Chapter 83: Fighting Competition 03

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

Thus, I became such a ‘legitimate and noble Saint’ and as I timidly followed Lector from my private room, where I had gotten ready, to the tent, the servants who saw me were dumbfounded by my unusual appearance, stopped and quickly bowed their heads.

They stopped a lot farther away from me than usual.

“Lovely…” There were more than one or two people who muttered a word that normally wouldn’t describe me.

I had a vague idea this would happen, but everyone seemed defeated by the intimidating aura that adorned me.

So, this is what you call bluffing. My personality hasn’t changed one bit, but…

Lector must be wearing the formal attire of a prince since he was also dressed in a flamboyant and glistening outfit. His outfit was so gorgeous that it overwhelmed those around him because of its price, design, and materials.

The aura around us was no longer the same.

I see, so this is how authority is created…

“You really do suit such gorgeous outfits. I’m glad. You look beautiful,” Lector muttered next to me as he held back his smirk. I guess the people around us couldn’t hear him.

Anyway, no one came close to us.

But judging from his delighted expression, this man probably liked being around such blinding, glittery women.

… Or rather, he was used to this gaudiness?

This outfit was unbelievably flashy and lavish to me, but to him, it was probably like dressing up a little.

What kind of an upbringing is that? Well, I do understand it a little.

I painfully feel the difference between the upbringing of a royal and commoner at times like this.

Is my best effort just normal for him? I don’t think I’ll ever be able to enjoy this situation.

I was so nervous and squinted a little.

“Thanks. But it’s manufactured beauty. I look like a doll. I don’t think there’s any trace of my original self left. I’m sure that even if I change my looks, it won’t change how others see me. I’m sure a substitute can also be prepared.”

Yes, this is a fantasy created by the outfit and makeup, but it’s still me.

Still, I have a duty as myself now, so I tried my best to walk in an arrogant and elegant manner so that I wouldn’t be outdone by this outfit and diadem, but well, I’m useless.

I was desperately trying to keep a straight face underneath the glamorous makeup. The corner of my lips which were smiling was shivering and about to twitch, and yet…

“No, you’re still you in my eyes. You still look as cute as you always do in my eyes, no matter what you put on, but it’s fun to walk around with a wife who is beautifully dressed for me. Look, everyone’s captivated by you.”

Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle~.

This guy’s good mood is leaking out in a sparkling way.

I’m so nervous that I’m struggling to walk, and yet he’s so relaxed. How hateful.

Lector was as relaxed as ever. He was flirtatious and unconcerned about this heavy and intimidating equipment that could naturally scare people away.

Unfortunately, his light mood didn’t soothe my nerves one bit.

“No, I don’t think anyone said that I was doing this for you. I didn’t even know this would happen to me until I found myself in this situation. I didn’t have time to say no.”

“This kind of preparation takes time, but you’re walking next to me as my official wife and as a Saint, aren’t you? I’m happy about that. You would have resisted a lot if you really didn’t like it, and you would still be angry and complaining.”

“Ah, yeah… I guess…”

It’s uncomfortable to have him see through me.

But he’s right, I would have looked for an opportunity to run away if I really didn’t like it, or at least I would have complained about it non-stop.

But well, I thought… that I would do my best.

I believed that the enormous effort he had put into this was an expression of how much he cared for me, and I felt happy about it, so I wanted to do everything I could to meet his expectations.

Though, I don’t know how well I can meet up to his expectations!

“I’m glad. I want to show you off and kiss the beautiful you in front of everyone.”

Yes, but he’s such a flirt.

“No thanks, my makeup will come off.”

Even so, I’ll do my best to be as useful to you as I can…

Trumpets sounded in the area where the fighting competition would be held, and the two of us proceeded to the large tent set up in the high ground together.

Nearly everyone living in the fortress was waiting in front of the tent for the competition to begin.

When they saw us, they raised their voices in admiration and praise,


“How beautiful…”


“Ah, Saint-sama…!”

“Lector-sama, you’re great…!”

Haha… this is the royal family…. The people who attract people’s attention…

Lector, who was looking around with a relaxed smile while naturally giving off a sparkling royal aura next to me, was handsome and dependable.

I felt as if I was shining as well while standing next to him even though I wasn’t doing anything.

… Ah, no. There’s magic in this tent that’s making me shine. Speaking of which, the inside of the tent became brightly lit up with some kind of light at the same time we entered.

It must have looked as if the inside of the tent was glowing from the outside. What is this? A play?

… Don’t tell me this level of gaudiness is normal in the royal castle in the centre of the capital. It’s only for special occasions like this right? I’m not going to be in this kind of situation all the time, right…?

I had no idea about this kind of royal status which was probably arranged by Lector.

I was at the centre of attention in a tent that was built in a high place, all dressed up in fancy clothes; even the lights were on.

It was almost too much to take in.

I was so nervous that I unconsciously squeezed Lector’s arm.

He gently squeezed my hand as if to soothe my nerves and smiled at me to tell me it was okay.

I’m glad he’s next to me. How reliable.

I found that the tent was well heated when I finally sat down. There was a small table, with beautiful pearls inlaid, next to a magnificent chair, and there were delicious drinks and snacks on the table.

This would have been a nice spectator’s stand if not for the attention of the crowd.

However, I had a role to play and no matter how thirsty I was, I have to remember Alice’s teaching and act elegant and graceful like a ‘Saint’, even if I’m just taking a sip from my drink.

I was glad that I was able to keep my dignity in front of the people who were watching at a distance thanks to my slow, controlled movements and the impact of my outfit and makeup.

I could feel more passionate eyes piercing me more than ever.

I wonder if I’ve ever had these many people look at me with rapt attention before. Nope, they’ve never.

That was the situation.

Thanks outfit. Thank you diadem and makeup.

The chair I was sitting on was well padded and comfortable, and I could probably sit on it the whole day.

I looked around calmly and noticed that this was a very good place to see the whole venue.

Well, that also means that people can see me from anywhere around the venue.

Then, the opening of this year’s competition was enthusiastically announced.