Extra 01: The Vice-General’s Beloved Wife 01

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

Lector looked at the Vice-General grimly.

I was getting my strength back and was gradually getting back to work in the fortress.

I went to his office with documents in hand because I wanted to ask him something.

“She’s coming…? That Liberal Princess…”

“Yes… she’s already on her way here and the letter says that she’ll be here tomorrow…”

The Vice-General looked as if he had given up.

I’m sure that Lector and the Vice-General knew that I was there, but they continued their conversation.

… Liberal Princess?

Lector was still looking at the Vice-General grimly as he held out his hand for the documents.

I handed him the document while listening to their conversation. Of course, I would listen.

“Jouvence, I’ll give you permission. You can take your leave now. You can go back to your parents’ house for a while.”

“But she’ll be here tomorrow. She’s almost here. It’s too late.”

“Why is she only telling us now?”

“Of course, because she wants to come here. If she hadn’t done this, then you would have quickly chased me away.”

Then the both of them sighed deeply at the same time.


I didn’t know what they were talking about, but the Liberal Princess will be coming here tomorrow?

So, I should prepare to welcome her.

But is there a problem with her?!

This fortress had been used as a frontline base for the war until recently, so there weren’t any real visitors. No one would want to come to such a dangerous place.

So, until now, even if someone were to come here, it was only for a short stay and they all left quickly, like a soldier coming to deliver a message, or a messenger delivering a message from the royal palace.

Even now, Lector was refusing visitors who had no reason to come here because he was dealing with the aftermath of the war.

Well, there have been people who want to visit so that they can get close to those who contributed to the war or to see the ‘Saint of Salvation’…

And there are those who come unexpectedly so Lector couldn’t refuse them, and he strangely seemed to want to flee.

But I don’t think the person who they call the ‘Liberal Princess’ is a man.

So, she’ll be the first woman to be welcomed by me.

A woman… hmm, which guestroom would she like? What’s her status? And position? A lot of questions popped up in my mind.

“Hmm… Excuse me, Anise-sama. Actually, I just received a letter from my wife saying that she would be coming here… I apologise for the inconvenience,” the Vice-General said while bowing.

“Your wife?!”

The Vice-General’s wife!

She’s the wife of this rugged, manly Vice-General who the soldiers in this fortress look up to!

“Yeah, her name is Princess Crowill. She’s the daughter of the previous emperor and she’s quite wild…” Lector said as if he was having a hard time finding words to describe her.

“Princess?! She’s a royal?!”

Oh no! I don’t know how to entertain someone like that! And she’s coming tomorrow?! Why so sudden!?

My thought ran cold at the thought of her high status and the lack of time I had to prepare for her arrival.

This was bad. This was an urgent matter that I needed to discuss with Liza!

I quickly tried to leave Lector’s office, but the Vice-General stopped me.

“Hmm! Even though she’s a former member of the royal family, she’s been married off and she’s officially a member of my ducal house, so she doesn’t need any special attention. Only the General and I call her Liberal Princess… so she actually has a lower position than you. You don’t need to worry.”

“No, no, no, she was a Princess, so her status is already much higher than mine…”

She already had a high status to me since she was born and raised as a royal. I’m sure she’ll be astonished once she sees through all my crude behaviours!

Ah, what is happening?

I have to at least keep her a little comfortable and in a good mood.

So, I need to prepare the best room, the best sheets, and bedding, and what else? The best bathroom and towels? Ahh, is there enough for her?! I wish I had more time to prepare.

“… Anise, you’re also part of the royal family now. On paper, you have a higher status than Princess Crowill.”

“Oh, yes, you’re right. But she’s been a member of the royal family since birth… I feel like our social etiquettes are different.”

“Oh, she’s not the type of person who cares about her birth or social etiquettes, so it’s fine. She won’t nag you about any of that.”

“But she must be accustomed to living a glamorous life since ducal houses are also high-class nobles and rich. I hope she can understand that even if we give her the best hospitality it won’t amount to much since this is a fortress in the middle of nowhere. She won’t do something like only using silk sheets, or something, right?”

There were only basic things here. This was a military facility used during wartime, so we did have cloths that can be used as sheets, but they can also be ripped and used as bandages when needed.

This wasn’t a place where princesses or noble ladies should come. We didn’t have a collection of gorgeous and delicate items here.

Even Lector usually uses linen sheets…

They’re durable, easy to clean and very practical.

I hope my practical-orientated personality doesn’t spoil her mood since she was a former princess of this kingdom.

“It’s fine. In fact, keep delicate things like silk away from here. You don’t need to prepare a separate guestroom for her since she’s my wife. I will accommodate her in my bedroom.”

The Vice-General said a little shyly. How refreshing… an embarrassed muscle brain.

“Oh, that’s right. You two are married. You can’t stay in separate rooms! Then, I’ll put another bed for your wife in your living quarters.”

That was when I finally calmed down. That’s right. They’re husband and wife, so they would want to be together.

She was coming to see her husband.

I see, that’s right…

Even though this was Lector’s fortress, the main members of the army also lived here, so the Vice-General had a minimum living space such as a bedroom, living room and study. The Vice-General had a large and splendid room. So, a couple can probably live there without much discomfort. His bedroom had room for another bed.

“I’ll ask one of my men to bring a suitable one to my room, so if you can just give me some linen. Any will do.”

“You can’t just give her anything. I want to make her stay as comfortable as I can. Does she need anything else? Let me know.” I said and the Vice-General’s eyes roamed around for some reason.

Then, he said as if he was biting his teeth, “It’s okay. Uh, she’s strong…”

He slurred his words for some reason, but contrary to his words, he left with a skip.

“Hmm, the Vice-General is… in a happy mood…” I said.

“Well… They get along… His wife probably said, ‘The war is over, so I can visit, right?!’. She’s always unexpected like this…”

Oh my, she’s that kind of person…?

Come to think of it, I never heard of the Vice-General taking a holiday after the war, so I guess she wanted to see him.

I can understand how she feels as a woman. So, I’ll let the two flirt to their heart’s content.

Fufufu~. I wonder what the Vice-General’s wife is like.

I then prepared the best top of the line linen, cutlery and maids for her.

Of course, I had help from Liza. Or rather I was following Liza’s orders *cough*.