Chapter 022: Adventurer’s Party

People have at least one or two things that they want to hide. Was it right to uncover and expose those secrets? It would probably have been alright if it had to do with social reforms. Shiu remembered a historical drama that he saw in his previous life and nodded once.

“I’m human.”


They didn’t seem to be amused.

The comedy show was aimed towards young people and seemed to be a bit like bullying so Shiu didn’t watch much. He regretted saying anything. He had been bad at jokes even in his previous life and the only jokes he had heard in this life were adventurer jokes that the geezer had told him. He barely laughed at these jokes too so they weren’t very good.

It was silent for a while and then the cheerful man spoke, “Ah, in other words it’s that. We thought you were using mimicking or something like that.”

“Not like we’d blame you. Cause right now, I’m an elf mimicking as a human.”

See, Tia showed him her ears. She spun round saying “I’m an elf” and Shiu noticed that her ears were a little pointed. He had thought that elves had long and extended ears, but only the helix, the upper part of the ears were a bit pointed. He had met a high elf baby before and all he could think of was, “Hmm.”

Shiu was confused about how to answer her and Gradius spoke, “Well, I thought you were from a non-human race.”

“…… Why did you think that?” Shiu asked out of curiosity and the most sensible looking man answered, “We’re looking for a certain dwarf. Perhaps, you might be him.” Shiu was crestfallen and looked at the man.

That perhaps.

“…… I, am I that short?” He was a little worried about it so he asked, but he only got an apologetic look in return.

The cheerful man suddenly stretched and sighed after a few seconds of silence.

“Ah, so you’re a human after all?”

“I’m sorry I’m human.”

“…… You’re really funny.”

Surprisingly, could I joke with him? Shiu cheered up a little.

“Well, I’m certainly thankful that he helped Tia out without any ulterior motives. Sorry. Thanks for helping her out.”

“I said the same thing to the Miss, but I didn’t do anything that needs thanks.”

“If that’s the case, then maybe your age is misrepresented? You just look super young? Or ――.”

“Oh, do you perhaps have appraisal magic?”

The sensible man was correct. Shiu was caught off-guard and his reaction was delayed by a mere second.

I don’t, he attempted to say but the sensible person grinned.

“Sorry, my bad. So it’s like that, huh? Is the reason you’re so calm, despite your age, because you’re gifted?

Shiu gave up and nodded, thinking that it was safer for them to assume so.

“Mm, I’d like to keep this a secret so……”

“I know! The gifted have a hard time from a young age. I know that feeling.”

The cheerful man grinned and said, “So, you know our statuses too?”

Shiu lied, reluctantly, “Only a little.” This way he could still say that his level was average. He certainly couldn’t say that his appraisal magic was at level 5.

It was decided that he would meet them again the next day. Shiu told them that he still had work to do in the afternoon and made that promise. Still, he admired how different pros were.

The cheerful man had 「Spirit Magic」. It was the first time he’d seen it even though he had found this out with his appraisal magic. 

The next day, he went to the Hawk Eye Cottage without taking any requests in the afternoon because they said that they would treat him to lunch.

He thought that he would be eating at the inn’s dining room, but Tia yelled in front of the reception, “Let’s go to a delicious place,” and left him wondering where they would be eating.

The place they ended up at was an open cafe built out of wood, located in the western central district. It had a country side atmosphere and made Shiu feel somewhat nostalgic.

He thought that because she was an elf, she would feel more at ease surrounded by trees and greenery. However, it seemed that her appetite came first because she said, “The steak they have at lunch here is delicious.”

There was a cool wind blowing so they grabbed a seat on the terrace. They ordered lunch before talking. The cheerful man spoke first, “I’ll introduce myself again. I’m the leader of this party, Kiahi Degallo. I can use Spirit Magic, it’s level 4. I can also use some basic magic.”

Shiu was worried about whether it was alright for him to know this, but Kiahi probably thought that he’d already known about it from his appraisal magic. Usually, one wouldn’t go around telling other people their status. It was a tool for business and it was also a shield used to protect oneself. It was, also, only natural that Shiu lied about his magic.

By the way, Shiu had given the leader, Kiahi, the nickname “Cheerful man”. He was a young man with white skin, dark blonde hair, and blue eyes. He had more than enough sex appeal to excite most women in the world. He was 21. He didn’t say what job he was good at, but appraisal showed that he was an assassin.

The next man introduced himself when Kiahi finished his introduction. He had the same face as Kiahi, but a completely different aura. It was the sensible looking man.

“I’m Kirch Degallo. Kiahi’s twin brother. My unique magic is copy magic. Level 3. I can use the same basic magic as Kiahi.”

He had exactly the same face as Kiahi, but he didn’t ooze out sex appeal at all. He looked like a diligent scholar. They were both lean, their strength and agility were both represented by similar values, but they didn’t resemble each other at all. They might have done this deliberately. Kirch’s job was thief. Thief had the meaning of “robber”, but for adventurers it represented those who disarmed traps and were nimble.

Next, the big man readily raised his fists in the air, “I’m Gradius Gael. A swordsman, I can only use 3 basic magic spells.”

Instead, his endurance and strength were ridiculous.

Rather, all the members of this party were quite experienced. Rank ――or progression―― didn’t show up with appraisal so Shiu wasn’t sure, but all their status values were high. Incidentally, rank didn’t show up in appraisal, it was a rule that the guild had decided, since it had nothing to do with their original abilities. This was the reason why the amount of MP was generally used as a way to gauge a person’s true ability.

“I’m Laetitia Arbus. I’m an elf and an archer. I use farsight magic. It’s not a gift, so it’s still only level 2. I can use all basic magic except for dark magic.”

Isn’t it amazing, her face seemed to say, so Shiu nodded in another sense. 

She even had an MP value or 108, in contrast to the average 20 that normal humans had. It was quite a sizable amount. However other than magic, her abilities were less than that of an average person’s. The other day, she didn’t seem to like running when they ran away from the men who were hitting on her. Shiu thought that it must have certainly been tiring.

This party had a good balance using the minimum amount of people. He tried to recall what the geezer, who had been a former adventurer, had told him. Vanguard, battle system and raid support. Laetitia had level 4 basic light attribute magic, so she should be able to use heal. If he thought like that then they were definitely a high-levelled party.


Shiu tilted his head in confusion and Kiahi sprung a sexy smile on his face and put his hands on Shiu’s chin.

“Can’t you tell us about yourself, Shiu?”

Even if he whispered so with sparkling eyes, no matter how he talked, that magic didn’t work on Shiu. Sure enough, Kiahi smiled bitterly.

“The hell. So it doesn’t work after all. I thought it was strange.”

He sluggishly stretched and let out a sigh of resignation.

Lunch arrived then.

Spirit magic caused status abnormalities, so Shiu thought it was a wonderful thing depending on how one used it. It seemed that Kiahi used it to hit on people. Kirch was the one who told Shiu this.

“The hell, Kirch. Don’t sell me out.”

“He already knows. Right, Shiu?”

Gradius didn’t care about the situation and had been stuffing his face with steak. Shiu was worried about whether he was actually savouring the food or not.

Gradius looked like a fearless black haired swordsman. It strangely made Shiu sad to see him eat so intensely without changing his expression. It reminded him of the goods shortage in his previous life after the war. Everyone was starving. Please, I want you to eat slowly.

However, there must be a reason for why he ate so fast.

 “…… You’re looking at him pitifully. He’s from a large family of poor nobles. He was raised up in the army, so he’s just gluttonous, that’s all. Well, it is pitiful in a way.”

What? Even so, Shiu was glad that he didn’t have a pitiful past. Pheles was sitting on Shiu’s lap and he shared bread with him. They had lunch slowly, so that Gradius could see.

Once lunch had settled, Shiu greeted everyone once again.

“Shiu Aquila. I’m nearly 12. I was born in the mountain recesses and raised there. The woodcutter who raised me died and I was left alone. So I came to the Royal Capital to find work.”

Kiahi and Kirch also ate quickly and were having tea after their meal. They smiled and nodded.

Incidentally, Guardius ate four pieces of steak. He also ate an innumerable amount of bread. This café probably regretted having an all-you-can-eat bread menu for lunch.

“You were raised in the countryside, huh. So, it can’t be helped that you’re a little weird.”

“How rude, Kiahi.”

“Not as rude as you, Tia. So, where’s this mountain recess.”

“Agatha Town…… No, it’s a village? Well, I don’t know. It’s in Jota mountain range.”

Shiu knew now that Agatha Town, wasn’t a “town”. It was a self-proclaimed town. It was actually a “village”.

“Jota mountain range? It’s an amazing place. You’ve done well travelling from such a place. Just by doing that, aren’t you an adventurer?”

“You didn’t have to look for a job, did you?”

Gradius nodded and stuffed his mouth with a side of fries while Kiahi and Kirch were talking. Laetitia looked at them in disgust.

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