Extra 05: The Vice-General’s Beloved Wife 05

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

“She’s been like that for a long time. It must be hard to be with her every day.”

“But the Vice-General seemed happy to see his wife earlier.”


“He’s slightly lovestruck.”


Huh, can he not see it?

They looked very much in love, so I said sincerely, “I hope his post will end now that the war is over.”

“That’s what I’ve been saying… But Jouvence said, ‘I’ll only be a hindrance once I get back. The capital is just full of tea parties and parties every day, and I’ll be dragged out every day to escort her to them if I’m at home even if I have no interest in them. The battlefield is much better!’”


“He never liked socialising, so he prefers to wear his military uniform instead of dressing up in trendy clothes.”

Ah, I understand that.

“But Princess Crowill might feel lonely.”

She has to separate from her beloved husband.

Then, Lector’s eyes looked a bit disgusted, “No, that Liberal Princess is really liberal. She will just barge in here at will if she wants to be with Jouvence. That’s how she is. It’s her choice not to come here and party in the capital every day. You probably don’t know this, but Princess Crowill is a socialite. She’s the queen of parties, but every once in a while, when she feels like it, she comes out of nowhere to spend time with Jouvence. It all depends on her mood. She’ll go back to the capital when she gets bored.”

“Huh, really?!”

“I’ve seen this happen many times before.”

“I see, so she’s done it a lot…”

Well, it’s possible with her aggressiveness and social status.

I looked at them with a faraway look and Princess Crowill seemed to have noticed us and waved.

“Oh, Lector. You were over there? Oh my, you two look like a painting when you’re together! Ufufu, how nice~!”

Then, Princess Crowill half dragged the Vice-General and walked over here.

Well, Lector was next to the Vice-General earlier, but you flicked him away.

You didn’t realise!?

However, I can feel love from the sight of the strong Vice-General being dragged along by his wife’s thin arms.

If the Vice-General resisted even a little, she wouldn’t even be able to move at all.

But Princess Crowill, who approached us with her eyes shining and dragging the Vice-General, who was breathing roughly, was very cute even though she was in her forties.

“Are you done talking?” Lector asked.

“Oh my, he and I will never finish our conversations. A woman has so many things to talk about! But I have something I want to ask you right now. I need to borrow him for a week or two. We have something important to do in the capital,” Princess Crowill said as she beamed with joy, but Vice-General Jouvance seemed slightly reluctant.

“Of course. Take him,” Lector immediately replied. It felt like his feelings were coming out in his tone.

“Thanks! Jouvance is very lucky to have an understanding boss. You two take your time too~.”

Princess Crowill dragged the big Vice-General Jouvance away again.

“… Lector, weren’t you and the Vice-General in the middle of work…?”

“Oh, yeah… But that won’t be possible for a while.”

“They’re going to the capital. I guess Princess Crowill is going home, and the Vice-General is going with her? Is that alright?”

“Yeah. But they might come back again. It doesn’t feel like she’s bored of this place yet. I can’t say no to her because she’ll take Jouvance away anyway. She never cared about my answer in the first place.”

“Oh… how liberal.”

“Yes. That’s why we call her the Liberal Princess.”

I glanced up at Lector’s face and saw that he looked as if he had already given up on everything and was at her mercy.

It was a very unusual look for someone who grinned and manipulated everything with a black belly.

“I see. She’s always been like that, right?”

“Yes. To her, I’m just a youngster, who will forever be Jouvence’s troublesome disciple.”

“Hmm… Well, I guess you can’t win against your master’s wife. You’ve been in their care for a long time…”

“Yeah, and she’s always acted like that regardless of if I was watching. At first, I was surprised since I was a child,” he said as he looked longingly in the direction where the two had left.

Hmmm… perhaps…

“Umm, are you jealous, Lector?” I asked. Lector looked at me in surprise, turned red and said, “Hah!? I-I’m not jealous… They can act like that because it’s them, I… It’s not like you to…”

But the fact that he didn’t outright deny this suggested that I was right.


Then, I said, “Huh? I might not say this often, but I love you. I’ve always thought you were cool, and of course, I’ve always thought you are much better than Vice-General Jouvence.”

It certainly wasn’t like me to do this, but it seemed that I had been influenced a little from listening to Princess Crowill’s sweet nothings every day, so I believed I could say that now.

So, I said it casually, like I always do, then I smiled at him while looking at his face. He usually had a big smile on his face, but he looked at a loss for words as he stared at me.


He started to sparkle with his eyes wide open.

Where did your usual playboy personality go? I thought he was going to say something like, “Me too,” but he didn’t say anything.

But I could tell that he was delighted.

I see, he was happy.

The fact that his leaking sparkles felt like they were bouncing meant that he actually likes these words, right?

Ah, that’s why he put up a wall and tried not to look envious when Princess Crowill and the Vice-General were flirting every day.

I see, so he likes this kind of thing…

I blinked at this surprising side of him.

Umm, I see… If it makes him that happy, then I’ll say it once in a while…

I secretly thought when I saw that Lector was in a good mood the whole day after that.