Chapter 98: Wilderness Saint 05

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Editor: SenjiQ

“How can this be…?”

“There’s no place for you to go back to. I’m sure everyone is angry wondering why the Saint isn’t there right now. The General is about to fall and most of the Farglow soldiers are going to get sick. The soldiers will be in trouble by the time Lector-sama dies tonight. You and I are immune to the disease, so we won’t die, but those who have never been exposed to influenza before will be ravaged. Farglow’s army won’t be able to fight anymore. That’s why Origlow attacked them all at once. The virus-resistant people who I’ve been secretly collecting from all over the world will lead the attack, so we won’t be wiped out by influenza. And the soldiers who aren’t immune have time before they actually get sick, so they can easily subdue a sick group of soldiers who are without a general.”

She smiled.

Hmm? Collected?

So, that village full of sick people that I healed was a place for Hime to gather people who have gained resistance against influenza…?

I heard that the people who survived disappeared somewhere.

I also heard that there are other villages like that one.

This meant that Hime had gathered them as troops to kill the Farglow army, which was dying from the spread of influenza?!

When Hime saw my surprise, she said triumphantly, “I’ll continue to enjoy taking credit for leading the troops to victory. It’s easy to manipulate Loire, and if I consider the royal route in the original scenario, it’s tolerable. Then, bye forever.”

She left while laughing loudly after saying that.

I heard the sound of a carriage driving away and then there was no sound.


I stood there in a daze.

“… Hmm, she’s quite an evil woman~,” Father said as he suddenly appeared before me, and I jumped back in surprise.

“Father! Did you escape?” I asked. Where has he been all this time? Wasn’t he being held captive?

As usual, he appears in unexpected places.

“I’ve been left behind too. There’s no one around here anymore since they received a withdrawal order. There’s really no one around. The woman threatened that everyone would be annihilated since the plague had come this far. Then, as expected, everyone ran away quickly. Then, I got a fever, which scared them, and they just abandoned me here and left. I’ve had a splitting headache and chills for a while now… Umm, I haven’t had a fever in years…”


Father, why are you wobbling while talking carefreely like that!?

Father’s eyes were glazed over, and his upper body began swaying.

I observed him through my skill and saw that he was completely black…!

I quickly purified the black smoke that was clinging to Father’s body.



I was used to this, so once I knew what was there, I could easily make it disappear for one person.

I even had time to complain as I healed him, “Argh! You should have said something! You should tell me about this first! Are you alright!?”

“… Oh~ I’m healed! Yeah, I feel much better! My vision isn’t blurry anymore. You’re amazing~~. Thanks~~. I almost died~~.”

Father was back to his normal self.

Thank God, he’s acting like his usual self.

“I see, the disease has spread here as well. If the people who have escaped aren’t too far away, then I’ll heal as many as I can reach. Please wait a moment.”

Then, I spread my skill as wide as I could and looked around with it.

I could see black smoke dotting a number of people in horses and carriages who were fleeing across the bleak, empty hand and I made the black smoke disappear. *SPITTING*

But that was all I could see.

“I’m worried about General Lector,” Father said seriously.

“She said… he will… die tonight.”

Even though I was determined to save him. I thought I had done everything to save him.

I can’t believe it. Will he die today?

Can I not beat the scenario…?

“Lolo, how’s Lector?” I asked Lolo.

“Meow.” 『He seems to have a fever~. But he said he can’t take the day off because there’s been damage to the army, so he’s up and working. 』

“He can’t! Tell him to rest! He’ll die if he keeps this up!”

“Meow.” 『Alright~. Hey, hey, my Master told you to rest… Meow, he’s glaring at me scarily…』

No, Lector, you should rest…

I understand how you feel about your men, but you need to rest…

You’ll definitely die if you continue like this.

Since that was how you died in the scenario.

Oh, but Hime said that he can’t be saved once he gets a fever…

I also knew that he would desperately try to save his men even if he can’t do much in this situation.

And he might have been prepared to die since he was glaring at Lolo and not listening to her.

After all, he knew the original scenario.

He will do everything he can until the very last moment when his strength is exhausted, and he will try to prevent Farglow from losing as much as possible according to the original scenario. That’s who he is.

What should I do?

What should I do…?

If he were in front of me right now, I could have saved him.

But I was far away from him now.



SO, why don’t I just go there?

I won’t let Lector die.

Because he’s the most important person in my life.

I can’t just stay here and watch him die as fate intended.

I have to do everything I can.

Yes, everything I can think of!

It’s a little past noon now.

It was nearly lunchtime and Hime pulled everyone out of here. She obviously wanted to starve me.

And Lector will die this evening.

… Can I make it on time?

But I can’t think of anything else right now.

So, why don’t I just try?

I was acting without thinking, but there was nothing I could do about that!

I have to try everything I can!!

I suddenly released all my magic power and shouted, “LOLO! COME HERE!! QUICKLY COME TO WHERE I AM!”

“Meoooow!” 『Yes, nyan~~!』

My senses, which were connected to Lolo’s, felt a sudden swelling in Lolo’s magic power which was far, far away.

I also felt the expanding magic power, big like a fireball, begin to move at a fast speed.

“Lolo…? Lolo, the one you left at the fortress? That Lolo?” Father was startled by my shouting.

“Yes. I don’t know how, but I remembered that Lolo had told me it would be faster if I rode her on the day before I left. I thought I’d ask for a ride if that’s true. Hime told me Lector will die tonight. We’ll never make it if we start looking for a carriage now.”

Is there another way to get home right now?

“I see… Did you summon that magic beast…? Wow, you’re surprisingly daring…”

He was strangely surprised, but I didn’t have time to worry about that.

People won’t say my reputation is bad or I look unsightly right?

‘Abusive Saint’ or ‘Cat-riding Saint’, I don’t care what bad name they call me. If having a nickname like that can save him, then I don’t care. I don’t mind being called a ‘witch’. I need to accomplish my goal.

Meanwhile, I felt a huge amount of magic power coming straight towards me at a furious speed.

She was really fast.

What the hell? Is she flying?

“I’ll get on Lolo and rush over to Lector once she arrives. I’m sorry, Father, but you’ll have to fend for yourself. Of course, I’ll come pick you up as soon as I can.”

The environment was bad, but I hope you’ll make full use of your Blessing.

“Huh~? I have to stay here? But things were finally getting interesting…”

“This is an emergency. What do you mean ‘interesting’?”

“Fine… I’ll take care of myself.”

I talked with Father while waiting for Lolo and when Lolo arrived behind me, I quickly turned around.

“Lolo! You were fast… Huh?”

Hmm? You’re Lolo, right?


“Meow, meow!” 『I’m here, nya~!』

With a bold yell, the one standing in front of me was…

What is she? She’s so big!?

Lion? Is she bigger than a lion?

A horse? No, she’s all black and I can tell she’s a member of the cat family. So, what the heck is she?!

A huge… strong… black panther… that feels very wild and takes up my whole sight…

The only thing that remained from the little kitten Lolo was her blazing golden eyes, but what glinted in those eyes was completely different from the kitten Lolo.

While I was stunned and unable to hide my confusion, Father cheerfully approached the beast that looked like Lolo and said happily, “Oh~. This is the first time I’ve seen the real Cath Palug up close…”

“Huh? Hah? Cath…? What?”

“Cath Palug, the legendary rampaging cat… And she’s quite big…”

Father petted Lolo(?) with sparkling eyes.

“Meoooow!” 『Leave it to me~!』

No, he’s not praising you. You don’t have to be so proud. Hmm? Is that a compliment?

I was a little confused.

“This looks like it can hold two people.”

“What?! You’re getting on too, Father?!”

“Of course. She’s as big as a horse. I’m glad I also get to go home early~. I don’t want to be alone in this cold.”

“Hmm… but I’m in a hurry? Is that alright?”

“It’s fine~. My body is strong enough. Besides, you’ll be safer with me around. No matter who attacks, I’ll protect you with my blessing so nothing can hit you. Fuofuofuo.”

I see, using Father’s ‘Blessing’ as a protective barrier?

“Meeooow!” 『One or two people riding me won’t make a difference~! It’s alright~!』

“Oh, thanks Lolo. Then if you’ll excuse me. Yoshi.”

While I was dumbfounded, Father lightly straddled the gigantic Lolo.

That’s right. He’s got great physical abilities…

“Anise, hurry up~. You’re in a hurry, aren’t you?”

“Ah, yes…”

This was weird, I was the one who had summoned Lolo, but Father had taken the initiative.

But, Father had way more life experience than me, so I had no desire to argue with his decision.

I timidly straddled behind Father and he leaned forward to cling to Lolo.

I see, I have to hold on tight. Then, I’ll hold onto Father…

Then, “Lolo, hurry up and bring us to Lector!” Lolo ran off at a very fast pace.

I’ll make it! I’ll make it…! Ah, please make it!