Chapter 91: Saint Dispatch 04

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Editor: SenjiQ

Well, the match…

Got really heated, yup…

With another war on words…

I guess they fought, but Lector’s fast attacks didn’t hit the Priest. The Priest easily avoided all of them.

However, the Priest’s attacks didn’t hit Lector either since Lector also avoided each one of his attacks.

They glared at each other, quickly attacked, then quickly separated, and stared at each other again.

In between that, I could hear their conversation through Lolo again.

“Oh boy, you’re quick. You’re worthy of the General title. But if we continue like this, won’t it look like a young arrogant man is bullying an old man? Is that alright? Having the General bully the weak? Oh my, what a pity. Opps, I stumbled because of my age.”

“I wonder what you’re talking about? What about your attacks and agility makes you old? You’re stronger than an ordinary soldier, so it doesn’t look like I’m bullying the weak at all.”

The two of them were still attacking each other with words. What’s with this? I’ve seen it before. Is this the way this nation fights…?

But unlike last time, I could see that Lector was attacking with his sword and mouth while activating his ‘Charm’ at the audience to gain supporters and he even used his Charm on the Priest to win him over.

Because of this, I can see Lector shining in the middle of the stadium… it was really sparkly…

However, not only did ‘Charm’ not work on the Priest, he also intentionally stumped around like an old man to show the spectators that he is an ‘old man’. It was interesting to see him act like an old man whenever he got a little close to Lector.

The battle of stumbling and glitters, what is this…?

A wonderful, charming man fighting with a weak old man…?


Yup, it’s just a farce.

The speculators were all people from this fortress, and they were used to Lector’s royal aura and Charm to a certain extent, and they should know that the Priest isn’t actually stumbling around at all. After all, the Priest won the first bracket. That’s why he’s in the championship round.

And yet, will this go on forever?

I looked at them in disbelief.

But they had different stamina.

A black shadow of exhaustion began appearing on the Priest.

I was beginning to think that the Priest’s stamina would run out first if this were to continue, and then Lector’s attack would eventually hit him.

The Priest spoke up, “You don’t want to embarrass yourself by losing to me, a mere commoner, do you? How about you give me the prize if I let you win? I don’t need honour, I just want the prize.” He smiled.

“Oh, thanks for your thoughtfulness. But you must be tired by now. I’m still fine, so I’m sure I’ll win. You don’t have to worry about me.”

*Sparkle, sparkle*

“Really? But I won’t lose. After all, I have ‘Blessing’. I’ll never lose if I decide not to lose. For example, in the past, oh yes… lightning would suddenly strike my opponent, the opponent’s parents, siblings or lover would intervene and put themselves in danger, the opponent would get a chronic disease, or they’ll be attacked by magical beasts. In many cases, my opponents had no choice but to give up. My opponents would always be caught in a dilemma. But you don’t want that to happen to you here, do you?”

Then, the Priest smiled again.

What’s with that? How strong is ‘Blessing’?

If what he said is true, then he’s invincible. No one can beat him. Wow…

Lector also seemed to understand this. He’s always quick to pick up on things.

Lector’s eyes twitched grimly, then he said, “… Alright. If it’s like that then there’s no need for both of us to unnecessarily exhaust our strength any further.”

And so, the match was decided.

The Priest suddenly became weak and stumbled.

Then he raised both his hands and declared in a loud voice so those in the gallery could hear him, “I give up! I’m tired! I can’t fight anymore. You’re so strong!”

Lector also put his sword away when he saw this, then he said with his best smile, “Austin-dono, that was a great fight. You have the skills and agility that make it hard to believe that you’re an old man. In honour of your great skills, I’ll give you the prize of having one of your wishes granted.”

*Sparkle, sparkle*

Royal aura started flowing from Lector.

And the spectators who were ‘charmed’ by the waves of sparkles coming from Lector cheered, “OOOOH! OUR GENERAL IS GREAT! HE’S SO BIG-HEARTED!!”

… That farce happened… just recently…

Therefore, the Priest had the right to have the General grant one of his wishes.

But I don’t know if you should use it for something like this. Don’t you want to save it?

“Fuofuofuo~. I can’t wait~. Camping royal style~,” the Priest was happy, so I guess it’s okay.

And so, the wish that Father had was the right to experience a royal style camp.


I really didn’t want to leave Lector by himself, so after much deliberation, I decided to leave Lolo behind instead of the Priest.

Because who else isn’t included in the scenario? The cat? Yup, there weren’t any cats.

And she told me she’s quite strong?

If Lolo protects him, then I don’t have to worry about ‘outside enemies’ or ‘accidents’ for now.

Of course, Lector wanted me to take Lolo with me, but she’s my magic beast.

“So, Lolo, you must protect Lector from all dangers on my behalf until I get back!” If I give her such a brilliant order, then…

“Meow…” 『Well, if that’s the Master’s order, then I’ll do it.』

Huh, you’re reluctant? Well, whatever.

But I still felt a little uneasy, so I explained it seriously to Lolo once again after we got back to my room, “Listen Lolo. You can’t ever leave his side, and don’t let your guard down by napping or something. You never know when something might happen, so you have to keep an eye on him and make sure nothing happens to him. And you really can’t nap, alright?”

“Meow” 『Don’t worry~. I’ll follow your order~. But wouldn’t it be better for me to come with you, Master~? I bet you can get to your destination in less than a day if you ride me~?』

Huh? ‘Ride’?

On this small kitten? How?

It would look like I’m abusing you if I forcefully ride you…

“Meow, meow.” 『You can ride me~. I’ve never let anyone ride me before, but I don’t mind letting you on~. Don’t worry~. I’ll be careful not to throw you off~』She said confidently. I don’t understand what you’re saying… Yeah, I can’t imagine it.

Don’t worry about what? Huh?

Well, whatever it might look like, it might be useful if I can ride her. But wouldn’t it be bad for a Saint to do this?

‘The Saint is riding a black cat through the field without an attendant’.

Huh, wouldn’t I be mistaken for a ‘witch’?

I can see a future where I’ll be called ‘the abusive Saint’ or ‘the cat-riding Saint’ or some other unpleasant nickname.

I really don’t want to be famous as an eccentric Saint.

And if I’m not careful, I’ll be called a ‘witch’ instead of a ‘Saint’ and people will hunt me… I definitely don’t want that to happen.

So, I think it’s better for me to travel by carriage.

I’m sure it’ll be better for me in the future if I can get home before it snows.

So, I want Lolo to protect him.

“Meow.” 『But I don’t owe him that.』

Is she insisting that she’s only MY magical beast or is she protesting against being left behind?

She didn’t seem very happy about this.

“Well, it’s a request from me, so won’t you…”

I looked around to see if anyone was around and made sure that I was alone in the room.

“Alice, can you cover your ears for a moment?”

I didn’t forget about my shadow.

Then, I whispered to Lolo, “Lolo, he’s the most important person in my life. I would be really sad if something were to happen to him and I would probably spend the rest of my life crying in regret. So, please do me this favour and protect him, okay?”

“Meow?” 『Hmph, so that’s your mate?』

Mate is a pretty heavy word.

But it’s not husband and wife to magic beasts, it’s mate. I see.

Well, if that’s how she understands it then it’s fine.

“Yes, at least that’s what I think. So will you protect him?”

“Meow~.” 『Alright~. If it’s like that then I have no choice.』

It was finally decided that I would leave.