Chapter 75: Hime 02

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Editor: SenjiQ

I didn’t believe that I had understood her reasoning correctly.

What had I just heard just now?

All I know is this….

She didn’t like me one bit.

She had decided that she would be the one to marry Lector.

But do you normally wish the person you love to die just because they don’t love you back?

Isn’t it normal to wish for the happiness of someone who is important to you?

Who will be happy when he dies? Who will smile when he dies?

Who the heck do you want to make happy?

I’m sure I’ll never be able to reconcile with this person.

『I’m trying so hard, and being so considerate! And yet, I can’t get what I want, but you’re always smiling and being foolish while taking everything. You’re really sneaky.』

『Eh… I don’t think I’m being foolish… I also try my best, and feel down when things don’t work out and there are times when I’m sad too, you know?』

『Hah! Don’t act so high and mighty at your laughable efforts. I’ve tried so hard that I nearly coughed up blood!』Hime yelled.

I didn’t know how to reply to her, so I just stared at her, and she continued as her voice trembled, 『I played that game a lot more than you did, and I spent a lot more time than you did on it, and I finally met Lector-sama and conquered his route. It took a long time to complete it. I’ll never forget how excited I was. But you got bored of the game and didn’t even meet him. I was so happy when I found out that I had come to this world. I did my best to unlock the hidden route since I thought I would be able to meet Lector-sama and be lovey-dovey with him… But so what? While I was conquering the different routes to unlock the hidden route, you tricked Lector-sama and got married to him without any effort. You’ve got to be kidding me. Stop messing with me. You can’t cheat like that. I met Lector-sama through the right route, unlike you, so I should be the one who will marry him. You’re breaking the rules, so you’re disqualified. You have to give him back to me, the Heroine…!』

She said all at once, then she looked at Lector and burst into tears.


I didn’t even know she thought that way and yet, I’m cheating?

I had my own circumstances and it’s not like I don’t feel like this is the result of everything, but even still, I want to work hard in my own way in the situation that I’ve been placed in. I’ve accepted that this is my life now.

And yet she’s saying it’s unfair? That I should give it back? What’s she on about?

『You’ve always been cunning. You take the best of everything while acting foolish. I’m always working so hard, and you’re always just taking everything easily while smiling foolishly.』

『Other people can’t see that. No one can tell how hard I work. You can’t just look on the surface and say that someone is cunning just because you can’t see how hard they work.』

『Hah? What’re you saying? When did you work so hard that you vomited blood?』

That’s not something other people can judge…

It’s not the amount of effort that decides who wins or loses.

I see, you’re the one who did her best, so he’s yours?

I wouldn’t say that.

He’s not a prize. I’ve worked hard in my own way and the result was that we got married.

『It’s not up to us whether he gets returned to you or not.』

『Horrible! I’m begging you this much and you won’t give in! You’re always run away like this!』

『But he’s not something you can ask for. He’s a person.』

『But he suits me more!』

『That’s for him to decide.』

But she didn’t seem to hear a word I was saying because she was so agitated.

『If only you weren’t here. I would become the genuine Saint of Prophecy if you weren’t here, then Lector-sama would love me. Then we would have a happy ending! Why didn’t you die back then!? You’re in my way!』


You can’t blame me for that…

My life is precious to me. Of course, I wouldn’t want to die as someone who is living.

And that ‘happy ending’.

Those words bothered me for a bit.

Since I won’t have a happy ending either, since I’ll be getting divorced.

I’m still in a delicate position. People are saying, “General Lector says she’s the saint, and she can use magic like the saint, so she must be the saint, even though she doesn’t look like one.”

But the truth is he has many enemies, and he needs a wife who has the power and status to convince everyone that she is to be reckoned with. His wife’s power will surely protect him from his various enemies.

If I don’t divorce Lector, then my presence will surely damage his reputation in the future. Even if he’s alright with me, I will someday become his weakness and he’ll be kicking himself.

I really don’t want that to happen.

So, I don’t get a happy ending either, you see.

This is a secret, so I won’t tell Hime.

But I guess my thoughts showed on my face since Hime said with a cold smile, 『What? I’m really annoyed by your sympathetic eyes. You’re only married to Lector because he thinks you’re the saint. He wouldn’t have taken notice of you if you weren’t the saint. The setting of him marrying the saint, that’s the scenario, that’s why he married you. That’s all. He’s attracted to your ‘Saint’ title, not to you. So, he’ll abandon you once I become the saint and then he’ll love me with all his heart. Did you think he loves you because you’re charming? Ahaha, too bad.』

『Huh? What setting?』I was so surprised that I couldn’t help but ask. Huh, setting? Scenario?

『What? It’s famous among the fans. You don’t even know that? Lector-sama has always wanted to marry a ‘Saint’ that’s why he was looking for the ‘Saint’ to be his wife. That’s why he was attracted to the ‘Saint of Prophecy’ as soon as he met her even though he knew she was the enemy kingdom’s saint. ‘I’ve finally found you, My Saint,’ this phrase of his is famous. You didn’t even know that, and you got married to him? No way, stop it. What’s with that bug? You don’t suit him at all. Argh! Why do I have to let this woman take him!?』

Err, this isn’t a game anymore it’s reality though…

But is she telling the truth?

The game had such a setting?

I got bored of the game right away, so I didn’t even know it had that many fans.

There are enthusiasts no matter where you are…

And Hime was really into that game.

The last boss of the game that she loved so much was Lector…

And this situation.

Huh? I don’t know why but I’m starting to feel bad for her.

At that moment, whether he sensed my weakness or thought it was time to go, Lector suddenly interrupted our conversation with Lolo deeply intoxicated and slumped on his head.

His bitter expression and Lolo sitting on his head made him seem like someone who couldn’t read the mood, but he could.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your conversation, but can I say something?”