Extra 03: The Vice-General’s Beloved Wife 03

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

The next morning when I went to the fortress dining hall to have breakfast, I met the Vice-General and his wife having breakfast together. They were sitting next to each other and were getting along well while eating.

“Good morning. Did you have a good rest yesterday?”

It was wrong to disturb them, but I couldn’t ignore them because I was the mistress of this fortress.

I’m sorry for disturbing you two… but I don’t want to be taken as a mistress who ignores her guests…

I apologised to them in my mind.

I should have had my breakfast 30 minutes later!

But Princess Crowill looked radiant and innocent as she sat next to her husband.

“Oh my! Thank you, Anise-sama. I was able to rest well thanks to you. Travelling is hard on the body when you’re old, but I feel so much better after a good night’s sleep. I slept so well that I couldn’t even hear my husband’s snoring!”

“Why did you say that I snore? My subordinates have never said that I’ve snored before.”

“Oh my, of course they wouldn’t tell you. What an inconsiderate boss. Well, I would have tapped him lightly to stop him if he was snoring too loudly. But I slept so well yesterday that I didn’t notice.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that.”

Then, they went back into their own world once again after a simple greeting.

“You could have just told me.”

“Oh, can you fix it if I tell you? But a good night’s sleep is important.”

“Then, you’re lucky that I’m not around most of the time since you can sleep peacefully.”

“I guess so, but your snoring can be cute once in a while. Ufufu.”

They’re lovey-dovey.

I was amazed to see the Vice-General acting lovestruck and sulking in the morning.

I see, even a strong man like him can be lovestruck when he’s in front of someone he loves. That means he’s always been a devoted person…

I was so surprised by this new side of the Vice-General and was sure that I was making the same distant look as Lector had yesterday.

Yeah, I’ll have breakfast.

But I was already full.

I don’t think I need any sugar in my after-meal tea today either…

I ate my breakfast while feeling alienated and alone when Lector walked in. He raised his eyebrow when he saw the Vice-General and his wife and then quickly looked blank again.

As expected of Lector; he’s quick to react. I wonder if that means that he’s seen these two act like this many times in his life.

Does that mean that they’ve always been like this…?

“Hubby, have some of this too. It’s your favourite scrambled eggs. Open up~.”

I never thought I would see someone feeding someone else, let alone in the dining room of a fortress which was in the middle of nowhere. Yup, and it was a beautiful, young lady. The feeder was a former princess and the one being fed was a muscle brain.


Lector, who sat next to me, decided to ignore them and just started eating his breakfast in silence.

He always sat next to me, but I have a feeling he was a little closer than usual…

But I was happy since I was feeling lonely a while ago. I’m sure Lector was feeling the same way.

I wanted someone to help me oppose the two who were throwing hearts at each other.

But he was the master of this fortress, and it was his duty to lead the conversation and create a friendly breakfast atmosphere… Yeah, he’s given up.

Of course, I also quickly gave up.

We can’t even intrude into their world. Or rather, I don’t think we should interrupt them.

I didn’t believe it was possible for the Vice-General to act lovey-dovey… Is it alright for me to see this?

The Vice-General, who usually looked manly and ordered his men without holding back, was at the mercy of his wife.

He obeyed her without a single complaint.

Also, he looked happy although he also looked a little embarrassed…

“Lector, are those two always like this?” I whispered to Lector.

And sure enough, his answer was, “They’ve always been like this. Jouvence said he wouldn’t pay any attention to her at first, but they were already like this when I met them.”

“I see.”

“Jouvence, why don’t you two go out today? You can even go on a little trip. You two haven’t seen each other in a while, so why don’t you spend some time together? Take a holiday. I’ll allow it,” Lector said without looking at the Vice-General or his wife.

“No, but I have work to do.”

The Liberal Princess looked at me with sparkling eyes and said, “Oh my! Lector, you’ve grown up. I didn’t know you were capable of being considerate… But I’m alright. I’ll hang out with Anise while you’re both busy. Right? Saint-sama? Will you show me around the fortress if you have time? This is such a nice place. The servants are also nice. Oh, and I’m sure you’ll like to know about what’s going on in the capital. You’ll need to know about the latest scandals if you’re going to the capital any time soon.”

Yeah, she’s not going to listen to what Lector says, and she does what she wants.

I feel like I understand the origin of her nickname.

Lector sighed quietly next to me.

Princess Crowill put the bacon she had cut to pieces into the Vice-General’s mouth with an ‘aaah’, then Lector stared at his own bacon in his hand.

I wonder why I feel a depressed aura from him?