Chapter 025: The Goddess’ Appearance

The Goddess smiled in the appearance of an adorable girl.

“It seems that you can see the appearance of the person you loved most in life.”

Her appearance apparently changed depending on the person.

“I can.”

Thank you, Goddess.

“You’re welcome. None of the reincarnated people have thanked me as much as you. I want them to be more thankful towards me.”

He thought that the way she amused herself was problematic, but panicked and closed off his thoughts.

She gave him a sideway glance and pretended not to notice.

“Well, whatever. Leaving that aside, Shiu-san, you’re doing some interesting things, aren’t you?”

“Ah, was I finally able to amuse you, Goddess-sama?”

“I’m joking. It’s not interesting at all. What’s with your idea of, 『I would be troubled if I couldn’t use this, so I should prepare to conserve it』?”

“I’m sorry……”

“I’m a Goddess. Do you understand?”


“This goddess gave you a cheat called MP storage, you know? You have a wonderful item that no one else has, it allows you to use an inexhaustible amount of MP. When I checked it, the MP hadn’t decreased at all, has it?”

“But does it decrease? Since you did say it was inexhaustible.”

Goddess-sama glared at him with the face of a cute girl.

“Don’t go into detail with my words!”

“I’m sorry!”

“…… Anyway, the only thing I know is that you didn’t use it.”

“I used a little.”

“『A little』from using your spatial magic? That damn thing doesn’t mean anything at all.”

Goddess-sama had said, “Damn”. Was that okay? No, it’s fine. Goddess-sama was glaring at him. Shiu stopped thinking. He didn’t want that face to be angry at him.

Ah, so that’s why she appeared with the face of ‘the person you love’.

“Shiu, you surprisingly have guts, huh?”

“I, I’m sorry!’

“And then, you know. Anyone’s fine, so why don’t you try your love cheat?”


“Love is an adventure for a boy, isn’t it?”

He felt like he’d had the same conversation with someone else, but he cleverly closed off his thoughts.

“You can choose from pretty girls or boys. Go for it, okay! Also your MP storage doesn’t have anything like a trap or bottom, so use it properly. You can use resources and abilities. Let’s see, it’s the same as using money in economics.” He was impressed with Goddess-sama’s wording and was hit with the finishing blow, “Being a shut-in magician is a blasphemy for other magicians.”

“B-but Goddess-sama was the one who told me that I would cause a lot of problems if I stood out ――.”

“Cheat while not standing out, how fun! … Er, you can use it without standing out, can’t you? Isn’t it fine if you get found out? Shiu-san, you’re independent so you end up doing everything by yourself.”

That didn’t sound good. Shiu zipped his thoughts up again.  

“Anyway, don’t use magic conservation techniques. It’s fine to use it as much as you want. Go for it!”

“Yes. I’ll do my best. But, ah, saving is my hobby.”

“Yeah, ok. You can save. Instead, don’t push yourself like this time. It seems like you don’t know this but people have died from collapsing because their MP was at 0. You were lucky this time because you had experienced people near you.”

Experienced people, I was lucky?

“Ah, so you don’t know. When you run out of MP, you can cure it with healing spells and potions, but if someone has 0 MP like Shiu-san, then the quickest way is MP transfer from someone.”

“From someone, what do you mean?”

“Simply put, a kiss.”

“Kiss. Ah, like artificial respiration? I see. You said a kiss, so I thought it was actual kissing.”

“Artificial respiration. Well, it’s also called that. That way of calling it is also nice ~.”

He had forcibly been ejected from his dream before he’d noticed while he was watching the girl turn around in a space with nothing. He was finally able to see it again, so he wanted to see her again and burn her face into his mind.

【Kayanee-sama……】He muttered her name and tears streamed down his face because he missed her dearly.



In the morning, everyone peeked in on him because they were worried and pampered him as if he was a little child. He thought it was similar to how Feles was treated, but he did worry them so he endured it.

Goddess-sama’s story was confirmed by Laetitia.

“Yup. You can transfer your MP to other people through a kiss. It’s first aid.”

“So it’s artificial respiration.”

“What’s that? Ancient language? Do they call it that?”

“No, well……”

He had said something unnecessary and had to explain what artificial respiration was. He asked Laetitia about MP distribution magic. It seemed that not everyone could do this, since they had to have precise control of the mana in their body.

“Even so, Shiu. Was that your first kiss?” Kirch said happily and Shiu nodded honestly.

“I haven’t even been kissed by the geezer, probably.”

The young children of Agatha Village were kissed by their parents. Especially since they were cute while they were babies. But the geezer, who had raised him, was bad with that kind of child bearing. It had never happened once, from what he could remember. When he thought about it, he’d never kissed in his previous life either.

Which meant that was his first experience in life. It was hard to stomach that a man had did it, but it was to save his life so it couldn’t be helped. No, that was prideful thinking. Shiu apologised in a panic, “I did something bad to Kiahi. Sorry that I’m not a beautiful girl.”

As soon as he’d said that, everyone fell silent. Whether by chance, Feles’ spoiled voice also couldn’t be heard. Shiu was confused, “Ah, let’s ignore the natural airhead, Shiu. So about Primus ――.” Kirch changed the topic and Shiu also came back to his senses.

“Ah yes. I forgot to mention this but I’ve found him.”


Everyone approached Shiu’s bed.


“To be precise, 「Primus」was not the name of the dwarf. It also wasn’t the name given to him by the God of Blacksmith. That is ――.”

“Huh, Primus is the name of the God of Blacksmith?”

“Yes. It’s the drawf’s faith. Apparently he’s called 『Primus』.”

“Why do you know that?” Kiahi asked with a scary look on his face. It was amusing to see a man, who was normally cheerful, make that kind of face. Of course, Shiu read the mood and didn’t laugh.

“With person appraisal.”

“Did you appraise everyone at that plaza?”

“At the plaza, which means there were a lot of people, weren’t there?”

“Ah, so that’s why you ran out of MP.”

Everyone came to their own conclusions and he didn’t need an explanation for 『Where did you appraise him?』 Shiu didn’t reply to them individually and continued talking, “When I appraised him I saw he had a gift called, 『God of Blacksmith, Primus’ Blessing』.

The information displayed at the time was like this:

『Agricola (Dwarf), 15, farmer, blacksmith?

MP: 85

Endurance: 80

Strength: 98

Agility: 20

Intelligence: 27

Fire: 3             Water: 3         Metal: 4          Earth: 3

Gifts: Production Magic: 4               God of Blacksmith, Primus’ Blessing』

Even though he had the capability as a blacksmith, 「farmer」was shown first. Perhaps, that might change with preference and hobbies. His occupation was blank. It might be because he wasn’t an adventurer or anything yet.

It was a breach of privacy to reveal all the dwarf’s abilities so Shiu summarised it. He told them his full name and occupation.

Gradius felt weak from the word 「farmer」.

It would certainly be a problem if the person they were looking for was a farmer.

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