Chapter 88: Saint Dispatch 01

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Editor: SenjiQ

Well… well, I’ve gotten used to living here now and there isn’t much to complain about.

I can take a bath every day, wear good clothes, eat good food and drink good tea.

When I think about it, it’s exactly what I wanted, a safe and peaceful life…


Is this peaceful? It’s not safe at least…

Yup, I tried my best, but I couldn’t fool myself.

This is different from the life I want.

I’m in a situation where I don’t know when I’ll be assassinated and if I let my guard down then I’ll be killed.

What’s the opposite of peace?

When I think about it, this man who is now sitting in front of me, carefreely and elegantly enjoying the finest tea and finest snacks made by his exclusive chef, is, in a way, very brazen.

“What? What’s wrong?” My (temporary) husband said as he gave me a handsome smile which had never worked on me before.

Yes, the habit of having tea together every day is going strong. Is he actually methodical?

I thought, but I’m still happy that he makes time out of his busy schedule to come over and spend time with me every day.

“Ah… nothing… I’m just amazed you’ve survived for this long…”

“… Oh. I lived a pretty relaxed life blending in with my brothers and not attracting any attention until my skill was confirmed. I’m the fifth in line after all. But then again, isn’t that just how royalty is?”

“Yeess, the dangerous royal family. So, it’s your skill? Your skill is the problem? Does everything in this world depend on your skill?”

“Huh? Isn’t that how it works? Is it not the same where you’re from? Why are you suddenly… oh, is it because you’re afraid of the poisonous knife from the other day? I’ve revised the security to make sure that you’re guarded more closely than before in order to prevent it from happening again, so you don’t have to worry.”

He smiled.

“You’re the one who would have died the other day if I had arrived a little later…”

Even if you hadn’t died, you might not be in a situation where you would be able to enjoy a cup of tea and snacks like right now.

This is about your safety, not mine… I wonder if this person is numb to danger.

“You’re right. But you saved me, so isn’t it fine? You did it, and you acted like my ideal heroic saint at that time. I was so happy. I can’t help but grin in front of my men… Oh, by the way, these snacks are the newest addition to the chef’s Anise series,” as he began gloating, he noticed that I was looking at him coldly.

Then, I recalled that he had told me on the carriage to Farglow that he admired heroic saints who would protect him.

That’s right, this guy has unusual tastes…

My heart would be pounding if I hadn’t known the true meaning behind his handsome smile. These parts of him are disappointing.

What is heroic anyway? I’m not happy about that.

I thought as I ate the snacks.

After all, it’s a shame not to eat food that was apparently made for me, and our chef is always good at cooking. Of course, Lector scouted the chef, so his skills are top-notch.

The name ‘Anise’ originally came from a herb that was planted at Lost Church in Lost Village, and recently the chef has become addicted to making sweets using this herb.

He says, “These are the best sweets worthy of the Saint!” and things like that…

I’ve been pretty spoiled lately when I think about it.

I thought this luxurious life was only for a limited time.

Maybe it’s time for me to make up my mind about being Lector’s rescue party for life.

The ideal husband for a woman: young, strong, handsome, yet kind, has status and is wealthy.

He didn’t suit me at all and is the most ‘unsuitable’ husband for me.

But now that I’ve realised that my safety depends on Lector, I’ve realised that marriage for the ‘protection of Saints’ was a reasonable thing to do.

They couldn’t be easily kidnapped or killed once they were treated as royalty. Well, for most that is. Some people don’t care about that.

But for now, I had to admit that it was the easiest way for ‘me’ to survive.

Then I guess I was lucky to be married to this man, even if it was just on paper.

This very desirable person made me happy when we were together.

I have come to value him as much as I value myself or even more.

Even now, I have no idea why this person would say he likes me, a simple and inelegant person. 

It’s strange that he doesn’t seem to be only attracted to my title as ‘Saint’.

But maybe that’s why he’ll get tired of this plain, paper-only ‘wife’ one day.

He may come to love another woman who is more elegant, beautiful and more suitable for him.

But he’s a kind person, so he won’t abandon his ‘Saint wife’.

Even if there’s no love in our relationship, we’ll continue to protect and support each other, and our peaceful relationship will continue.

Recently, I’ve begun to think that I’ll never be able to forget him even if I divorce him in the future.

I have a feeling that no matter who I meet in the future, I’ll always compare them to Lector and miss him.

Then, fine.

As long as I’m his ‘wife’ even if it’s just on paper, I can be close to him, even if his heart belongs to someone else someday.

I won’t ask for too much.

I would be much happier looking at him from a distance rather than getting divorce and missing him from a distance, and I can always love him as his wife.

And isn’t it also a joy to be able to protect and save your beloved directly with your own hands?

I’ll do my best, as much as I can.

If I feel like it, I’ll act like his dreamy ‘heroic Saint’ and do my best.

If there is still trouble after that, then I’ll think about it then.

Yes, I’ll jump at the opportunity in front of me.

I don’t care anymore~.

“Today’s Anise series is also delicious.”

I’ll enjoy the happiness in front of me right now. Ah, living in the moment…

Fortunately, I’ve gotten a little used to this amazingly expensive teacup lately, and even though it’s not elegant, I don’t get nervous and can sip it calmly without hesitation.

I also have a favourite tea now and I can enjoy its aroma and taste.

I can also taste the chef’s delicious food and sweets.

Before I knew it, I seemed to be adapting to this life.

Why don’t I just shut myself in this fortress forever?

That sounds nice. What a lovely idea…!

Why? Even though I made up my mind after much thought and consideration.

I thought that I was going to do my best from now until spring.

So why are we talking about me leaving the fortress?

Well, I do understand where they’re coming from.

“I’ll turn it down somehow, so you can say here Anise,” Lector said.

“I know how you feel… but you have to think about your position,” the Priest said with a troubled expression on his face.

“But you know that this can be a trap, don’t you Austin-dono? It’s better to think of it as a trap,” Lector frowned and said, while facing the Priest.

“It may be. But that doesn’t mean you can refuse. For a Prince to turn down a formal request from his father would be like picking a fight with the King. I’ll run away if you become an enemy of the King since it’s scary. Would you like to come with me, Anise?”

“Anise won’t be going with you. Stop trying to abandon me completely.”

“Hey, I’ll decide what I want to do. However, my main job right now is to heal the General right away when he needs it, but that’s a secret…” I sighed.

This fortress has been used as a base of operations for the war against Origlow up until now, and because it’s located in a remote area far from the capital, I’ve been able to move around freely under Lector’s command, but at a critical time in the middle of winter, the palace brought in a troublesome matter.