Chapter 86: Fighting Competition 06

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Editor: SenjiQ

I frantically ran to the middle of the venue.

My outfit is heavy, only at times like this!

But I didn’t want to remove the articles to run to a place that I can already see.

I just have to use my willpower and run as fast as I can.

You can’t see it under this gorgeous outfit, but I’m glad I wore comfortable running shoes…!

“Move aside! Let me through!”

A flashy dressed ‘Saint’ is running to her husband, the General, while shouting at the top of her lungs and looking frantic.

Of course, I stood out.

Ahead of me, the wall of people parted like when Moses’ parted the sea.

I ran straight into the centre of the wall.


“Anise-sama! We’re here!”

Vice-General Jouvance was kneeling beside the fallen Lector, and he showed me Lector’s wound.

The wound was only on his arm, but when I looked at it, I could clearly see that the black colour had rapidly spread up his entire arm, then up to his shoulders and neck.

Yikes, this is bad! This is really bad!

I concluded right away and immediately did my best to get rid of the black.

Fuuuuuu―――! Pehpehpeh.

I don’t have time to give a superb performance that would make me look like a Saint.

I quickly tore off the black that was rapidly spreading with both my hands, crushed them, scattered them and erased them.

… Alright, it’s gone!

I made it just in time…?

I’m sure there isn’t any black left.

I examined Lector’s whole body.

I arrived on the scene not long after he was injured, but the poison had already spread by then. It’s such a fast-acting poison.

I can only thank the Vice-General for predicting the poison and taking immediate action.

It might have been too late if he hadn’t acted quickly. It was a close call.

I kneeled on the ground in my flashy outfit, desperately trying to make sure that Lector was okay, when I suddenly felt his eyes on me, so I looked at him.

Then, he looked up at me seriously while still lying on the ground and said, “Anise, are you alright?”

“Excuse me? What? Me? Why?”

“They tried to kill you too, didn’t they?”

“Hmm? Ah, yeah. But it’s alright. I avoided the knife.”

You’ve forgotten that you’re in this kind of situation, haven’t you? But come to think of it, a knife had flown at me.

But that’s the first thing you say when you’ve recovered?

I appreciate it, but you should be a little more concerned about your own condition. You almost died!

But Lector smiled reassuringly, “I’m glad to hear that. I didn’t see the part when you dodged.”

“I’m alright, and I can heal myself even if it hit me.”

But from what Lector said… did he notice that I was being targeted in the tent while he was in the middle of his fight with the Vice-General?

Was he distracted for a second because of that?

… Is that why he couldn’t avoid the attack on him in time?

Was I targeted as a decoy to distract Lector?

Well, I was certainly wearing flashy enough clothes and I was at a good vantage point. It must have been very easy for them to aim for me.

“The culprits are being pursued by the guard team who were in the direction where the arrow flew from, but it looks like they used magic to send the arrow flying from far away. It flew straight at us from outside the gallery,” the Vice-General said with a stern expression.

I looked and saw a bow and arrow nearby. Is that the murder weapon? The tip of the arrow was sticky with something that had a very poisonous colour to it. I see, that’s obviously poison.

“Jin went after them too. I’m guessing Garwin’s birds went after the culprits as well, so they’ll be found soon,” with that, Lector stood up and dusted himself off with a graceful motion.

The spectators started cheering.

The crowd who had been watching the match, shrunk their circle and stood to protect the General and Vice-General, and the people on the outside were vigilant of their surroundings. On top of that, a certain number of people were already in pursuit of the culprits now.

As expected of combatants, they were quick to assess the situation and act on it.

“The General is safe!”

“The Saint saved him!”

The people watching from the centre passed the message around.

Ah, yes. Actually, this is secretly my main job. I’m glad I could do it properly.


I’m surprised that this whole situation was within Lector’s plan.

When I had first heard him say in the carriage on the way to Farglow, “It would be easier for you to rush to me as my wife,” I believed that wouldn’t happen unless it was a serious emergency, but I never imagined that it would become reality so easily.

If I hadn’t been married to Lector, and if my position as the ‘Saint’ hadn’t been so firmly established, then I’m not so sure I would have been able to easily move past the wall of people, since there were a lot of soldiers tightly surrounding, and protecting the two.

If I had been someone without a title, then it would have taken me much longer to get to him even if I had shouted frantically for them to let me through. Then, the poison would have spread much further, and the situation would have been much worse.

It made me realise how naïve my original plan of ‘suddenly stepping forward to save the General in a pinch’ was, and it made me a little sad.

However, I’m glad he’s alright.

That’s what happens when you’re careless and just enjoying the match.

I’m really glad I was able to do my part.

I’m glad I was able to save him.

I’m truly relieved.

… And yet, these muscle-brains…

“So, you’re right now? Ok, let’s continue! You guys! You closed all the gates, right?! When you catch the culprits, make sure they’re thrown into jail!”

No, no, no, no, Vice-General, what are you saying? You should normally call it off if something like this happened.

Woah. No, no, no, don’t get the spectators excited. Don’t spread out to make a bigger circle!

“Alright Let’s settle this quickly!”

Lector, you don’t yell!

Argh, what’s with these people…?

Should I have just removed the poison and not healed the wound?

I don’t know why they’re this lively. Yup, I did it…

I was honestly dumbfounded and couldn’t say anything else.

After that, I left the excited guys to their own devices and walked back to my chair in the lavish tent and watched them scornfully from here.

Well, you know, I am the guest of honour.

Anyway, I was glad to see that this gorgeous and expensive outfit wasn’t too dirty. The maids are working hard to remove the dirt right now, but it’s okay, it’s almost clean.

People can’t see the slightest stain on my outfit anyways since I’m far away. They can’t see the fine expressions on my face because of my heavy makeup, so I’m totally fine even if there’s a bit of dust on me.

I was sitting in the seat of honour with a scornful look on my face, and even though I looked as if I was acting arrogant to others, I was starting to feel like it didn’t matter anymore.

The two of them fought in silence this time, as if they were just joking around earlier, then they both fell to the ground at the same time from exhaustion after a long fight.

They fought each other for a long time and ended up in a tie?

It took so long, that the spectators, who had been excited in the beginning, probably because they were going to be shown some high levelled skills, ended up watching the fight silently with distant eyes.

What are they doing?

In the end, Lector barely managed to get up and won, as I had inadvertently healed not only his wounds and the poison, but also his stamina.

Hey, why do you wastefully exhaust yourself this much after you were almost assassinated…?

By the way, the final match between the winners of the first and second bracket had to be rescheduled for a later day.

This is because they discovered the corpse of the culprits.

Well, it’s no surprise…