Chapter 027: Stalker and Walking a Beast Mount

They returned to the original topic. According to Laetitia, Gradius went to plea to the stubborn Agricola frequently. He was back at the inn for now.

Gradius was the only one who went so the other party members were free; so they decided to take a request at the guild.

“So since I’ll be at Loire for a while, do you want to take a request together? Is what I’ve come to ask you.”

“You mean join your party?”

“Kirch said, yes, if we’re compatible, I don’t mind if you say with us forever.”

“Thanks for the proposal but ――.”

“What you being formal for?” Laetitia poked his cheeks and he smiled wryly.

“Because I’m a trainee.”

“In age only, you know.”

“I want to continue with rank 10 requests.”


“Because no one takes them and they’ve piled up. And it’s a lot of fun.”


Laetitia put a hand to her chin and pondered.

“It seems like the guild staff do the requests if it piles up too much, but it’s difficult because there’s so many.”

“Well they force people to take the requests too.”

“That case applies to adventurers who receive a penalty from the guild. But receiving a penalty means ――.”

“That they do bad deeds, right?”

It was also troubling for the requester too if they got an adventurer with a bad attitude. Shiu wanted to avoid having a bad reputation at the guild. The staff of the guild were taking the requests but they just couldn’t keep up.

“But, you don’t need to take them do you Shiu? There are plenty of rank 10 people aren’t there?”

“Yes. But there’s hardly any good jobs out there that don’t require one to stake their life.”

“…… That’s not something an adventurer says.”

Right. Shiu agreed. But life was important.

“At least I’ll be a trainee until I become an adult, so I thought of taking it easy. I also want to save money, but that’s for my retirement. So it won’t be too late to start saving once I become an adult.”

“…… Retirement!”

“One of the reasons why I want to be an adventurer is to travel, but the other reason is so that I can save for an early retirement. The geezer was also an adventurer when he was young and retired early. After that he travelled a lot and had fun. Then he became a woodcutter.”

Laetitia looked up at the ceiling, put a hand to her face and looked amazed.

But the geezer had ordered him, 『Don’t be wasteful and save money as quickly as possible』. Shiu also agreed with him. The geezer probably thought of something when he saw the life of his fellow adventurers. For Shiu, it was a reflection of his previous life.

He didn’t recall wasting money in his previous life but since he was hospitalised a lot, he didn’t have any savings. It was already too late, even if he regretted not saving more when he was younger.

Shiu respected the geezer, therefore he used his words as a guide.



Laetitia was supposed to understand that Shiu didn’t want to enter their party. However, the next day, when he went to the guild for the first time in a while, Laetitia was standing next to him looking at the bulletin board like he was.

By the way, the study group was now moved to night time, which was why they weren’t meeting now.

“Hey, how about this?” Laetitia asked as she removed the paper from the board.

“No, because there’s an age restriction. It’s hard for kids to repair the outer walls.”

“If it’s you, then you can do it.”

“It’s impossible, even if I say I could do it. They probably won’t let me take it.”


He found requests for storehouse cleaning and beast mount walking, so he went to the reception with the request form. Laetitia followed him.

The adventurers were looking at her. There were a lot of male adventurers and when a ‘pretty girl’ such as Laetitia was around, of course their eyes would be turned towards her. The smart people were collecting request forms from the bulletin board.

“Shiu-kun, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“Yes. Because I took a job as an individual.”

“Ah, I see. So you want to take these requests today, right? …… Yes, that won’t be a problem. Work hard.”

Then the receptionist raised her face and saw Laetitia standing behind Shiu.

“Are you with her? Does that mean you’ll be partying together?”

“No, she just followed me on her own.”

“…… On her own?”

The receptionist looked dubiously at Laetitia who returned her gaze unhappily.

“I want to see how he works.”

“So you’re observing him, yes? Just to be sure, I would like to take a look at your guild card. Is that alright?”

Shiu stood by as he watched them interact and then Laetitia waved her hand around as if saying ‘I give up”. She stopped her observation.

Shiu was relieved since it would be troublesome if she followed him everyone. Shiu left her and went to work.


Cleaning the storehouse was easy. ‘Even children can do this,’ was written on the request form, so of course, all the things he had to move were light.

The owner of the storehouse was old, so it was impossible for them to move all these things by themselves. He’d finished earlier than he’d expected so he also helped clean the main building. Hence, they were extremely grateful when he’d finished working and treated him to lunch. There weren’t any problems even if Feles was there, rather they were happy that Feles was so cute. For Shiu, the requester was a good client.


The next request was to walk a beast mount. The designated place was at the back of a large store in the merchant block. It was similar to other merchant buildings, there was a courtyard and the building surrounded it. Shiu knocked on the backdoor of the house and waited. The people who came out were the deputy butler and the barn manager. After greeting, the deputy butler said, “Are you the one who took the request?” He looked at Shiu suspiciously. He probably concluded that Shiu was too young.

“Was there no one better?”

The deputy butler acted all stuck up. I can’t refuse this, Shiu thought but the barn manager got desperate and tried to meditate between them. In the end, the deputy butler accepted the words of the barn manager.

“I think that a lot of time has passed since the request was posted. In addition, the guild didn’t do a decent job, sending such a child. Well, it can’t be helped. You’ll do.”

Shiu answered frankly, “Yes,” and the barn manager seemed relieved.

Since the deputy butler headed back inside, Shiu went to the barn where the beast mount was kept with the barn manager.

On the way, he felt the presence similar to Laetitia’s, the gaze of a familiar person. She was probably using her spirit to spy on people again. It was something that she could do naturally and also the result of practice, but the strong gaze of a spirit could still be felt with 《EVERY DIRECTION SEARCH》.

Incidentally, Shiu had stopped covering his MP storage because of his previous failure.

Instead, he tried to make a measuring tool instead of his brain to measure the amount of MP used. When he continued to use 《PERSON APPRAISAL》the displayed contents became more detailed and he was able to measure his own MP.

MP usually restored when one rested or went to sleep. Shiu’s was also the same. However, Shiu always used 《EVERY DIRECTION SEARCH》so his MP was always decreasing. He had fun thinking of ways to conserve his remaining MP. MP measurement was really convenient for Shiu.

They arrived at the barn while he was thinking and the barn manager pointed inside.

“That’s the beast mount we want you to walk.”

There were several horses resting inside the barn. At the corner of the barn was said beast mount. However, the mount was different from what Shiu had imagined. She was called a beast mount but she was very small.

“It’s only been 3 months since she was born. You saw the deputy butler before, he’s the deputy but you can judge him from what you see. He doesn’t think much of her. Since we picked her up from a stone egg, we should have hired a specialist to look after it, but the deputy butler wouldn’t.”

“The person who picked her up was that person?”

“No, it was the young master’s daughter. She was extremely happy. She loves her and she even thought about taking her for a walk. But we couldn’t possibly let Ojou-san take her for a walk.”

“I see.”

The stable hand was now in charge of the beast mount, but she wasn’t like a horse so walking her was probably difficult.

“Then, I’ll head to the park. Is there anything I should be careful about? Ah, I’m used to this because I help out at the beast mount shop. It’s called Cassa.”

“If it’s Cassa, then I know it. If you know the ins and outs of the beast mount shop then I can be relieved. I’ll leave it to you.”

Shiu nodded. He led the beast mount child by the collar and left the barn.

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