Chapter 85: Fighting Competition 05

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But for the time being, my worries about Lector being injured in a place where I can’t see him were unfounded. I’m glad I can see him from here no matter where he is.

But the General and Vice-General were overwhelmingly strong.

Even as an amateur, I could see that their battle concluded faster than others, and they looked relaxed and full of energy. Why don’t they ever get tired?

There were a few others who were strong enough to impress me, but even though they fought well, they ended up kneeling down in front of one of those composed-looking guys in the end.

The result, which I had a slight suspicion was going to happen, was a final between the General and Vice-General.

The people who had initially been cheering for their superiors had decided to watch the finals together while consoling their defeated superiors. There was a crowd of people around the main venue and even a makeshift platform had been set up at the back so that more people could watch the match.

Well, of course they want to watch. I understand. My position isn’t bad at times like this. Hooray privilege.

All I can do now is hope that neither of them gets hurt and that their match ends without any problems.

Judging from the conversation among the spectators, who were talking about who would win, it seemed that the Vice-General had won every competition, every year, with his overwhelming strength. But this year, General Lector, who usually sits elegantly in this tent where I am, enthusiastically entered the competition and seemed to be a good match for the Vice-General, so the people were waiting for the match to start with bated breath.

After a short break, it was announced that the final match was beginning.

Both sides seemed to have plenty of energy left.

The subordinate and master, who wins this competition every year, and the disciple, who is superior in terms of position. It seems like this will leave a bad aftertaste no matter who wins…

But the rules are the rules. The two grinned as they faced each other as if to say, “We’ll fight as planned,” and the battle began.

The two suddenly started attacking each other with a different drive from before.

Eh, what?! It’s like they’re different people…?

The two of them seemed evenly matched from the beginning.

I can’t really… see their swords well. They were moving extremely fast, so I couldn’t tell what was going on.

The soldiers around me were screaming, “Wow,” and “Amazing!” so I’m sure they can see a lot. But I can’t see anything at all. Anyway, they were fast. That’s all.

The only thing that I could make out was the conversation between their seemingly serious fight, well maybe they were really fighting.

Lolo’s ears are really good. Their voices, which were probably drowned out by the cheers of the crowd, stood out and I could hear them through Lolo.

“Jouvence, my wife is watching. Why don’t you yield and let me win?”

“I don’t know what you’re saying. I have a wife too, and I can’t fix the match in front of her. To think you’ve become so noncommittal, you’ve really become weak, Young Master.”

“It’s nostalgic to hear you call me that. I said that out of kindness since I believe it wouldn’t be ideal for you to expend unnecessary energy. After all, you’ve past your prime, haven’t you Teacher? You won’t have enough strength when we go to war if you get tired here. Won’t that be a problem?”

“Tired? I don’t know that word. I won’t be able to serve as the Vice-General if I’m weak.”

“No, no, you just don’t realise it, but it takes a while to recover when you get older… Oh, you can retire once this war is over. Your wife is waiting for you in the capital.”

“Nope, I don’t need to. I’ve decided to die on the battlefield. I’m going to stay in the army until I die.”

“But the war will be over soon. Anise predicted that it would end in spring.”

“Then I’ll go to places with small skirmishes. We have many enemies. There’s always a battlefield somewhere.”

“How wasteful of you to live like this when you’re from a Duke House.”

“I’m the third son, so it doesn’t matter if I’m from a Duke House. It’s different from the royal family.”

“The royal family also treats their sons that way when they’re the fifth son.”

They kept talking and talking…

At first glance, they seem to be fighting furiously but they also engaged in a war of words when they got closer to each other. Perhaps, they still have energy to spare?

But even while they were fighting, they were talking like they were in the conference room…

As I leaned back on the armrest with my eyes glassed over in shock, I suddenly remembered my position.

Oh no, I’m a kind-hearted Saint who is worried about her husband right now.

No one could hear their conversation, so it looked like they were having a serious match.

I stared at them as I quickly sat up straight. I clasped my hands in front of my chest to act worried as I listened to their conversation through Lolo with a blank expression on my face.

It’s alright, people can’t see my expression properly thanks to the thick make-up and distance.

Everyone can believe that I’m a kind-hearted Saint who is worried about her husband and his subordinate as long as I keep my pose.

“Teacher, something could happen to your brothers even if they’re from a Duke House.”

“No, I don’t think my smart brother will screw up. I can’t do what he does. Different people have different specialties. You’re the one who invited me to join this world. More importantly Young Master, will you really spend the rest of your life supporting that feeble first-born?”

“He has good lineage. The royal family is all about lineage, that’s why I have to be a good soldier.”

“It’s hard to survive. I’m glad I wasn’t born into the royal family.”

“You must feel sorry for me, then won’t you at least forfeit?”

“I won’t. I’m also desperate, if I defeat ‘Farglow’s Shield’, then I’ll be famous. I’ll be able to retire in peace! Hehhehehh.”

“You’re already famous enough. Just how far do you intend to spread your name?”

… Say, aren’t you being more honest than usual? You two are really close ―――.



Huh? Now? What now?

Just as I thought that I sensed (through Lolo) that a knife was flying straight at me from the front.

I tumbled down from my chair to dodge it. Hooray for reflexes.

I heard a dry cracking sound nearby.

But it got drowned out by the sound of the General and Vice-General fighting. Apparently, not many people noticed the knife.

Even so, I was in a place that stood out, dressed up in a flashy manner, so when I suddenly fell from my chair, the people around me started panicking…


Of course, the people around me were screaming in surprise, but there was an even bigger commotion going on at the same time.

The people who were surrounding the two fighting in the middle of the area were screaming.

I quickly looked up and saw Lector lying in the middle of the venue, and the Vice-General seemed as if he was squeezing blood out from Lector’s wound to remove poison.

The frantic look on the Vice-General’s face and him shouting out orders told me that it was an emergency.


The person, who had attacked the two on stage, was immediately pursued by the surrounding spectators. Then….

“Lolo, do you know who threw the knife at me?”

“Meow~.” 『Probably.』

“Get them!”

“Meow~!”  『Yes, meow~!』

Then I immediately ran to Lector at full speed.

I rushed out of the tent as fast as I could.


Yes! This is it!

I even got into a fake marriage just for this moment.

Now! You spectators!

Send me, his wife, straight to him!