Chapter 79: Game? 03

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Editor: SenjiQ

“My, thank you. It’s a bit unpleasant if you married me just because of my title.”

Of course, his unexpected words made me happy. I was delighted.

But I was actually secretly convinced at that time.

If there was a setting like that in the game, then it would explain his aggressive persuasion for this fake marriage.

Since it’s part of the setting, then it must have been his natural preference to be attracted to the ‘Saint’ in this world. It must have been some kind of disposition. Don’t tell me his setting is that he really loves ‘Heal’ or something?

And that’s when I happened to appear as a ‘Saint’.

As a result, he was attracted to the ‘Saint’ as per the scenario.

I don’t know why I feel a bit sad about this, but I guess it happens.

It wasn’t his fault, either way, and surely, it’s no one’s fault.

“Your expression is telling me you believe differently, you know? I’m telling you that’s not true and that I’m with you because I genuinely like you. Are you listening?”

“Yeah, I’m listening. It’s alright. I understand. I understand it very well.”


Yeah, it can’t be helped if that’s the setting.

So, that’s why he’s comfortable with this ‘reverse’ Beauty and the Beast situation.

I nodded my head in understanding.

“I’m not sure you understand. I believe you’re misunderstanding this… but I have to confess I have thought about… marrying someone who is like a ‘Saint’.”

For some reason, he confessed as if it was difficult to say.

“Oh my, so your dreams came true…?  If you can call this coming true.”

If your ideal was to marry a dreamy, beautiful and pure saint then I can only say I’m sorry.

“But that’s not just because I wanted to marry a ‘Saint’. I’ve always been able to see things when I look at people, so I naturally sensed that every man or woman who approached me had ulterior motives. Women especially approach me for my position or wealth, so I got sick and tired of that. So, I’ve always believed that if I’m going to get married, then I’m only going to marry someone who doesn’t have such ulterior motives, someone who’s a ‘Saint’, for example.”

“Oh my, that’s terrible. You’re a Prince after all. I can imagine that you would mistrust people. I’m sorry, but I also have an ulterior motive? I want proper status in this kingdom, safety, especially to hide from Hime, and permission to be a potion maker. I want to establish a proper position in this world and secure a stable position and life. That’s why I’m working so hard you know?”

Yes, this all started because I had an ulterior motive. But I feel a little bad after I heard him say that.

“That’s the point. I was attracted to that part of you. You don’t lie to me and tell me you love me. You don’t butter up to me even when you know my status, and you don’t pester me at all. I feel a bit sad since you don’t ask me to spoil you with jewels and dresses, and I know you’re genuinely concerned about saving me. I find you adorable…. And lovable whenever I see how reliable and diligent you are.”

It was unusual to see him blush and look away from me in embarrassment, even though he’s usually full of confidence.

It seemed like a true confession, since he seemed to have a hard time talking even though he’s usually flirtatious and light-hearted.

So, I carelessly said, “Ah… yes, thank you…” and blushed as well. I even fidgeted uncharacteristically.

I felt delighted to hear him say that, and it felt like I was soaring in the sky.

Whatever the reason, it’s the first time I can honestly believe that he really likes me now.

Until now? No, you don’t usually take a playboy’s words seriously, do you?

That’s why I’m happy. I like you too. I really like you.

Ah, then how about I jump into his arms, forget about everything and stay together with him…?


The delighted me and the me who saw reality mixed together hectically.

I’m already married formally; we’re officially married.

So, I can’t just ask him to be my lover.

Once we make this white marriage real, there’s no escaping it even if we regret it.

Until spring or forever? These are the only two choices I have now.

Recently, the lines between the game world and the real world have been blurry in my mind.

This General Lector was apparently supposed to fall in love with the ‘Saint’ who would save him in the scenario created in the game world, and they live happily ever after once the wedding, the ending scene, happens. There probably weren’t any more scenarios in his life after that.

How much would the scenario and setting of the game affect me in this world?

How much of this is predetermined and how much of it is original?

Who can tell if his current feelings are not simply predetermined feelings for the ‘Saint’ symbol as contrived fate by something called a scenario and not for me as an individual.

What if a new ‘Saint’ appears in the future? A genuine, legitimate ‘Saint’ who is worthy of him, and not me who was summoned from another world in the neighbouring nation.

At that time, which will he choose? The ‘Saint’ who seems to be the genuine ‘Saint’ or me, who he is already married to?

The ending might not be a happy one in a world where there are no scenarios.

I don’t want to be a decorative wife to a royal who has another woman he loves.

The more I love my husband, the thornier the room will be, but I can’t get divorced because of my position as ‘Saint’.

It might be an extravagant wish, but I still want to live my life with someone who loves me; I still want to live with someone who wants to be with me even if I’m not the ‘Saint’, even if I’m a boring person with little skill, or even if I’m just an ordinary potion shop owner.

Why did I meet him as a ‘Saint’?


Hime left Origlow the next day.

I heard she wanted to see Lector-sama and talk to him one last time, but he didn’t see her.

In the morning Vice-General Jouvance only went to greet her formally, then the rest was left to the servants and guards.

“She would probably lead me out of the fortress and cast a charm on me if I were to see her off. I have a pretty good idea of what she wants from me, and she served her purpose as a captive well enough for me to get good terms. I have no more use for her,” Lector said even after he heard what she wanted and went to his office to work. I looked at him and couldn’t help but think that Hime would be happier with someone like Prince Loire.

Even if this person in front of me doesn’t think of me as the Saint anymore, would he beg the enemy nation for me back if I went there?

Will he tell me he loves me and wants me back?

Would he go as far as writing a risky letter that could leave evidence of his weakness to get me back?

… Ah… but even if I were to try and escape to the enemy nation, I don’t think I can get past him and travel safely there.

No matter what I do, I can only see a future where he will easily detain me before I reach the enemy nation.

Oh my? I’ve just realised that I’m stuck here.

For a moment, I thought I saw myself flailing helplessly in Lector’s palm…