Chapter 023: Study Group at the End of an Explanation

Shiu decided to talk about things to a certain extent before listening to the stories of the four people. He had only said that he had appraisal magic as a gift, he didn’t say what level it was. They were surprised that he could use all basic magic, so he decided not to tell the truth.

“Indeed, you don’t seem unfazed even when you see adventurers like us. If you think about a 12 year old who could use magic to that extent is already better than us.”

“No, I’m definitely inferior.”

“Why are you being formal?”

“…… Mm, but isn’t it meaningless because you only have 20 MP?” Laetitia raised her eyebrows suspiciously.

“Hold on, you only have 20 MP?”

“Oh, yes.”

“…… Being able to appraisal people means that it’s at least at level 3. It’s also a gift. You can also use all sorts of basic magic. That means ――.”

“It’s weird if you don’t have at least 30 MP.” Kirch continued after Laetitia. However, Shiu was surprised when he was told that it was weird.

He had done the proper calculations. He made sure to match it with his status after he’d concealed it. This time, they had surely found out about his appraisal magic. He had decided to use production magic as a gambit, so his MP was balanced in this cause. Then, “If you use a lot of magic, then you’ll need a lot of MP. Not to mention, you were born with a gift so you have unique magic, which means you have a lot of MP.” Laetitia said. However, that information wasn’t recorded.

Shiu told them the explanation that he’d carefully thought of before. He had also told Emina and Aquila this. “You can compress it.”

“Compress what?”

“…… MP, that is.”

He didn’t know when conservation would be useful. With this, there shouldn’t be a problem with his calculations.


Shiu ordered dessert and began talking again.

Incidentally, Gradius had already ordered 3 desserts.

“The actual skill and MP doesn’t match up, so I thought about ways to save it.”

“Oh?” Their tone sounded as if they didn’t believe him. Kiahi had his eyes half opened and Kirch was smiling but his eyes weren’t. They both stared at Shiu. Laetitia was the only excited one.

“Conservation? It’s the first time I’ve heard of it.”

I guess so. She had 108 MP after all, there was no point in her conservation.

Shiu thought the twins’ faces looked scary, so he faced Laetitia as he talked, “Both theory and image is important for magic, so you don’t have to put much importance to arias. Reduce the technique and use the skill with your mind. Besides I was told that you can simplify magic with magic tools and tattoos to save ――.”

And so, he told the lie that he had prepared. I apologise for laying the blame on you geezer, he apologised in his heart.

“You have a tattoo? How can your parents tattoo a kid like you?!” Kiahi suddenly got angry. Shiu was surprised and replied while puzzled, “I don’t have any parents, mm.”

“…… Oh, you don’t? Well, a lot of things happen. Sorry.”

Shiu had been surprised when Kiahi got angry, but he was also surprised that Kiahi had apologised so seriously. Seeing him like this, he wouldn’t have thought he was cheerful at all. Nonetheless, his anger faded and Shiu was relieved.

“…… It’s important to understand as much as you can about the phenomenon. I’ve studied about this since I’ve come to the Royal Capital, so there’s no doubt about it.”

“Studied, so you’re attending school?”

“Nope. It’s a waste of money, I don’t even have enough money to spend on my living expenses. I meant that I studied at the library.”

“Oh…… That’s amazing. I would never read books. I get sleepy.” Laetitia said and shrugged her shoulders.

“But it’s easy to use magic if you understand the theory and technique, isn’t it?”

“Is it?”

People with high MP didn’t seem to be interested in this. However, Gradius had the lowest MP in his party and seemed interested. Even so, he had more MP than the average person at 31.

“Can I do that too?” He had said that with a mouthful of pancakes, so his image as a cool black haired swordsman was damaged.  

Somewhat, Shiu thought and nodded because he could. Gradius must have been happy because he raised a voice in excitement and gave the rest of his pancakes to Shiu.

I don’t want it, he refused and Kirch laughed.

“That’s half-eaten. If you want to thank him then think of another way.”

“Alright. Then, what do you want to eat?”

“I’m fine.”

“Kids should be hungry.”

“I’m not! I just ate a little while ago. Everything you eat is carbs, what’re you trying to do?”

Shiu was a health freak because he had a weak constitution in his past life. For him, just looking at what Gradius was eating made his stomach hurt. He knew that Gradius had recommended it to him because it was tasty. Gradius didn’t understand what he was trying to say and shook his head, therefore Shiu started lecturing him about healthy eating.


And since he’d answered with, “Yes,” it was decided that Shiu would teach Gradius and the others about magic conservation techniques. He had another study session following the one he had with Emina and Aquila.

Laetitia said, “Teach me ancient language,” but he refused because it was impossible to teach someone who didn’t read. In fact, you couldn’t study the ancient language unless you read.

He wanted to teach them together with Emina and Aquila, but they were at different stages and the purpose for teaching was different so he gave up.




Shiu had gotten used to the study group and when he went to Kiahi and the other’s room as usual, he saw a sullen Laetitia sitting by the window. It was rare to see her like that, so he was confused.

“What’s wrong?”

Laetitia always said she wasn’t interested in magic conservation and would always leave the room. Even if she peeked in on them, she would just look bored. Shiu had never seen her in such a bad mood. Even now, she hadn’t heard what Shiu had said and was tapping the window frame in frustration.

“She was hit on by a noble kid again.”

 Laetitia turned back. Her face looked scary and she snorted.

“There’s no decent noble in any kingdom. They’re so insistent. Gross.”

Kiahi replied appropriately, “Of course they are.” Shiu became curious and spoke, “You travel to all sorts of places, don’t you?”

“Yup. If you’re an adventurer, then you have to be adventurous.”


“Doesn’t seem like you’re interested. When you become an adult, you’ll also get a real guild card and travel to all sorts of places too, won’t you?” Kiahi said naturally. Shiu thought for a bit.

“I want to travel. I want to see different things and delicious food. But I don’t have to be an adventurer for that.”

“Well, you are a shut-in. So much so that you lived in the mountains for a long time.”

Shiu laughed and Kiahi also laughed as if he was rubbing salt into Shiu’s wounds.

“Ahaha. That might be true. Anyway, why’re you so level-headed? Even though you’re a boy.”

“Are boys adventurous?”

“They’re rather thoughtless or reckless? I think it’s a privilege of a boy.”

Right? The twins winked at each other. The older brother, Kiahi, nodded in agreement. His eyes sparkled as he spoke, “It’s a man’s dream to travel. So I ran away from home once when I was little.”

Is that so? Shiu asked Gradius, the other man out of the two, “Have you ever ran away from home, Gradius?”

Shiu talked to the giant man who was waiting while holding documents. Gradius looked like a very calm and cool young man, but he answered earnestly.

“…… I have. I ran away from home to look for food.”

He was raised in a large and poor noble family, so he knew what it was like to live connected to food.

“That’s why you’re not like a kid at all, Shiu. You’re smart, do you want to be a scholar?”

“If you do, then you’d probably want to enrol in the Academy.”

“You can’t!” Laetitia responded to Kiahi and Kirch’s words.

“What the hell would he learn in a school full of those things?” She said as if she was snorting. She seemed really angry.

“Ah, I want to leave Loire soon.”

“Don’t say that.”

Shiu remembered something from their conversation and raised his head.

“You came to Loire to look for a certain dwarf?”

“We did, yup. We wanted to ask him to repair Gradius’ sword. The dwarf we’re looking for is called, 『Blacksmith God』.”

“You haven’t found him yet?”

They were adventurers but it didn’t seem like they were working.

“He’s probably masquerading as a human. What can we do? …… Ah!” Kiahi stretched backwards as he was talking and then he suddenly looked at Shiu. Shiu had a bad premonition and retreated, but Gradius was running quickly behind him. At times like this, Shiu thought that trust amongst friends was better than comfort in loneliness.

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