Chapter 77: Game? 01

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Editor: SenjiQ

“Well, I guess we don’t have a choice. They know the structure of this fortress, and the people inside it. We have to eliminate the traitors.”

“I hope they don’t give up their loyalty to Lector and this kingdom.”

If they don’t then they won’t be traitors. I want them to continue having a healthy life.

“But I’ll have them leave this fortress even if they don’t follow that ‘Saint’. Anise, find them another suitable job.”


That was my job as the mistress of this place. I had to write a recommendation letter for them. They might end up following Hime if we throw them out without a recommendation letter. I’ll discuss this with Liza later.

“Origlow’s ‘Saint’ will leave this fortress tomorrow. A carriage will take her to the border. I’ll have Garwin tell Origlow to pick her up later,” Vice-General said.

“Alright. Ah, then go tell her that now. Yup, go tell her that now,” Lector’s eyes said.

Then, he told the Vice-General, “Anyway, get out of here.” Huh, what?”

However, the Vice-General smiled and said, “What? Are you going to have an argument with your wife now? You look conflicted. But a man is no match for a woman when he gets emotional. The ‘Saint’ seemed to have dropped a very big bomb. You can’t wait until nightfall?”

“We’re not going to argue.”

But when Lector glared at him, he raised his eyebrows, “Wah, scary~,” he said as he headed straight for the door.

But, he turned around after opening the door and said, “But you know what? A man has to be patient. It’s scary if you make your wife angry. Be careful. If you think you’ve lost, then you can apologise first. I do that all the time,” before escaping and closing the door.

The Vice-General actually seemed afraid of his wife from the way he was freaking out. I’ve never seen him speak so timidly before.


Then it was just Lector and I left in the room. And Lolo, who seemed to have gotten drunk off silver vine and was snoozing in the corner of the room. Hmm, it doesn’t seem like she’s awake at all. Wow, the magic beast is dead drunk.

But it’s awkward. I feel like it’s awkward.

Well, I have nothing to be guilty about, but I carelessly had that argument with Hime and she shouted something that was strangely misleading. Right?

I think it’s a good idea to talk with him and clear up any misunderstandings he might have… but…

I don’t know how to bring it up. But if I make a bad excuse, then wouldn’t it make things more complicated if he hadn’t misunderstood?

Lector also put a hand over his mouth and seemed to be thinking while I was worried, then he finally spoke, “Ah, hmm… the fake ‘Saint’ said you married Prince Loire, but I didn’t find any record of this when I was investigating you, so I’ve never heard this before… but it seems like you know what she was talking about?”

Lector looked at me with a profound gaze.

He doesn’t seem angry, but… huh, he’s sulking? No… he’s being moody… Huh?

“Ah… yes… there might have been a scenario like that a long time ago…”

I wanted to keep that part of my past hidden if I could.

The gorgeous wedding scene at the end of the game flashed through my mind. Yup, there was such a scene. It was a still image, though.

This person has ‘Appraisal’. He can see through lies, as well as a person’s skill, training, experience.

He must have sensed that her words had shaken me…

“What I said to that fake ‘Saint’ is true. The royal family can’t be fooled, so I did some research into your history, including your marriage history, but I’m pretty sure you’ve never married before. In fact, I couldn’t find any records of you having been married. So, I believe that your marriage with me is your first marriage, but what did that woman mean?”

Ah, yes. I had appeared from out of nowhere.

Origlow didn’t have any record of me. Perhaps they hadn’t even recorded that they had summoned me either?

“Ah… yes… Hmm… Do you remember how I told you that I saw this world from my previous world…? Well, it was actually from a story, and the ending of the story included a wedding with a male character… The main character, who is like your alter ego, interacted with various men in the story. How do I put this… it’s a game [1]She uses a different word for game… like play? where you have a fictional love in that fictional story.”

“Fictional… game…?”

“Yes, it’s fictional. It wasn’t real. And a long time ago, I ended that fictional story by marrying Prince Loire. Hime apparently found out about that… it’s a little hard to explain. There were many other marriage candidates other than Prince Loire like the Prime Minister’s son, the General’s son, and the Great Magician… Well, I know it’s hard to understand, but it’s that kind of game…”

I looked at Lector, whose expression was becoming increasingly hard to understand, and I became incoherent.

I don’t know how to explain the concept of the game to him, alright?!

But I can’t fool him with lies since he’ll see right through them.

“So, you married that Loire for fun?” Lector folded his arms and said while sulking. He looked really unhappy.

“NO, that’s misleading! It’s a game [2]Actually using the word game! It’s not an actual love game between a man and a woman, ah, nope, it is a love game, but it’s not like that, hmmm, it’s more like a fictional world… It wasn’t real. It’s like a story in a toy. And the goal is to marry someone, but it’s a fictional game, so…”

I didn’t know how hard it was to explain an otome game to someone who didn’t know what it was until now…

I wish there was a fictional game like this in this world, but I’ve never heard of this world having something like that before. Sob, sob. There were even games targeted for men in my previous world. Doesn’t this world have the word ‘harem’?

“Hmm…? But then you chose Loire? Why? Because of his looks? Is that the kind of face you like? Too bad you didn’t pick me. Maybe you actually prefer him?”

Why are you glaring at me? Why is he sulking while looking gloomy? What are you planning!?

Why are you competing against a virtual character?! If you’re that concerned about it then you’ll make me regret the past when I thoughtlessly played the game…

“But you didn’t appear as one of the love candidates. So, you weren’t an option in the first place. Only your name appeared in the game. I didn’t know what you looked like or even how old you were. But apparently, after marrying all the marriage candidates, you were supposed to be the last option to appear…”

That’s how it was, right? That’s what a hidden route means, right!?

“Marry them all…?”

Yes! It sounds very misleading, but there’s no other way to put it!!!

I understand why you’re frowning!


1 She uses a different word for game… like play?
2 Actually using the word game