Extra 04: The Vice-General’s Beloved Wife 04

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

—Princess Crowill’s perspective—

I wonder what kind of work my hubby does here.

He only responds to me once a week no matter how many letters I send him. Isn’t that horrible?

But I’ve been wanting to meet Anise-sama ever since he mentioned her in a letter. You’re already a hot topic in the capital, so I’m glad I got to meet you before anyone else in the capital.

But Lector seemed indifferent like always. He always responds with his usual smile and polite reply no matter what I said to him, but I wonder if he does it to you too? Isn’t that boring? He has always been popular because of his looks, so it was surprising to see that he didn’t look happy at all. I wonder if he acts differently with his wife.

It was fun to watch my hubby since he makes all kinds of expressions, but it was a secret that I sometimes wish he would learn a little from Lector as a soldier.


—Anise’s perspective—

Today, the two of us were strolling in the garden while having a (one-sided) conversation.

Even so, I was having the most fun I’ve ever had with the arrival of a woman, who I can talk to from the same eye level, like a friend.

Princess Crowill was cheerful, and friendly and it felt like I was with a good friend or young aunt.

It was amazing how she didn’t look her age even though she was at an age where she could be my mother. Moreover, her lively behaviour and words made me feel as if there wasn’t a generation gap between us.

That was why it was fun to be with her.

However, I kept spitting sugar out of my mouth every day whenever the Vice-General finished his work, and his wife was with him.

How is it, how is it! How is it that the Vice-General, who I believed was a manly, muscle brain, can suddenly turn soft when he was with his wife?

They must have been married for several decades now judging from their age.

Even so, I was jealous of their passionate love.

I also want to marry and get along well with my husband for decades, but as expected…

I can’t do what they’re doing.

They loved each other so passionately, but I would never have believed it if I had only heard about it.

I still think it was a dream even though I’ve seen them act this way with my own eyes.

“The Vice-General’s quick actions were amazing when Lector was struck by a poisonous arrow at the fighting competition. If it hadn’t been for his actions, there was a good chance that Lector would have been in greater danger,” I told Princess Crowill when we arrived at the exact spot where it had happened.

Many months had passed since then, but it still seemed like yesterday to me.

The season had also changed.

“I’m glad to hear that. He must have been desperate since he cares for Lector so much. They’ve always been close,” Princess Crowill said as she squinted her eyes nostalgically and smiled fondly.

“They’ve always been close?”

I was a little jealous since she had known them a lot longer than me.

“Yes, they’re very close. I guess it’s because neither of them are the heirs to their families, so they both had to find their own way in life. They also both had a talent for martial arts. That was why Jouvence decided to train Lector. Lector accepted this with open arms and his sword skills improved rapidly. But one day, Lector awoke to a rare skill… But I’m glad he seems happy now,” Princess Crowill said as she looked down. Her actions were telling me not to ask about this.

But I was happy to hear her say that Lector seemed happy now.

They must have been through a lot. I hope that I can hear about this from them one day.

Just then, the General and Vice-General walked by.

The Vice-General looked slightly lovestruck when he saw his wife.

The Vice-General still looked like his rugged self, but if one were close to him, then they could see a subtle difference in his aura.

But that Vice-General was lovestruck…

The Vice-General was madly in love with Princess Crowill. Was he madly in love with her even before they got married?!

I could feel a happy aura from Princess Crowill, who was standing next to me. Then, she got excited and ran over to him, “Oh myyy! It’s so nice to see my hubby working~~!”

It felt as if she ended her sentences with a heart. Oh, Liberal Princess…

I’m really jealous that you’re always so honest with your emotions.

I realised that Vice-General Jouvence was more important than anything else to Princess Crowill.

How nice. It was a very charming scene, so I’ll try not to get in the way of the happy couple.

So, I decided to go to my husband, who had been knocked away by Princess Crowill and was standing dumbfounded some distance away from the two of them.

“Lector, good work. They really get along well. The Vice-General must feel lonely since he’s stationed so far away from home,” I said as I looked at the Vice-General and his wife, who quickly entered their own world and were hugging.

If it were me, I would be sad to be away from Lector for months on end, let alone years. That was what the two were doing.

I sincerely hope that the two of them can be together to their heart’s content when they meet even if we were flicked away like dust.

But Lector seemed to think differently.

“Yeah. This situation is perfect for Jouvence.”

“No way. Even though he’s acting that lovey-dovey with her?”

“Because she’s the Liberal Princess. She acts like that every day, ever since they were children. I’ve been watching them and I’m already sick of it.”

“Huh?! Since they were children?!”

“They’re childhood friends. She was a princess, so she had a lot of good marriage proposals like from heirs of good noble families and foreign princes, but she always said that she would marry Jouvance because she preferred him and turned down all the offers. She’s also a strong woman who spent more than ten years trying to win over Jouvence because he didn’t feel the same way.”

“Huh… That’s some amazing persistence…”

I can’t believe that Princess Crowill has a history like this…

Wait, she’s been like this for nearly all her life?!