Chapter 99: Wilderness Saint 06

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

The scenery disappeared behind me in the blink of an eye.

It was too fast for my eyes to catch up.

I could hear Father’s voice over the rumbling of the wind.

“I’ve already cast magic for windbreaking, but don’t stretch your neck too far.”

Windbreaking magic… I see, is that why I can breathe?

I was surprised to find that I could breathe normally despite the sound of the wind.

Thank goodness. It was important to be able to breathe. The wind would have been too strong if I had been moving normally at this speed and I wouldn’t have been able to breathe.

Thanks to Father’s firm grip, Lolo’s body was flexible, and we weren’t shaken off even though she was moving very fast.

I might have been half-crying and desperately clinging to Lolo if Father wasn’t here.

And in the end, I would have run out of strength and would have been easily swept backwards.

I’m sure Lolo would slow down before that happens though…

We had been close to Origlow up until now, and we had passed through the wilderness for a while, and then I started to see the place where the Farglow army was.

I could look around thanks to Father.

I could see black smoke faintly covering the Farglow army in front of me.

That’s… a lot of sick people…

I’m not sure if it was because I felt a lot of Lolo’s magic nearby, but I was able to examine using Lolo’s magic as well.

I could easily ‘examine’ far into the distance.

When I focused my attention on the Farglow army in front of me, I could examine them as if I were there.

A number of people were running high fevers and I could tell they were in a daze.

This means… that most people who hadn’t caught influenza probably had it now. Although there were different shades, most people were covered in a black haze.

This was the first time this virus had appeared in this world, so a lot of people weren’t immune to it.

This really isn’t good… There aren’t enough hospitals, medicine or even disinfectants here.

This would become a big problem if it’s ignored.

But I have to help Lector now… I have to pass through….

I can’t.

Yeah, I can’t do that. I can’t just abandon Lector’s subordinates who have desperately been trying to save him.

I can’t just abandon them just to save Lector.

I’m too nice?

Call me whatever you want. I’ll do what I can.

I directed my magic straight at the Farglow army which was covered in black smoke and was rapidly approaching and was now right in front of me.

Purify~ purify~! Purify everything at once!

Dispel it all away!

Pull them out, scatter them and make them all disappear!

I began to dispel the black smoke that was covering the entire Farglow army as best as I could.

But as I had expected, the area was too large for it to disappear easily.

“Lolo! Run from one end of the Farglow army to the other!”

“Meooow!” 『Alright, nya~!』

If we just cross the Farglow army horizontally then my magic power wouldn’t be able to reach the Farglow army on either the left or right side.

But wouldn’t I hate it if I could only save a few people?

Fortunately, I still have a lot of magic power, and it looks like I can borrow magic from Lolo, who’s overflowing with it.

Then, let’s save as many people as I can as quickly as possible over as wide an area as I can!

Since I’m already here, I’ll save as many people as I can with as much power as possible!

I began scattering my ‘Healing’ skill with more effort than ever before.

“Hey… Anise… aren’t you overdoing it…? You can’t save them all…” Father had been saying something for a while, but I was so absorbed in releasing my magic that I didn’t understand much of what he was saying.

I was just releasing my magic on top of Lolo, who was sprinting around the Farglow army.

At some point, the large amount of skill that I was releasing became like a glittering cleansing light, illuminating the surroundings, pushing away the black smoke of disease and then dissipating.

From the place where Lolo was running to, as wide as I could see. Even if I couldn’t see it, I can easily dispel the disease with the light of my skills in the area where the black smoke is ‘examined’.

Purify… Purify…!

Heal the blackness with the light of healing!

At some point, I purified all the black smoke I could see from one side to the other without thinking about it, just like a mechanical doll releasing magic.

I was releasing more magic without pause than I ever imagined I could.

It felt so good to be able to do so.

I was in a trance as I scattered my magic.

It was so convenient to be able to ‘examine’ my skill. I can see at a glance how far it was reaching!

Let the healing light spread far and wide… Now, purify everything~~~!

“Anise… Wa… It’s too bright… I’m going blind… Ouch… Please…” Father was complaining about something, but I couldn’t understand him.

Well, I felt great.

Let’s purify everything as far as I can see…!

I finally came to my senses when the black smoke disappeared.

Oh my? It’s over…?

The sun was setting.

The darkness of the night covered us as I regained my senses.

“… You’re done…? You’re finally done…? *WHEEZE*… Now then, Lolo, make your way back to the General… I want to get home before I run out of strength…”

Oh Father, you’re exhausted?

“Are you alright, Father? It was a bit of a long detour. I’ll heal your fatigue for you.”

I quickly purified Father’s black smoke.

“Oh, thank you. Ah, I feel a little better now.”

I was also glad Father won’t fall off.

“Then Lolo, let’s hurry back to Lector.”

“Meooow!” 『Okay, nya~!』

There were almost no civilians between the Farglow army and the fortress base.

I had cleared away all the black smoke from what looked like the logistical support troops.

Then, we arrived at the fortress.

“Fuoo~. The journey was a lot tougher than I thought it would be…” Father said as soon as we arrived as he rolled on Lolo’s side. Father wasn’t sick right now, so I’ll let him rest there.

I jumped off Lolo and rushed to where Lector was.


“Welcome back, Saint-sama!”

“The General is here!”

I also purified the black smoke from the fortress people who spoke to me as I ran.

Like the remnants of the light, I had seen earlier, glittery light hit the people and then the smoke instantly disappeared.

It seems like my skill has levelled up. Easy-peasy.

But the virus had already gotten into this fortress as well.

I can’t believe this happened while I was gone!

And Lector was still in his office.


I slammed open the door to his office as I ran.


I gasped for breath as I looked forward, and there was Lector, exhausted with a fever, but sitting on his chair with only his will.


Your smoke is all black…!

You are Lector, right? I can’t even see your body!

“Huh… Anise…? Is this a dream…?” But the weak voice I heard belonged to Lector.

You’re working even though you’re in this state and you’re working too hard, even when you’re running a fever!

You’re troubling those around you! But I know! That you’re just that type of person…!
I ran up to him and immediately purified the smoke of his illness…

Purify… purify… huh, it’s not being purified?!


Don’t tell me I’ve run out of magic after reaching this far…

I thought for a moment, but my magic wasn’t ‘reaching him’.

No, but I’m activating it the same as always? I can easily purify other people!

But why isn’t it effective on Lector!?

… Is it not enough…?

Is my magic and skill not enough?!

“Oh… Anise… even if I’m hallucinating… I’m glad… that I can see you in my dying moments…”

“No, I’m real! I’m not a hallucination! You need to pull yourself together! I’m also trying my best! I’m not giving up!”

Lector! Get it together! This isn’t the time to be smiling smugly.

Stop it! And don’t let the snow fall!

I shivered in fear as I saw the white snow flickering outside the window.

Is this the compulsion of the scenario…?

Is this the power of fate?!

No, you can change fate! If I don’t change it then…!

What have I been working so hard for!

I’ve been working hard to keep him from dying!

But the roots of the black illness seemed to be deeply rooted in Lector and I couldn’t pull them out no matter how hard I tried.

My magic hasn’t run out. I don’t feel like it’s going to run out at all.

Why won’t it budge?!

Just as I was half-crying from impatience, Lolo reverted to her kitten form and jumped onto my shoulder.

“Meooow!” 『Master, you can use my magic too!』

“Oh, Lolo…! Thanks! I won’t hold back then!”




I threw away all my grace and posture and borrowed all the magic I could from Lolo and intertwined it with the rest of my magic, then with the full force of my hands and body, I pulled all the disease out of him and ripped it away.

The heap of black smoke that had been pulled out from him lost its place, swirled in the air and finally vanished.

Life was returning to Lector’s face.

Yes! That face!

You look much better with that refreshing, grinning, arrogant expression of yours! 

“Huh… it’s the real Anise…?”

He looked at me with his eyes full of energy.

“Yes! It’s me! I’m back!” I smiled at Lector and informed him that I had returned.

Ah, serious… I’m glad…!

Perhaps because I was relieved, I lost my strength from exhaustion, but I managed to waive my right hand and use the last of my strength to purify the black smoke from the entire fortress.

All of it, disappear.

This fortress was a small spot compared to the whole Farglow army.

There was no black smoke anywhere as far as my skill can examine. I was so relieved that I relaxed and blacked out.

Hmm, I overdid it… Let me rest for a bit…

It’s soft and warm all of a sudden, and I’m extremely sleepy… yup, this is comfortable…

“Anise! Don’t die…!” I think I heard a voice nearby.

No, I’m not dying. I’m just a little tired ―――.