Chapter 96: Wilderness Saint 03

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

――― I’m sure of this because I heard it directly from someone who I trust when I was desperately trying to cross the border for you. I didn’t think it was possible either, but apparently, it’s true… She must have run away because she couldn’t cure the disease that had broken out along the border. How irresponsible of her to throw away her role as a Saint! She also even hurt you… I’m really shocked…!

Oh~. Apparently, I eloped.

Galleon? I haven’t met him at all, but from the sounds of it, he might be trapped somewhere too. He was a part of the anti-Elder faction, so it’s possible.


Lector probably won’t be fooled.

He probably won’t be fooled even if you passionately appeal to him like this.

Because he can ‘see’ what is behind your upset persona.

Impatience, frustration, and… even malice?

So, he will probably find out even if you lie.

So, the only way to oppose him was to keep silent.

It was far better to remain silent than to lie and be found out. Way better.

I’ve learnt that.

I’ve learnt that there are no ways to hide things from him except to be mindlessly silent…

――― Then why is she locked up alone now? She hasn’t moved from her tiny room in the last few days. Where’s Galleon? And who ordered for her to be confined?

――― … What are you talking about? I’ve heard that your ‘Farglow Saint’ has already left for Origlow with Galleon and the others. I’m sure she’ll ask Loire for help, and I’m sure Loire would be happy to take care of her just because she’s the ‘Saint’.

――― So, you’d better hurry back so that Prince Loire won’t be taken by her. I’ll take you back to the border.

――― My… why are you so cold? I don’t even know how to make you believe my words anymore. I’ve been working hard ever since I came to this world just to meet you and just to save you, but how can you act like this?

Hime said in a tearful voice.

――― I believe I know what you’re worried about. But if that was the case, and if you’re really trying to save me, then why don’t you tell me how you were planning on saving me right now? Please tell me. How am I going to die? And how can I escape from that fate?

――― … Hah? What are you planning to do when you find out…? Do you think you can handle it on your own? It’s still something unknown in this world, but you think you can come up with a perfect plan without the help of a Saint like me? You’ll abandon me afterwards if I tell you, won’t you? For that woman, you…. I didn’t realise that you were so cold and dumb…!

――― It’s preposterous for you to say that I would abandon you. Of course, I would be very grateful.

――― But you’re not going to break up with that woman. Ah, I thought that my Lector-sama would never be fooled by such a woman, and that he would sincerely only love me… I can’t believe you’re a foolish man who can’t even admit his own faults! … No, no… That’s right, you’re no longer my Lector-sama. I’m sure your character is broken because of that woman. Ah, what a shame… I tried so hard, and all of it, all of it was for nothing!

Eh… Hime, what’s wrong?

He’s been like that since the beginning…?

From the beginning, he was a man who pasted on a beautiful smile like he was wearing a mask, but responded in a way that made it hard to know what he was really thinking…?

He seemed friendly at a glance, but his true feelings were hidden, which was probably why I thought he was a non-serious and flirtatious guy at first.

I wonder if she has always been so delusional and overlapping Lector with the captured target, General Lector that appears in the game route. And she couldn’t believe his reaction since he wouldn’t have reacted like that in the game.

I would have loved to have seen it too if the game Lector was dreamy, perfect, earnest and passionate. I’m sure he must have been lovely.

But if I had seen him in the game, I wonder if I would have been confused by the gap between that character and the man I now know in person.

The Lector I know is a man who buys top-quality goods without hesitation, who expressed how he wished he had a ‘heroic Saint’ to protect him, and who always says and does flirtatious things and winks at me.

I can think of many things he does that are the opposite of ‘cool’. That’s how he normally is. Now that I think about it, he’s a pretty good-for-nothing man…

I thought that as I tilted my head.


I heard the sound of a door being violently closed.

Did Hime leave?

“Meow.” 『She got angry and left~.』

Hmm, so she did leave.

――― Anise, can you hear me?

Yes. Well, you knew I was listening since you can understand what Lolo says.

“I can hear you~. As you know, I’ve been confined for some reason. I wonder where I am?”

Lolo honestly passed on my message word by word.

――― I’m investigating where you are as quickly as I can. I’ve already made arrangements to send a carriage as soon as I know where you are. But the area is too large and we’re a little short handed right now, so unfortunately, we haven’t narrowed it down. I’m sorry, you’ll have to wait a little longer. I’ve made a lot of threats and put a lot of pressure on the ‘Grunge People’, so you shouldn’t be in any danger. Are you alright?

“Yeah, I’m okay. I’m not uncomfortable. Thanks. But I can’t do anything either because I don’t know where I am and they’re holding a lot of people hostage. Are you alright? Nothing strange happened?”

――― I’m completely alright. You don’t have to worry about that. The fake Saint might go to where you are, so I’ll have to have her followed. Let me know through Lolo if you manage to escape.

“Okay. But it’s good that I left Lolo behind since we can have this kind of conversation.”

――― Yeah. Actually, a lot of Garwin’s birds are in bad shape and he has very few that he can use right now. That’s partly why it’s been difficult to locate you. I’m really glad Lolo is here with me.”

“The birds are in bad shape?”

Oh my. I thought Garwin’s control was perfect since he can talk to birds, but I guess it happens.

――― They seem to be infected with a contagious disease, but Garwin has never heard of it before, so he doesn’t know what it is. Then, they just couldn’t fly anymore. That’s why I’m asking Lolo to help me with some urgent work right now.

“Meoooow!” 『Unwilling~~!』

But you’re helping him. Thank you, Lolo.

“Meow…” 『It’s alright… Master asked me to…』

――― My top-quality silver vine is depleting fast because of this…

Ah, I see… you were also lured by silver vine. Lolo is shrewd.

“Then, I’ll wait here for the carriage for now, so you better be fine until I get back. It’s winter, so don’t wander around half-naked like you usually do. Keep warm and go to bed early. I can’t cure you if you catch a cold now. Lolo can somehow prevent you from getting injured or getting into accidents, but she can’t do anything about colds or illnesses, so please take care of yourself. And please pray that I can somehow get home before the snow falls.”

Ah, yup…

“Meoow?” 『He’s laughing sloppily.』

“Hey, I’m being serious. Please.”

――― Don’t worry. Ah, I hope you can quickly come back… I miss you.

“Ah… yes, yup… I also miss you.”

 I was reminded of the truth when I replied.

I’ve been missing him ever since I left him.

Even now, I can easily picture what he looks like just by his voice.

I really wanted to see his slightly sad smile and slightly embarrassed face up close.

I’ve been thinking about him ever since I left.

This isn’t good…

Not… at all! We don’t suit each other.

And yet, I wonder if I can really stand being with his showy and handsome self while people look at me like, “Huh? That plain person is his wife…? Huh, and she’s the Saint?”

Will I live the rest of my life feeling guilty for being ‘unworthy’ of him?

I’m sure I’ll still love him even if someone more suitable for him appears one day.

What will happen to me when that day comes? Honestly, I hate this situation.

But now, when I think about my life, it’s the safest thing to do… No matter how uncomfortable it is. Ah, I hate my plain self.

Hmm, what can I do so that I will suit him?

I waited quietly for Lector to rescue me while having thoughts like that.

Then, suddenly one day, the door opened, and a completely unexpected and uninvited person appeared.

“Huh…? Why are you here…?”

I was dumbfounded and froze on the spot.

But Hime said with a bright smile, “It’s been a while, you hindrance, stubborn and annoying Saint.”