Chapter 81: Fighting Competition 01

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Editor: SenjiQ

“Well, why don’t you show Anise your good points and make her fall in love with you so much that she won’t be able to worry about anything else? I mean, don’t you want to show off your good side as a man? For example, in a fighting competition? I heard about it the other day. A fighting competition sounds fun. It’s exciting. Isn’t it~?”

It seems like the Priest is giving Lector advice, but he’s actually interested in the fighting competition.

 The General stood by the Vice-General’s side and replied with a tint of disappointment in his voice, “The fighting competition is held every year around this time, but it’s undecided whether the competition will be held this year since the war has started again.”

The Priest spoke excitedly with a hopeful expression on his face, “Really? But I think it’ll be fine if it’s held for a day or so~. Oh, maybe you don’t want Anise to be attracted by how attractive your subordinates will look when they fight? There are a lot of strong men who excel in battle here, and women are weak against strong men. After all, a man’s strength is more important than his face. No matter how handsome a man is, he’s not very attractive as a man if he’s weak…”

The Priest smirked.

Priest, you’re provoking him. But it’s a very cheap provocation. No matter how much you want to see the competition, there’s no way Lector would be that easily provoked…

“Oh? I said it didn’t I? As expected of Austin-dono, you say deep things since you have a lot of life experience… Hmm? If you want to see it that much, then I’ll hold the fighting competition this year. And you want me to participate in it this year, right? Don’t regret it after saying that. Oh, Anise, you’ll be cheering for me, won’t you? I’m actually very strong,” he said.

He was provoked. He’s on board with this! I’m surprised!

But you have a death flag. Don’t you know how to be careful?

What’re you getting all worked up about and why are you uselessly throwing around those sparkles…?

“Wait, Lector. It’s risky for you to join the competition. What if you get hurt?!”

Of course, I can’t easily approve of this as someone whose secret job is to be his emergency healer. Don’t do it. Don’t you dare add more work for me, and don’t make me worry about you.

I remember that there was a king in my previous world who held a jousting tournament and accidentally got himself killed!

“But I’ve always wanted to show you my manly side, since I have a feeling that you see me as a soft and weak man. Well, this is perfect. We’ll hold the annual fighting competition here, and I’ll prove to you that you’re wrong, and if I get seriously injured, then you’ll heal me, right? So, you have nothing to worry about,” he said. Don’t puff out your chest in pride and wink at me. That’s what I’m worried about.

But the Vice-General said, “Ah, Saint-sama, no one has ever died in the competition before. There are strict rules in place to prevent injury, so it’s actually safer than normal training. Those who can’t stop are disqualified. And if we don’t invite others and just hold the competition with our own people, then it isn’t much different from normal training.”

Huh, why are his eyes twinkling cheerfully and why is he suddenly taking Lector’s side?

“That’s right. Also, unlike training, there are multiple referees who will be watching over the matches closely, and you’re less likely to get hurt as you’re not straining yourself like you would in training. But I don’t want information to be leaked and be attacked on that day… alright, let’s get this competition over and done with before it leaks. Fortunately, Origlow doesn’t seem to be preparing for war,” Lector said seriously while nodding.

“Now you’re talking! Anise, you find strong men with excellent swordsmanship attractive, right? Strong men are nice~.”

The priest looked at me with anticipation.

“Huh? Well, yes. But…”

But that’s not the problem. However, “Don’t worry, I won’t make a mistake that would get me injured,” the General smiled.

The Vice-General said proudly, “Even if someone gets injured, they can recover quickly with the wonderful potions you make.”

“Anything can be healed cleanly, not just the injured~. I know~,” the Priest said contently…

What the hell is wrong with these bright-eyed men…?

I was dumbfounded.

Argh! I get it! So, you want to hold the competition, right? You just want to go wild, don’t you?! I bet it doesn’t matter what the reason is!

I guess they’re all just muscle-brained.

“… Please be really careful.”

Once these three firmly collided together, there was nothing I could do on my own.

I looked off into the distance a bit, I realized that it was a waste of energy and stamina to argue about this and gave up quickly. I probably made a wise choice, yup.

“Of course? Lek has to show off his good points.”

“Certainly. I’m not a general for no reason. I’ll show Anise that I’m much stronger than the weak Prince Loire. I’m stronger than anyone.”

Lector smiled at me while brandishing his charm as he gracefully held his teacup.

It seems that recently, Lector has been seeing Prince Loire as his rival. I feel like he sees him as an enemy even though he wasn’t interested in Prince Loire at all before.

“Oh? Remember what you just said, but I, the Vice-General, will win again this year. Why don’t you just sit back and watch on the sidelines this year? You’re better off in the tent. You don’t want your beloved wife to see you lose, do you? I’m not going to be defeated by my disciple just yet!” The Vice-General suddenly stood up while still holding onto his teacup and he looked down at the two men.

I heard before that the Vice-General was Lector’s swordsmanship instructor.

I’ve always thought they were close, but it seems like they’ve had a close relationship for quite some time. Then for some reason, even the Priest stood up, posed as if he was toasting with the teacup and announced his participation, “Oh! Good; you two look strong! Well, I guess I’ll have to get serious too! I wonder what the prize will be! I’m looking forward to it!”

Calm down. You want to participate in the competition as well Priest?!

“The prize every year is to have the General grant you whatever you want. Nothing is impossible with the General, right?” the Vice-General said.

Then, Lector stood up while holding his teacup and smiled fearlessly at the two, “Of course, I can grant any wish as long as it’s within common sense. But since I’ll be joining the competition this year, I’ll end up granting my own wish.”

“You said it, kid. It’s a shame though! I’ll be winning again this year in the name of all the previous winners!” The Vice-General declared in a voice full of confidence.

“Fuofuofuo, don’t forget about me. I’m formidable. I’ve never lost a match in my long life. I’m looking forward to taking the prize!”

The Priest’s eyes twinkled, and it seemed like he was having fun.

The next thing I knew, a very strange scene was unfolding; three large men were facing each other while holding their teacups and declaring their victories. Hmm, they have no manners.

… Say, why are the muscle-brains getting all fired up all of a sudden?

Why are you all suddenly amused and excited? No one opposed this or even hesitated. But it felt as if the competition had already begun. The invisible sparks flying between them didn’t match this elegant room nor the setting of this tea party. Think about where you are.

At least put down the teacups that can cause serious damage if they’re broken and break loose somewhere suitable. There are a lot of expensive things in here like the delicate tea utensils and tableware. The beautifully crafted teacakes will also go to waste. Why don’t you all sit down and eat…?

I complained quietly in my mind as I moved the tableware elsewhere.

Yeah, it’s lonely not to have an ally at a time like this.