Chapter 93: Saint Dispatch 06

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Was this the person who switched to Origlow?

I thought that but did my best to act like a Saint and smiled without showing my thought.

I’ve grown up a lot.

Thank you, Alice-sensei! I’ll do my best to smile elegantly!

Thank you my (temporary) black-hearted husband for showing me first-hand how to use both sides of a coin!

Hooray for bluffing!

But I can’t wait to go home.

“I hear that you need me. Can you explain the situation to me?” I asked, trying to sound concerned about the situation.

But this elder said while smiling, “Of course. Even though it’s a very troubling situation, we can talk about it tomorrow, so please enjoy your welcome banquet.”

No, I want to go home as quickly as possible!

So, I tried my best to look friendly and act concerned as I said, “Oh my, how can I go to a banquet when there are so many people suffering right now? Please hurry up and take me to the people I have to save.”

Do your best, you’re the Saint! I’ve completely turned into a Saint! No, I’m already a Saint though.

“But they’re still far away, and we won’t reach there until after night even if we set off in a hurry. The wilderness is dangerous at night. It would be far less dangerous to leave tomorrow morning, and that was what we had planned to do. We can’t expose our precious Saint to any extra danger.”

Hmm, but we came all the way here through that dangerous wilderness.

Maybe it’s because we’ve been at war for so long, but this vast area has a great view, but it has been empty for a long time. I don’t know if there was nothing to begin with or if it was burnt to the ground, but it was an endless stretch of land that could be seen for miles.

But when I’m told this much, I can’t be too blunt about it.

I had no choice but to give up and stay here for the night, and if I think about it, my attendants are probably tired too. Alright.

“Okay. Thank you for your consideration,” I said and smiled.

The elder smiled happily and said, “It’s only natural since you’re a precious Saint of Farglow. It’s been a while, Austin-dono. It’s good to see you’re looking well.”

The elder didn’t seem happy to see the Priest, but considering the commotion that I had heard about, it was good that he at least seemed calm on the outside. Yup, I’m not going to drag it up.

However, I was a little nervous as I watched them. The Priest replied in his usual relaxed manner, “My, thanks for your help in the past, Elder. But like I said, Farglow is a generous nation. They will even send you their precious Saint like this as long as you’re by their side. Ah, how nice. By the way, I can’t find Galleon, what happened to him?”

Hmm… so this is how you smile diplomatically… I secretly studied behind my pasted smile.

“Oh… Galleon went to the village where the nasty disease broke out to prepare to welcome the Saint as best as he can. It’s an empty place after all, and if we’re not prepared, the Saint will end up sleeping on the ground.”

I see, so it is a disease.

According to him, the whole village might have been infected?

Do they request Saints because too many people were sick?

If that’s the case, then it might be annoying to come in unprepared.

“What? I thought I would be able to see him after so long. Too bad.”

“It is. I’m sure Galleon wants to see you too. Please come this way, we have prepared all your meals and lodging…”

And so, we stayed in the village.

That evening, we were entertained with singing, dancing and plenty of food, but at the advice of the Priest, I returned to my usual camping tent and slept in my own bed and futon.

I’m sure the attendants were happy to have a proper bed and futon to sleep in after so long, so I sent them off.

After all, if anyone was going to be targeted, it would be me. I didn’t want to make any unnecessary commotion.

In addition… it’s actually more comfortable here… well, the Grunge People did their best… but the difference in financial power was indeed great…

Therefore, I followed Father’s advice with two words.

It was my first time out as a Saint, and because I was just nervous and somewhat anxious, I wanted to stay within what Lector had provided me.

If I were surrounded by only the people he chose, then I would be able to entrust everything to them without worry.

The next day, we set out again for the ‘diseased village’.

This time, however, the Elder said that the village was too small to accommodate all of my attendants, so we were reduced to a selected few.

Well, honestly, the less people we have, the faster we can move and the less time we have to spend on the road. I travelled with the Priest as a normal person half a year ago, so I don’t have any problems changing my clothes and walking around on my own. I didn’t oppose this at all.

It would be much faster if I could ride a horse, but unfortunately, I don’t know how to ride a horse, so I have to take the carriage. However, Lector’s luxurious carriage was quite sturdy, so it didn’t break even if we sped up a little.

The only problem was the captain of the guards was reluctant to reduce the number of guards, but other than that, everyone else stayed behind.

As a result, our group consisted of myself, the Priest, a dozen male servants who seemed physically strong and a large number of guards. Yes, we mostly consisted of guards.

One carriage for the Priest and I, attendants on horseback, guards surrounding the carriage and a guide from the Grunge People leading the way. Compared to our journey here, this was a very small group.

But thanks to this, it saved a lot of time, and if Galleon is waiting for us at our destination, then things will work out.

Then, after a day’s ride in a speedy carriage, we arrived at the village.

Just as the carriage approached the village, I sensed black smoke stretching far and wide in the village.

When I looked out of the carriage, I saw that the entire village was covered with a thin black mist.

I have to see it even if Alice, my shadow, was angry at me for my bad manners…

It might be extremely bad since I can already see this much before arriving at the village.

I stopped everyone before we reached the village and cast the best spells I could, even though it was my first time, on all my attendants, guards, and the person leading the way.

“Reject all diseases.”


It was an application of the ‘Don’t be manipulated’ spell that I cast on Lector’s entire fortress.

Hmm, it was a bit too rough, and it didn’t seem to be very powerful from what I can see, but at least it will work for a few days. I don’t want to try to improve it and lose the effect it already has, and it wasn’t realistic for me to heal them all the time.

After that, we entered the village.

It looked like a fairly large village with a good population.

However, there was no one to greet us.

According to the person who had led us to the village, the disease was already running rampant in this village, and it presented with a fever that they had never seen before…

There isn’t even anyone to greet us?

Not a single person?

But didn’t Galleon come here, so he can greet us?

Hmm, did he not notice we were here?

… So… no one was here to greet us…

I looked around in agitation and could only see black smoke drifting from everywhere.

The people with me seemed disturbed by this uncomfortable feeling of no one being around.

I went to a nearby house and said, “Hello?” before entering.

The guards quickly surrounded me, but I entered anyway.

There was a man lying on a bed, covered in black smoke. A quick examination on him showed that he had a high fever.

“Saint, it’s dangerous! Don’t go any closer!” The guards panicked.

“But I’m here to do something about this situation. Besides, I can heal myself if I get sick. I’ll be fine,” I smiled as I said this, and tried to tell them ‘Not to tell me what to do’ with a smile.

I don’t know if they understood the ‘say nothing’ in my smile, or if they simply surmise my feelings.

The guards stood quietly beside and behind me, however they stayed very close to me.

Yeah, well, I guess it was easier to work now. I feel a little pressured, but that can’t be helped…

I slowly approached the man who was covered in black smoke so as not to startle him and held my hand over his head to check his condition.

His fever was high… and… he was sluggish… and his joints hurt…?

This seems vaguely familiar…?

After checking his condition, I cleanse the person of the smoke.

Scatter, scatter~.

Then, the man slowly and absentmindedly opened his eyes.

His eyes met mine, so I smiled reassuringly and said, “You’re fine now.”


The man blinked his eyes and just stared back at me in surprise.