Extra 06: A Certain Maid’s Letter

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

Dear my best friend,


Thanks for your letter. I’m glad you’re doing well.

I’m doing well at my new job.

I was delighted when it was decided that I could come to this fortress.

Since it’s the General Lector, you know?

Among all the handsome princes, Prince Lector’s looks are in top 2, so just being able to see his face up close is a great pleasure for a mere relative of a lowly noble like me.

It’s completely different from watching him from afar at the occasional royal family official event that I rarely get invited to.

Also, if I were to become ‘his mistress’ by some mistake then… kyaaaaa!

Of course, I would have a wild idea like that being this close to him.

But when I started working for him and got a closer glimpse of him, I realised that General Lector is a very serious and straight-laced person.

So, there are many other maids and servants who have the same delusions, or even really believe that they can be his mistress, but none of them are able to attract his attention.

He always smiles and acts polite towards all the servants, but he always keeps a certain distance from us, and is a workaholic master who stays in his office. He has no interest in women at all!

So, everyone was surprised to find him with a ‘wife’ when he finally came back to the fortress after being away on a business trip for a while!

After all, it was sudden; very sudden!

A man who had never had a girlfriend before suddenly got married out of nowhere, and he even skipped the formal engagement period even though he’s a royal!


Do you know how many servants in this fortress cried when they heard that?!

His maid, Elelytra, thought he had gone crazy.

She must have been especially shocked since she was determined to use her beauty and technique to make him fall for her.

But I’ve always been bad with the strong-willed Elelytra, who always acts confident and gives work to others, so I secretly thought it was ‘nice’.

But even if she declared this boldly, she was so beautiful that everyone thought that it was possible.

However General Lector never even looked at her, much less smiled at her even though she desperately showed off how good she was.

And yet, and yet.

That General Lector smiles happily at his wife!

The corners of his eyes droop and he looked so happy! I was surprised.

Oh, his wife? His wife seems like a normal person.

Well, she’s nice? She’s not mean, she’s not pompous, and she doesn’t get angry at us for no reason. In fact, she seems a little timid.

She’s so timid it makes you wonder if she’s okay. It seems like she doesn’t know what it’s like to live in a fortress with servants. That’s why the Madam’s maid always gives her advice every day and I feel sorry for her.

But you know what?

It’s hard to believe that the madam is a ‘Saint’…

But General Lector declared that she is, and the Vice-General and other officers also acknowledged that she is.

But can you believe it? I can’t believe that there’s a ‘Saint’ that hasn’t been discovered until now, and she’s ‘timid’.

She’s not what I imagined. I always think that.

But then again, she married General Lector, so she’s his ‘wife’.

If he had married Elelytra then we would have had to serve her, so it’s not that bad.

At least, Madam isn’t the kind of person who would bully us.

Elelytra is awful. She really thought she would become his ‘wife’, so she hates the Madam for taking her place and has been secretly harassing her in every way she can think of.

No one could stop her because she’s so scary. She hysterically bullied anyone who disobeyed her when they weren’t with the Madam. I don’t know how such a person can become a senior servant. Was it because she’s the daughter of a good noble family?

I didn’t think much of the Madam, but I did feel a little sorry for her.

The Madam could be a bit sterner towards her… but she’s timid. I’m not sure if that’s a saintly thing, or if it’s just because she’s intimidated by Elelytra.

But then I saw General Lector glance at Elelytra one day and frown.

Of course, Elelytra would never show that kind of attitude in front of General Lector.

But I wasn’t seeing things.

It’s ironic that General Lector never looked at her once no matter how much she showed off, but he saw that part of her clearly…

And even though the Madam didn’t look like a ‘Saint’, it seemed that she really is a ‘Saint’.

Just the other day, she instantly healed a serious injury that even the head of the medical office said he had to amputate!

 She healed it instantly, and without a chant!

Even the head of the medical office, who was stubbornly sceptical of her, acknowledged that she is a ‘Saint’.

But the Madam didn’t seem proud of herself at all, she just had a happy smile on her face after she healed the person. Even I thought that she acted like a Saint.

It’s amazing. Master’s wife is a ‘Saint’!

Elelytra must have thought it was a bad idea to continue acting the way she had, because she quietened down, but it was already too late.

The other day, evidence of what she had done was collected and she got fired straight away.

She had no choice but to go back to her parent’s home after apparently declaring that she was going to marry into a family with rank. But I’m sure she won’t be able to work anywhere else since she was fired from this fortress.

But it became much easier for me to work after that. Elelytra was gone and the Master and his wife are good people. The pay is also good.

It’s also fun to see General Lector act flirtatious sometimes. It’s a perk. The other day, I saw him sneaking kind glances at the Madam.

Lately, he’s even rushing to build a new room next to his office just so that he can have tea with his wife. I feel like his love is too heavy.

I was a little turned off when I heard that.

The Madam also accompanies him every day. Maybe that’s love too?

But it was charming to see the two of them together all the time.

I wonder if I’ll ever find someone like that.

I’ll write to you again.

If you ever meet a wonderful woman someday, then please let me know since we’ve known each other for a long time. I’ll congratulate you!

But I didn’t know you were such a good writer, since you’re annoying and don’t get along with others. Aren’t you writing too much? But it makes me happy to hear about you and our hometown.

So, please write more about our hometown. Then, bye.


From your best friend.