cast it on himself, but it seemed that when he tried to cast it on someone else, his magic got caught up in my ‘don’t be deceived, don’t be tricked’ technique. But I don’t really know how it works. 

However, the man with covert skills didn’t say a word even though Lector had said that much. 

“If you’re working for her because of money, then we’ve got plenty of that,” Lector grinned and made the offer. 

But the man still didn’t speak. 

Lector looked at the man for a while then spoke, “Jouvence, put a seal on him for now and take him to the medical bay.”


“I’ll send away the other maids later but keep him in custody until I get there.”


Then, Vice-General Jouvence left the room with the man tightly bound. 

“What do you mean by ‘sealed’?” I asked since I had never heard that word before. 

“Oh, you know the head of the medical bay? He can ‘Seal’ other people’s skills. He can make them unable to use their skill, but only if their skill level is lower than his. But he can seal off most people’s skills since his skill level is high. That man’s skill level is just a little lower than the medical head’s, so I decided to leave it to him. That man won’t be able to disappear as cleanly as he did just before if his skill is sealed.”

“Woah… scary… so if the medical head wants to, then I won’t be able to use my ‘Healing’ either?”

That’s scary. It’s scary that this could happen. I would lose my only special skill and would regret it so much. 

“No, your skill level is higher than the medical head’s, so he can’t seal your skill, and there’s no way he would do that without your permission.”

I see. That’s good…

“It’s worth it to try and see if the guy will defect to us…”

Lector looked lively and very evil at times like this. 

I’ve seen him like this a few times in the castle, but the first time I saw it, my heart… I mean, I was surprised. 

“Wow… good luck…”

I’m glad you’re having fun. I don’t want to know how he’s going to achieve this. It’s good to be strong-willed. I don’t know if this is an occupational hazard, or just his real personality, but I’ll stop thinking about it. 

“Oh, about the maids that came together with Origlow’s ‘Saint’, I’m thinking of casting ‘Charm’ on them. I need to give them a present too. I’m sure they’ll do a good job once they get back to the castle. But can you come with me when I do it and lift the anti-brainwashing magic you have casted on this fortress?”

Hmm? Oh yeah, my spell also nullifies Lector’s ‘Charm’.

No wonder people have been saying lately, “The General used to be difficult to approach because of his charm, but he’s become somewhat more approachable lately, but he’s also wonderful like that~.”

I see, so all that sparkling that was his majestic aura wasn’t effective either. So, he’s just popular? Charisma is amazing, or is the power of his handsome face? 

I almost laughed dryly. 

“Then, I’ll just adjust the spell so only you can use your magic. I’m sure that way is faster and more convenient.”

I then readjusted the spell on the entire fortress so that only Lector’s spell would have any effect.

Don’t be fooled~, that part will stay the same!

But only Lector’s magic will work~. 

“It looks like it’s easier to use my magic now. Your skill level seems to be rising steadily, which is good.”

I was a little happy to see that Lector seemed satisfied. 

It’s true that once I’d experienced magic a few times, it becomes easier to cast.

This time too, I was able to cast my magic much faster than before.

I’ve been growing steadily, haven’t I~? Fufufu~

But I’ll be under the same roof as Hime from today. 

Even though I was in a different situation from before, I couldn’t help but remember the past and how it ended. 

And I couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy. After all, I’ve never been able to oppose her properly before. Why can she always talk her way out of everything? 

I wonder if I looked anxious, since Lector looked at me worriedly and said, “Anise…”

“Don’t worry, we’ll keep a close eye on her. You just have to stay away from her. It’s not good to get in a fight with her either. We can leave her to Jouvence. Oh, Jouvence, this is for you. It’s a charm sealing stone just for safe measures,” Lector said as he handed a ring to Vice-General Jouvence, who had just returned from the medical bay. 

“Oh, this is the rumoured charm sealing stone that the royal family has? Is it alright for you to give something so valuable to me? I’m sure you’re her target.”

The Vice-General was beaming with joy despite his words.

“I have my own special one, and I have the ‘Charm’ skill, so I’m fine. I’ll leave the fake ‘Saint’ to you, so please be careful. I don’t want her to make a scene again.”

“Alright. Leave it to me.”

That was how everything was decided. 

I should have felt relieved. 

Vice-General Jouvence didn’t cut corners or make any mistakes. 

He faithfully did his job. I know that and everyone knows that. 

But there are many people working in this fortress. 

There are a lot of soldiers here, as well as chefs, launderers, cleaners, and other servants that you would normally find in a castle or large mansion. 

‘Origlow’s ‘Saint’ is here,’ of course this information spread quickly throughout the kingdom and quickly caught the attention of the people.