Chapter 90: Saint Dispatch 03

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

If I can get everything done in less than two weeks, then…

“There aren’t any lodgings near the border now, no matter how close it is, so you will have to take a detour if you stay somewhere. It’s impossible to make it within two weeks. If you’re in a hurry, then you’ll have to camp. I can’t put you through that kind of hardship.”

*Sparkle sparkle* The sparkles that Lector was emitting was coming towards me and telling me not to go.

“Oh, camping… That’s a new experience for me.”

It’s a pretty wild experience. I hope the ground won’t be too hard when I sleep. Do I eat portable rations? Dried meat? Oh my, that sounds delicious.

I thought absentmindedly.

The priest said as his eyes were shining, “Come on, a royal camp would be much nicer and more comfortable than those cheap inns. You’ll have a nice, big tent, and lots of soft cushions and blankets~. And hot food! It’s great~. I want to camp like that too,” and I felt like I saw him drooling too.

I couldn’t help but see it positively, “Oh, really? Well, if Father is right, then it should be fine since I was originally a commoner, so I don’t need a fancy bed to sleep in. Hardship? Not at all. It’ll be cosy. If I have to take a detour to stay at an inn, then I’m perfectly fine with sleeping on a slightly hard surface. I can manage to sleep if I have a blanket. Can I bring an extra blanket to put on the ground? Well, if any part of me gets sore, then I can heal myself! Then I’ll quickly finish up there and come back!”

If I can do my minimum duty to the King, gain favour with the ‘Grunge people’ and improve Lector’s reputation, then I want to do my best.

The only enemy is time.

I’m sure that’s the only problem.

“… I wish I could go,” Lector said with a slightly resigned expression as if he read my mind.

No, the General can’t accompany his wife in this kind of situation. What are you saying?

You’re here to work, and I’m also going to work.

But I must hurry back before the snow falls no matter what.

“Then, I’ll quickly get ready. Lector, can you prepare the carriage and camping equipment? I don’t know much about that.”

“… All the ‘Saints’ of the past wouldn’t go if I told them not to.”

Why are you saying it like you suddenly remembered something…?

“Really? But wouldn’t a genuine Saint want to go at times like this? And yet they’ll listen to you?”

Isn’t there a limit to how good-natured one can be? I thought.

“They were raised that way. They are raised to obey their husbands. If they don’t, then they’ll start helping anyone and everyone and things can get out of hand.”

Oh my, are genuine Saints bound by the hand and feet? I wondered in what century did this whole ‘obey your husband’ thing come about.

I am me. My life is my own.

“Of course, I’ll ask for advice, but I’d prefer to make my own decisions. I’m happy to work as a Saint who helps people these days, so if someone asks for help then I’ll try to help them as much as I can. Of course, I’ll do so within the bounds of common sense. I’ll judge the person and won’t help just anyone. But this is a request from the court, so it’s an official job. It’s a royal order.”

“… That’s the kind of person you are, and it’s charming. Alright… Go,” Lector gave in.

 Well, he can’t overtly oppose the demands of his kingdom as a General.

“Thanks, I’m glad you’re such an understanding husband.”

I smiled at him, and the Priest said something like, “Oh… whipped…” Oh my, I don’t know what you’re on about?

“But I’ll give you as many guards as possible since it could be a trap, so Anise, don’t ever leave their sight, alright? Don’t be lured out no matter what. Always consult with Austin-dono before you act. Austin-dono, please take care of Anise.”

Huh? Do I look that untrustworthy? And since when was the Priest supposed to come with me?

“No, I was going to ask Father to stay here and protect you. Do you understand that your life is in more danger than mine?”

After all, there are those scenarios. They’re there! So even if you say, “I’m alright. I basically never leave this fortress. I’m frequently appraising people and will only keep those I really trust close to me,” I can’t agree!

“Even so… you can’t take prophecies lightly. We don’t know if it is a trap or not, but you are definitely in danger. Your priority should be you, who holds the fate of the war.”

That was close, I almost said scenario. It would only complicate things if I said scenario instead of prophecy.

But I’m sure the scenario has a compelling force behind it.

“Your safety is also important. I can take care of myself as I’ve always done so, but you won’t be able to escape if you’re attacked by a man or by a large group. So, this is non-negotiable.”

“But you’re the same. And you don’t need Father to protect me, it can be someone else. Your situation has been foretold. Since Father and I are the only ones who don’t appear in the prophecy, it’s important for you to use Father’s skills and divine protection to protect yourself while I’m not here. I’m almost certain that something dangerous will happen!”

“The same goes for you. It’s strange that that fake Saint isn’t up to something right now, and if something happens to you, then I won’t be able to save myself anyway.”

“That doesn’t mean―――.”

“I want to camp. Are you listening to me?” The Priest interrupted shyly.

“Of course. I assure you that you will receive the best treatment, Austin-dono,” Lector immediately supported Father Austin’s demand with a big smile.

As a result, I slumped my shoulders in disappointment, “Father, please…”

I was quite persistent, you know?

I tried my best, you know?

But the Priest triumphantly mentioned that he had the right to have any wish granted…

I may be his wife, but I can’t just… void the wish that Lector is supposed to grant… Dammit.

“Ca~mp~ing~! The royal family’s luxurious camp style~ how nice~ I want to go~ I want to go~. I’m already this old, so if I miss this chance then it definitely won’t come around again~! Isn’t it fine? I’ll work hard too~,” the Priest buttered up to Lector. Lector smiled widely as the two conspired together… Yup, my hands and feet are tied…

Oh, the Priest’s right to have any wish granted is his prize for winning the competition from the other day.

There was another final match between the winners of the first and second bracket the other day.

I thought it would go unsettled, but this Priest said he was boiling to win.

The people of the fortress, who love events, heard about this and got excited…

Even the two winners were… super excited.

It was quick, but they had a formal showdown.