Chapter 78: Game? 02

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

“Yes, that’s right. It was a fictional story, so you can start all over again. So, you can choose someone at first, then go back to the beginning and change your actions to choose someone else… Don’t look at me like that. I got bored with just Prince Loire! But Hime probably went through it a lot of times and married all of them, and she fell in love with and married you, the last one in the game, in that fictional story.”

“What’s so interesting about that?”

“Ah, yes, you’re right. It’s a game for girls… By the way, there’s also a version for boys where a lot of beautiful girls tell you they like you. In other words, they became very popular and some girls even take off their clothes. So, guys like that kind of thing after all?”

I don’t know much about those games, but that’s what I heard. Am I wrong?

… Ah, yup, it’s hard to imagine it when it doesn’t exist, yeah… Your expression is telling me you don’t understand at all.

“… The world you know is full of strange games.”

He gave up on understanding.

“Ah, yeah, yeah. That’s because you’re popular with everyone and have never had trouble in that department. People love to dream… Rather than playing it to make my heart flutter…”

I didn’t have to worry about the rest as long as I understood what it was in a fictional game. Hahaha…

“Flutter…? Well, I’ve understood most of it. So, you’re saying that it was a fictional story and that you’ve never actually been married. You haven’t made any vows either. Oh, but if you actually want to marry Prince Loire instead of me then you should be honest with me.”

“Huh? No, I don’t. But if I did tell you that I did then would you set me up with him?”

Was this person that kind?

“Hah? No way. It just makes me more motivated about this war. Yeah, it’s a good thing he’s from the enemy nation. I should catch him and execute him quickly. It’s a good thing that that palace kicked me out. I already have an excuse.”

“Wah, scary…”

He really does look cool at times like this…

I’m sure he’s being frivolous because he sensed that at some point, I wasn’t in the mood for this conversation.

He sees through people’s lies.

I wonder if that’s good or bad.

The more I think about it, the scarier he seems. I wonder why this kind of person is my husband, even if it’s only temporary.

I wonder if Hime knows about this side of him. I wonder if his dark smile also appeared in the game. No way, right?

“Well, I understand the circumstances. I can tell that you’re being honest. Now all I have to do is send that fake ‘Saint’ back and it’ll be over.”

He seemed to be thinking about something else, but…

“Will it be over?”

My anxiety hadn’t disappeared.

“Hmm? Why?”

“Because it seems like she wants to marry you, just like she said she would in the past. I don’t believe she will give up on this. And if Prince Loire really is violent against her, then isn’t there a chance that she would resent us for returning her to him?”

“Oh, that thing about Prince Loire being violent is a lie. She was probably trying to gain my sympathy. I didn’t feel fear from her at that moment, and the Prince didn’t break off their engagement either. The return of the fake ‘Saint’ this time was also the result of him pleading for the safe return of his beloved fiancée.”


Beloved… fiancée?

“Do you want to read it? Prince Loire wrote about his passionate love for her in the letter that was sent to me, and he pleaded that I return her safely somehow.”

“No, that’s alright… But, does he really love Hime? Oh my, is it pure love?”

“… It can be impossible to lift ‘Charm’ if it’s used too much, that’s why it’s difficult to control. She probably overdid it. If you keep overusing it, then the target will gradually lose their ability to think, and they’ll eventually become crippled. His letter was so passionate that I can’t help but wonder if she used ‘Charm’ too much on him. Well, regardless of the reason, I can see clearly that the Prince is bound by that fake ‘Saint’. Thanks to this, we were able to gain favourable conditions from them,” Lector said, as he waved the letter in the air for me while smiling darkly.

“Then, the part of him saying he wanted to make me his wife?”

“It was a lie.  Well, he might have said it right after you escaped from the castle, but it doesn’t seem like he remembers saying it, judging by what he wrote in the letter. Is she delusional?”

“Who… knows…?”

I see… It’s a lie…

I was carelessly manipulated again…

“Ah, so Anise, everything she said was a lie, alright? Don’t be deceived by her.”

He started slurring for some reason, huh why?

“Okay? Hmm, which part are you talking about?

She told so many lies that I don’t even know what’s going on anymore.

“Ah, when she said that… I married you because you’re the ‘Saint’.”

“Ah, wait, what? How do you know? I thought you didn’t understand what she said?”

“Hmm, actually, the fake ‘Saint’ started talking in a language I didn’t know, so I had Lolo translate for me.”

“What?! Translate!? Lolo did!?”

“Yeah. The word ‘toy’ is a word used by tamers to order their monsters to translate. I had Lolo touch me and send her thoughts directly to my mind. Oh, I gave her the finest silver vine as a reward. I’m glad I got some. It’s always good to have a magic beast on your side. So, I had Lolo share what you understood.”

He grinned.

“I see.”

So, that’s why he kept Lolo on his head, because Lolo and I are connected. But I didn’t know that silver vine was so appealing that Lolo, who supposedly hated working, was willing to lend a hand. Silver vine is amazing against cats. She’s still a cat, even though she’s a magic beast.

I’m sure Lector must have made full use of his money and stocked up on a very expensive silver vine. I’m sure it costs more than an average meal for a person. He probably even secured a route to get more silver vine. All of that was just to have Lolo at his disposal.

Yeah, that’s the kind of person he is. I know.

While I was thinking, he asked as if it was really difficult to put into words, “I’m just making sure, alright? Because you seem like you would believe that woman’s words straight away. Just so you know, I didn’t marry you just because of your title. I married you because I really like you.”