Chapter 019: The Elf Girl and Looking for a Dog

The person who looked at him as if saying, what’s with this idiot, was young. They were boys and without a doubt male. He had a baby face and it was like his height alone was the only thing that grew. He had a mature aura about him.

Everyone turned to look at Shiu and he called out to the girl standing in the middle, “Miss, do you know these people?” He was surprised that the girl didn’t seem troubled. He would feel bad if she knew them so he’d asked politely ――.

“No, they’re bothering me.”

“Ah, is that so?”

“Did you come to help me, kid?”

“Yes. But you seem fine?”

The girl chuckled and reached for Shiu but the young men got in her way.

“What a precocious brat. Get out of the way.”

“We’re the ones who found this kid.”

“Come have tea with us. This kind of place doesn’t suit you. The store, Ja Taille suits you more.”

Oh, so they were hitting on her. He thought, but she did say they were annoying so he should probably help her out. However, she was extremely calm.

Shiu had finally noticed that there was a reason why she was so calm. He had used Appraisal on her. He found out that she was an elf and that her status was off the charts. She had more than 100 MP.

The girl shook the men’s hand while Shiu was thinking and walked towards him.

“I’d prefer to go with this kid to tea. That’s fine, right?”

“…… Sure.” Shiu replied and the dumbfounded men came to their sense. Shiu pulled the girl’s hand.

“Run, Miss.”

“I’m not good at running.” She said but ran with him anyway.

“Ah, hey. Wait.” The young men suddenly realised that 《BEWITCHING》had been secretly casted on them. They were surrounded by smoke before they’d noticed because she had casted a chantless spell.


Her name was Tia. She thanked him. However, Shiu didn’t think that he’d helped her out at all, he smiled ambiguously and shook his head.

“But you certainly did save me from those bad looking men. Ah, you’re so cute.”

Hah? He wanted to reply, but didn’t. Shiu changed the subject.

“I’ll send you home.”

“…… What?”

“You’re an ojou-san, it’ll be dangerous if they found you again.”

“…… I, I see. Then, walk me home.”

“I will.”

She gave a strange reaction, so she might have thought that he was hitting on her. Shiu felt anxious but he couldn’t leave a young lady alone after all; especially a good looking one who might be hit on again. Therefore, he decided to accompany her home.


They arrived at an inn for intermediate class adventurers located at the commoner’s block.

“Then, I’ll be off.” Tia panicked and grabbed his hand when he said that and turned around to leave.

“Wait. I haven’t thanked you yet.”

“I didn’t really do anything.”

“But you walked me back, didn’t you.”

“I think it’s a man’s duty to send an ojou-san home.”

“…… Ah, well. That’s true.”

Perhaps, she was confused at being called an “ojou-san” because she was an elf and she was probably older than she looked. But her appearance was that of a girl, and for races such as elves, their appearance could also be said to be their mental age. Old man Stan also said this, and it was written in a book as well. He was sorry if she was offended by that. Shiu smiled wryly and waved his hand.

“I still have work to, so I’ll be off. Be careful next time, Miss.”

Tia remained at the front entrance for a while.


It was late, but he started looking for the dog in the afternoon.

But, what kind of magic was suitable for searching? Shiu thought about changing the settings for 《EVERY DIRECTION SEARCH》. However, he could finally use it unconsciously so it would be a shame if it changed weirdly.

He thought for a while and decided to overlap it with detection magic. The dog that he was searching for was a small one, so it had a timid personality. It was bigger than rats and smaller than big breeds; it also didn’t move like a cat. Guards patrolled the merchant block at the Royal Capital a lot, so Shiu had never seen a stray cat or dog before. There might be rats under the city, but it was faster to search for the dog with these requirements in mind.

He focused the detection conditions to things such as size and movement. He also added unaccounted places and used the owner’s mansion as the centre. Just to be sure, he chanted it in his mind.


He laughed unintentionally, he ended up overlapping his magic again. He rarely failed to cast magic, even if his thoughts were interrupted. Even the instructions in spellbooks were written in a way so that people wouldn’t think of excessive things. Therefore, he concentrated and casted it again.

“Ah, I found you.”

The dog was easy to find. He had thought that he could find it quickly but this was too fast. Shiu was confused.

“…… Ah, does it have an automatic tracking function?”

When he casted it the second time, he was thinking about the smell. It seemed that he was able to track the dog from the smell it left in the requester’s mansion.

The dog was resting in a garbage dump near the park in the commoner’s block.


The dog was dirty and it had strayed for a few days now, but it wasn’t thin. He went to inform the owner where the dog was while thinking that it probably rummaged through the garbage.

At any rate, the owner was the wife of a wealthy merchant and she looked gaudy. The first thing she said was, “Such a dirty child is not our Henry!”

It was also bad of Shiu to be thoughtless and not wash the dog. However, he had thought that she would want to meet the dog as soon as possible, so he had brought it to her in a hurry. The butler entered the room as if hearing his inner thoughts.

“Madam. Henry-sama has surely gone on an adventure beyond our imaginations. He must have been hungry and faced harsh situations.”

Shiu didn’t add, “He wasn’t hungry and he didn’t have any injuries,” instead he said, “Mhm, if it’s alright with you, should I clean this child?”

The butler was pleased so he casted 《WASH AND DRY》. This would probably get rid of even the most stubborn stains. He was met with surprised faces because he had done this chantlessly, so he hastily said, “I brought the cleaning magic tool I inherited……”

He had made a strange excuse. He gave them the request form before they could ask him where he was keeping it. The butler looked puzzled as he signed the form, so Shiu quickly left the mansion.


I made a blunder, Shiu sighed. He knew that people who could cast magic chantlessly were rare, he had been careless. Nonetheless, he was hesitant to say those embarrassing words out loud. Was there a way for me to use chantless magic?

Shiu thought as he headed towards the guild before going to Bariado Tool Shop. He met Aquila on his way to the Tool Shop, so they went to the counter through the backdoor.

Emina was working. It was still early for their study session, so Shiu sat in the resting area behind the counter.. Aquila talked about her school a lot whenever they had free time like this. She lived in the centre district like Emina did.  She attended the Second Royal Secondary School. Commoners could attend the First School if they had excellent grades.

“The students from the Academy came to my school today for exchange. It was so unpleasant.”


Shiu thought it referred to private schools and was puzzled. Aquila saw this, smiled, and proceeded to explain it to him. She was happy to teach him; probably because he was the one who usually taught her.

“There are a lot of Royal Schools in the Royal Capital, you know. “Academy” usually referred to Royal Loire Academies. Actually, there are also Royal Loire Magic Academy and Royal Loire Knight Training Academy.”

“Is that so?”

“Either way, we only call them magic school or knight school. Academy meant something amazing but……”

She frowned.

“Only royals, nobles, and the sons of wealth merchants could enrol in an Academy. Extremely bright kids could also enrol.”

The ‘amazing’ thing about Academies was that they were bright.

The children who attended an Academy usually clashed with commoners.

“You said unpleasant. Did something happen?” He asked, and she raged.

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