Chapter 006: Dark Attribute and Concealment Magic

Shiu, who wanted an ability to lower his current status, levelled up his dark attribute to 5.

He, however, couldn’t understand the method to lower his status. Should I fake it? Or make it invisible? Making it transparent would require unattribute magic, right? Shiu sat cross-legged in the night forest and pondered.

Beasts had surrounded him by now but it felt like they were thinking, “What is this human doing?” because they watched him from a distance. Wild beasts were different from monsters, weren’t they? He rested his hands on his chin and gazed at them.

He knew how to lower of the status of others and wanted to try it out.


He tried to move to the monster that had been detected.

It was a stone boar again.



「Stone Boar (Boss)
MP: 36
Endurance: 51
Strength: 25
Agility: 18
Intelligence: 5」

It showed.

“Oh, so it was a group of stone boar bosses the other day.”

The stone boar’s nostril flared as it glared at Shiu, defending its comrades. It was five metres in length.

MP 36 was like a level and indicated the amount of MP one had. The higher the amount, the higher the level. An average adult man had about 20 and Shiu was also around there. So the MP of the stone boar in front of his eyes was quite large.

“Well, let’s do it.”

The stone boar kicked its hind feet many times and looked like it was going to charge at Shiu so he decided to use his magic before it could.


The boss panicked because it was suddenly surrounded by a 「transparent wall」and couldn’t move at all. Then the surrounding mana disappeared and he could smell the scents around him.

“I thought that mana didn’t have a scent……”

He tried using 《APPRAISAL》again and the stone boar’s MP was still 36.

“I see. You can’t replenish it but does MP not decrease if you use it?”

What should I do? He thought for a while and then, (《ABSORB MAGIC》). He casted, but Shiu’s imagination was too weak.


I can decrease its current status, can’t I? Recovery? If it’s recovery, then it would be Heal, a combination of light and water attribute magic. That would mean that status decrease would be dark attribute? I feel like it’s a mixture of dark, wind and unattributed magic. He solidified his imagination and used it.


Shiu felt that the last obstruction would be like this: the mana in the opponent’s body rupturing. He tried to imagine that his opponent couldn’t use mana anymore.

“Ah, it worked.” He felt.


「Stone Boar (Boss)
MP: 4
Endurance: 12
Strength: 22
Agility: 15
Intelligence: 5」

It was difficult to change the value of endurance, strength, agility and intelligence but MP had clearly decreased.

「MANA STEAL」took the stolen mana out of the spatial wall and it seemed that Shiu could take the portion he’d stolen. He had imaged wind passing through the blood vessels for「INTERNAL DISORDER」and it seemed to have taken effect. He needed to experiment more, he could probably decrease his opponent’s status some more.

After that, all he needed to do was hide his own status but he gave up because he thought it would take a long time and began dismantling the stone boar. Of course, he was going to practice magic before defeating the rest of the sounder.


However, his practice bore no results. He easily casted spatial movement, but it was difficult to hide his status. He felt that it would be found out if he used blocking or obstructing his status.

He had to find a way to hide his status.

“Feles, isn’t there any good way to hide my status?”

He flicked the teaser made out of leather at the kitten, who was playing on the bed.

“Mya, mya, mya.”

Feles, who hadn’t listened to a single word Shiu said, was trying his best to catch the teaser.

“Looks like I won’t know until I study magic more.”

There had only been a few books about magic at the temple.

Imagination was key to magic but knowing the theory was also important.

Most of his knowledge came from his previous life so he didn’t know much about magic.

“I’ve hit a wall.”


“You replied even though you don’t understand a thing, didn’t you?”

Shiu laughed and poked Feles’s forehead. Of course, Feles was also cute like that.

Shiu thought that Feles wanted to be petted because he was lying on his back and poking out his stomach at him.

“Alright, okay. Here, does it itch anywhere ~?”

He petted Feles’ stomach while thinking and decided.

“Feles isn’t a baby anymore, should I head to the Royal Capital soon?”

Beast mounts grew up fast. They became adults within a year.

He had stayed in Corell City for nearly two months now. Feles had also entered his infant stage and it was probably safe to travel now.

“If that’s what I decide to do then I need to start preparing for the trip.”

He put the sleepy Feles on the middle of the bed and looked at the rucksack at the corner of the room before leaving.

He had to prepare in case of an emergency and didn’t rely on his spatial storage.



Corell City was the place he’d stayed longest during his trip and it was also the place that he’d done the least amount of sightseeing. Since it was his last time, he decided to look around and take his time to shop, it was really fun.

It was something he couldn’t imagine in his previous life. Shiu was healthy right now and didn’t feel exhausted one bit, so he walked everywhere. He hiked a lot when he was younger so his legs were sturdy and his robust body didn’t get hurt nor sick. He didn’t think that it would be this fun to look at items freely using his own two feet. He imitated people at the markets and tried haggling.

He found a bakery while walking around. Everyone made their own bread in the countryside, so there were no shops that specialised in bread.

The bell chimed when he opened the door and he could smell the pleasant fragrance of wheat.

“Welcome ~.”


He looked around the store after giving his greetings. There were many kinds of breads other than the normal round one.

“What is this?”

He pointed at a rectangular stick shaped bread and the clerk came out with a smile on their face and answered, “It’s honey stick bread. Adventurers take hard bread with them on long journeys, but I thought that they must get tired of eating it. So I kneaded it with honey and tried to change the taste.”

“Oh, that sounds great.”

“Do you want to taste some?”

The clerk gave a piece of bread to Shiu for him to try.

“Ah, this is delicious.”

“Thank you. We’re particular about the honey. Someone who can train big carpenter bees lives near the city and they grow flowers that are fragrant and tasty.”

Big carpenter bees were monsters and they couldn’t be trained without taming magic.

“That’s amazing.”

“Isn’t it? Big carpenter bees gather more honey than normal bees. It’s not bitter and very delicious.”

The clerk was pleased that he’d praised the bread and taught him many things.

Shiu brought the honey stick bread in bulk. The clerk also gave him a small bottle of honey as a gift for purchasing a lot of other breads as well. He was happy that he was able to have this kind of interaction.

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