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The first bracket of the competition for the NCOs and below began.

The competition is a winner-takes-all style and was held in many places due to the large number of participants. The judges were rotating around in teams.

Everyone was fighting with all they had, using all the techniques, weapons, and skills they could muster. They shouted when they won and shouted when they lost. The whole venue was very noisy since the women were cheering for the participants and the male servants were also shouting… It was very lively.

I picked up Lolo, who was curled up at my feet, trying to sleep, and put her on my lap.

“Meow?” 『Fufufu, I’m warm, aren’t I?』

Yes, you are. You saw right through me.

I’m happy to just have Lolo on my lap since she is soft and warm. It feels nice to stroke her soft fur as she purrs as well. I can also experience things better when I’m directly touching her since she’s more sensitive than others, so it was more enjoyable than just watching the competition from here. I could clearly see the psychological battles and fine skills being used.

There seemed to be a few minor injuries but nothing too serious.

I also made more potions than usual for this day at the request of the medical bay, so the medical bay staff can treat most injuries with those potions.

Recently, I don’t need to make my position or skills look weak like I did in Garland Clinic, so I’ve been making potions as strong as I can. They’re of the highest calibre with a potency that I can be proud of. That’s why any injury that they’ve seen has been healed in an instant. Great.

Actually, the organiser of this competition, the usual members of this competition, wanted me to revoke my magic to disable ‘bewilder magic’ for one day only.

This was because, unlike what I had first imagined when I had heard the words ‘fighting competition’, the fighting style in this ‘competition’ was more practical and not just about swordsmanship.

You can use all the skills you have in this competition.

The common belief of the Farglow army seems to be that when it comes to battle, they must win and survive at all costs, so they must win by any means necessary.

Therefore, it was quite fun to see not only direct attacks, but also all kinds of magic, such as blinding, fire, water manipulation, and even a little lightning.

There were some who were using magic to increase their speed. They’re pretty fast. I wonder if their muscles get sore afterwards.

There are even those with convert skills. It’s pretty adventurous if the opponent easily loses sight of you, and there are some who literally ‘bewilder’ people. I see, it would have been unfair if I had disabled some of their skills.

Most fought with swords, but some used hammers, projectiles and even their bare hands. Since everyone activated their magic, the battles were between different kinds of fighters, and I didn’t get bored of watching it.

And in the midst of all this, the person who kept steadily advancing is… Father.

“Fuo~fuofuofuo. You~ can’t get me~.”

 He laughed as he nimbly dodged any attack that was thrown at him and bare handedly dropped his opponents by hitting their vitals with a single strike. His movements were such that one wouldn’t think he was an old man. Even those wearing armour were easily defeated.

I’ve always believed he was strong, but I never would have thought he was this strong…

The first bracket of the competition was a winner-takes-all battle.

The soldiers, who were defeated by a seemingly feeble old man, were staring at the Priest, stunned. Isn’t this a complete loss of face for the Farglow Army? Is this alright?

“The winner of the first bracket is Austin-dono? He did great. This is going to be interesting.” But there was one person next to me who was grinning and quietly burning with combativeness, without regard to his subordinates’ face.

“I hope he isn’t hurt. He’s a little too far for me to see.

Well, he was happily waving his hands at the cheering crowd around him, so I guess he’s fine.

“You can check on him after this competition is over. But he looks full of spirit, so I’m sure he’s fine. I’m going to go change now,” with that, Lector stood up.

“Okay, I’ll see you later. Be careful not to get hurt.”

You don’t have to be that excited. Although, it’s cute that he’s acting like a child.

He took off his extravagant outfit and changed into his usual plain, practice clothes.

A few moments later, the second part of the competition began, for the officers.

The competition was divided into two brackets, one for the NCOs and below and one for the officers. This was done to avoid the possibility of a low rank, no-name soldier going up against a high-ranking officer. If such a thing happened the low ranked soldier would surely be dispirited and want to avoid causing the officer to lose face. It was also done based on numbers.

At the end of the competition, the winners of both brackets fight against each other to conclude the competition.

If the first bracket was an individual competition that showcased the skills of each individual, then from here on, groups were formed according to the chain of command, and it became more like a competition between representatives of each group. It was a beautiful competition that showed their affections for their posts, with subordinates cheering for their superiors who were beating up other superiors from other departments, and the superiors showing off their strong points to their cute subordinates who were cheering for them.

However, in the midst of this, the General and Vice-General fought alone with almost no direct subordinates.

Although, the women were cheering for the General and soldiers from different departments, who seemed to be fans of the Vice-General, were cheering for him.

Apparently, when individuals fought each other in this competition, and a lower positioned person won against a person of higher position, it was highly praised. They put aside rank, so to speak. Could it be called a merit system?

So, this meant that this was a unique opportunity for them to openly, and legally beat up superiors who they didn’t like. I see, so that’s why they’re so excited about this competition. A battle between two departments that don’t get along well seems to be a lot of fun with loud cheers, shouts and jeers which are easy to recognise.

So, it’s okay for the Vice-General to beat the General today.

Of course, any person who wins and advances to the next round, even if they’re considered low ranking among the superiors, may beat up the General without a care in the world when they face him.

And if they successfully win against him, then their name will surely be known throughout the entire Farglow army. It would be a great honour to beat the General or Vice-General. They will surely do their best if they want to make a name for themselves.

That is if they can fight against them and win.

But as one would expect from the way the two spoke so arrogantly…

They’ve entered the competition without a hearty welcome almost from the beginning, but they’ve been winning calmly.

While the Vice-General, with his large body and brute strength, sent his opponent and their weapon flying with a heavy blow, Lector would move his sword gracefully and swiftly, then the next thing I know, the tip of his sword is somehow pointed at the opponent’s neck.

But it seemed that the two were winning their fights without hurting their opponents too badly, they seem to have it easy.

It was very easy to see the two fight, perhaps because they were central figures who everyone was paying attention to and were in the front centre, where I can see them best from my tent, therefore I couldn’t help but watch intently.

It was beautiful to see the weapons and armour glistening and reflecting in the sun. I couldn’t join in, but everyone looked like they were having fun, so it was fun to watch them.

I think it was unnecessary for Lector to look at me and show off his victory every time he won, but I’ve noticed that the people were gazing at him warmer and warmer every time he did.

I’m also happy every time Lector shows off to me, and I wave back a little every time, but yeah, I’m starting to get embarrassed…

But now, I don’t know when to stop and I can’t stop waving.

I don’t know what to do…